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  1. I am 37130 I got a pulsing xenia frag less than a month ago. It has doubled in size in that time. I have never fragged before but would be willing to give it a go and give you half. I am ready to attach it directly to my rock anyways, so wouldn't mind it being smaller.
  2. Where are you in Tennessee? I am outside of Nashville, I may be able to frag you some
  3. @Mkbarton Are you running the stock pump? Do you find that the pump and power head are too much for your little clown? 2 weeks ago I got a clown the same size in my Spec V and he really only stays on the right side of the tank where the rock blocks a lot of the flow of water. I am running the AQ600 (159gph) pump in place of the stock one and no power head. I have pointed the output nozzle in every direction it can go and he just doesn't like the flow it seems.
  4. I got a pulsing Xenia as kind of a impulse buy. They gave it to me for $5 with my clown fish. So I said yes, and did my research on it as I was driving home with it. Been in the tank 3 days and it seems to be doing alright (just a good guess) In the display at the store, all the buds/stems/pedals (not sure what to call them) were open and pulsing in unison, looked like a masterpiece. 3 days in my tank and most of them seem to be open, though only a few pulse (at different times too) and a few of them even seem to be bent back and not doing much. Here is a video I took of them. What do you all think? healthy?
  5. Maybe a stupid question, will the TDS of your water increase over time? I have a 5g tank and make 8g of RO/DI water at a time and store it in sealed buckets. As i only do water changes once a week (2g), one batch of RO/DI water lasts me a month. My last batch showed a TDS of 0, but when I measured it a few weeks later as I was using the last of it, it showed 3.
  6. @Mkbarton I also replaced the stock pump with the AQ600 which provides a good amount of flow. Do you think i could get away with running that pump alone with coral/single clown? I also have the Hydor powerhead you have but took it out because it seemed a bit much.
  7. Here is my spreadsheet. Although it shows day 15 as ammonia and nitrate as zero, I dosed ammonia to 2 ppm on day 15 and it took 2 days to get back down to zero. So technically my cycle went to day 18 or 19 before it was completely finished. I'll post that updated spreadsheet when I find it.
  8. When was the last time you dosed to 2 ppm as it says to? I have a spreadsheet at home documenting my entire cycle and it's levels. I will post it when I get home.
  9. I used both on my 5g tank cycle. Used dry rock and live sand. Cycle took a little longer than I have seen others (though also shorter than some too). But took about 3-3.5 weeks It was my first time cycling a tank, so I might of not used it exactly how they recommended, but it all worked out in the end.
  10. I upgraded my stock pump to the AQ600 last month when I first started my tank. I enjoy it a lot. This forum post includes the modification that is required. Super simple. If you need help, let me know.
  11. Unfortunately I am no help, I just added CUC to my 5 gallon nano Among others, I have a hermit and 2 nassarius snails. The hermit is really messing with the snails and when either of them are above the sand bed, the hermit is always ontop of them. Seems like he may have to go soon.
  12. My tank seems to be cycled. Even after dosing ammonia to 2 ppm, 24-30 hours later, the ammonia and nitrite are 0, and nitrate is around 10-30. Once thing I have not noticed is any kind of diatom bloom or similar that it seems happen at the end of a cycle for most people. Is it normal not to get any? Due to this, could I introduce fish and CUC at the same time (over time that is) as I don't need CUC first to help clean up any kind of bloom?
  13. DAY 15 Today (I hope) is the day! Tested my water this evening, just over 2 weeks since I begun this adventure, and I am happy to say that I am showing zero ammonia and nitrites, and 10-20 ppm of nitrate. I added almost 2 ppm of ammonia after achieving these results and am going to wait 24 hours and hope they are back down to zero, thus verifying the completion of my cycle, and beginning the next step of my journey...still have no idea what I am going to put in. Also was finally able to try out my new RO/DI unit (SpectraPure 90gpd). This sucker is going to save me so much time (and money) in the long run! Was extremely self explanatory to setup and run.
  14. Yeah I had it against the white and still wasn't sure. But looking at the trend from the days around it, 2 ppm seems about right. Thank you!
  15. DAY 13 Taking others advice, after the spike in nitrate on day 11, I did a PWC (~30%) and that brought them down to about 20 ppm for the last couple days. My ammonia is down to 0 as of today, and I will keep it that way until the nitrites get themselves down to 0 as well. That was my first PWC, and I definitely used it as a learning opportunity. There are things I will change for next time. I used airline tubing for removing water. Even though it wasn't even 2 gallons, it seems liked forever with how slow water flows through that tiny tubing. Adding water back in, I couldn't figure out a way to get my bucket above the tank to use the airline tubing suction method. Because of that I had to add it in a cup at a time. I tried as carefully as I could but it still closed my water pretty bad. Finally just completely cleared back up 2 days later. Maybe I need to find a pump that is strong enough to pump the water up the tubing from the ground. Any ideas? ***I need your guys help distinguishing my current nitrite (see photos below). The last 3 days it has been the maroon color that 5.0 ppm nitrite shows. Tonight it shows a purple that just doesn't look like anything on the chart. I retested it again. What do you guys think? Is this off the chart (way above 5) or am I stupid? Current cycle