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  1. I upgraded my stock pump to the AQ600 last month when I first started my tank. I enjoy it a lot. This forum post includes the modification that is required. Super simple. If you need help, let me know.
  2. Unfortunately I am no help, I just added CUC to my 5 gallon nano Among others, I have a hermit and 2 nassarius snails. The hermit is really messing with the snails and when either of them are above the sand bed, the hermit is always ontop of them. Seems like he may have to go soon.
  3. My tank seems to be cycled. Even after dosing ammonia to 2 ppm, 24-30 hours later, the ammonia and nitrite are 0, and nitrate is around 10-30. Once thing I have not noticed is any kind of diatom bloom or similar that it seems happen at the end of a cycle for most people. Is it normal not to get any? Due to this, could I introduce fish and CUC at the same time (over time that is) as I don't need CUC first to help clean up any kind of bloom?
  4. DAY 15 Today (I hope) is the day! Tested my water this evening, just over 2 weeks since I begun this adventure, and I am happy to say that I am showing zero ammonia and nitrites, and 10-20 ppm of nitrate. I added almost 2 ppm of ammonia after achieving these results and am going to wait 24 hours and hope they are back down to zero, thus verifying the completion of my cycle, and beginning the next step of my journey...still have no idea what I am going to put in. Also was finally able to try out my new RO/DI unit (SpectraPure 90gpd). This sucker is going to save me so much time (and money) in the long run! Was extremely self explanatory to setup and run.
  5. Yeah I had it against the white and still wasn't sure. But looking at the trend from the days around it, 2 ppm seems about right. Thank you!
  6. DAY 13 Taking others advice, after the spike in nitrate on day 11, I did a PWC (~30%) and that brought them down to about 20 ppm for the last couple days. My ammonia is down to 0 as of today, and I will keep it that way until the nitrites get themselves down to 0 as well. That was my first PWC, and I definitely used it as a learning opportunity. There are things I will change for next time. I used airline tubing for removing water. Even though it wasn't even 2 gallons, it seems liked forever with how slow water flows through that tiny tubing. Adding water back in, I couldn't figure out a way to get my bucket above the tank to use the airline tubing suction method. Because of that I had to add it in a cup at a time. I tried as carefully as I could but it still closed my water pretty bad. Finally just completely cleared back up 2 days later. Maybe I need to find a pump that is strong enough to pump the water up the tubing from the ground. Any ideas? ***I need your guys help distinguishing my current nitrite (see photos below). The last 3 days it has been the maroon color that 5.0 ppm nitrite shows. Tonight it shows a purple that just doesn't look like anything on the chart. I retested it again. What do you guys think? Is this off the chart (way above 5) or am I stupid? Current cycle
  7. Thanks for following! I had a long R&D phase. Didn't want to mess anything up. I honestly don't know what I am going to stock in the nano yet. That's kind of where I am now. Currently researching a CUC initially, then will focus on fish maybe in a month or so.
  8. I have the AQ600 running in my Spec V (also tried the Koralia 240 at the same time and was just a tad much). The pump fits just perfectly with the modification in the link. Yes, it does run louder than the stock pump, but also moves a lot more water. If you plan to have it by your bedside and want silence, this isn't going to provide it...
  9. DAY 11 I am a little confused and need a little assistance on my cycle, make sure I am headed in the right direction and don't need to do anything else. At first using Dr. Tim's products (Ammonium Chloride and One and Only) I had my mind set on following their guide to the t, which pretty much wanted you to wait until the ammonia and nitrite got below 1.0 then keep dosing ammonia back to 2.0 until after 24 hours you would have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and only nitrates. I realized that I can't follow their guide to the t because every tank is different, and every tank will cycle a little differently. Some quicker, some slower. Below I will post my daily cycle log until today (day 11) for reference. Where there is a check mark, I added Dr. Tim's ammonia back up to 2 ppm (thought I read somewhere you don't want to starve the bacteria by keeping no ammonia...maybe?). Please take a look at it and tell me if there is something I should be doing, maybe a water change, maybe something else. But as of day 12, I can dose 2 ppm ammonia but it will not drop to 0 in 24 hours, and my nitrites are still off the charts, and today (day 11) my nitrates spiked to 50 (which i think is a good thing). 1. So with my nitrate spike, should I do a PWC to get them back down? 2. Will the nitrite go down on its own? 3. Should I keep dosing ammonia when it gets back down to 0 or is that why my nitrites are so high and not going down, I keep adding ammonia?
  10. Great! I have spent the last week reading the unit's manual while it was being shipped, so I am ready to get to using it! I was 50/50 on using LR, but my LFS doesn't seem to have the best saltwater department and don't trust their rock. So went ahead and used Dr. Tim's products in my cycle (which is going great...on day 11 and already seeing ammonia down to 0 and nitrates popped up on day 8)
  11. I just bought the same RO/DI unit last week for my 5g nano. Still sitting in the box (as I still have 5 gallons of water left from the LFS). How do you like the RO/DO unit? Easy to install I hope? I live in an apartment, so I will be hooking it up only when I need to make water. Hope it's going well! I am not too far ahead of you, I am on the tail end of my 5g saltwater cycle now. Started all dry as well.
  12. Maybe your big is bigger than my big. Mine was 600 sq. inches
  13. Let me get back to you in the morning on that. Have to make sure i can fit it in a padded envelope of some sort (as it is a little thick)
  14. I quickly learned that already with my tank. When I first got the huge roll of floss, I assured myself it would last forever...boy was I wrong.
  15. I know they are cheap anyways but I bought a medium mag-float (glass) and realized it was too big for my nano tank. Has never been put in water. Just pay for shipping and I will send it your way.