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  1. Reef Glass protein skimmer!!

    I just got my ReefGlass Skimmer 2 weeks ago. Been running on my IM25. I have it about 3 inches above the water line. Runs very wet, need to raise it. I think it just got through the break in cycle. The microbubbles stopped a few days ago.
  2. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    I was in the same boat but went with the 1.5 mostly because they were running a sale and had it for $40 Completely silent for me. Love it.
  3. Buddythelion's Innovative 25 Gallon Build

    @buddythelion How's that eshopps skimmer been working for you? What chamber do you keep it in?
  4. No longer needed with my current equipment. Comes with original manual. Everything works. Will soak it and clean it before shipping. $100 shipped
  5. Nicky J's IM Fusion 25 Lagoon

    Thanks for the help! I pulled the trigger on it during cyber Monday. Got the skimmer, an air pump, and some extra tubing for $80 shipped (and will get it tomorrow, so even better)
  6. Skimmer Options for IM 20

    I have the IM25. Looking at the dimensions, your center chamber is slightly wider than mine. I had the same issue, choosing a skimmer. Tried the IM Ghost in one of the other chambers and wasn't impressed at all. Finally went with an airstone skimmer do to it's small footprint. I unfortunately cant't get the 9001 (or any similar sized) skimmer in the middle chamber due to the Y pump connector (I suppose I could mod that) and that is where my ATO switch is (only chamber it can be in)
  7. Nicky J's IM Fusion 25 Lagoon

    I am not familiar with Reef Glass skimmers or these types Any specific pump you are using? I have a few cheap ones from the LFS Also, do you have your waste output far from your unit?
  8. Nicky J's IM Fusion 25 Lagoon

    @nickyJ You still using the Reef Glass skimmer? I am getting ready to throw my IM Ghost Skimmer out the window (literally) Just trying to look for a replacement
  9. Best camera app for tank shots??

    @AshCom Are there certain filters you use/prefer?
  10. Thanks for the comments. I setup my QT. I first gave my other clown a freshwater dip (I understand this won't cure anything but as you said, and I have read, it might give the fish some relief). He did fine in the dip for 5 minutes. Never acted strange. Got him in the QT and he has been fine so far. Let him get used to the QT for about 12 hours, then started the copper treatment. My LFS does not carry formalin, so am using cupramine. Started the first does about 8 hours ago, got the copper to 0.25, and will get it up to 0.50 tomorrow. Clown is acting normal so far. Will try feeding him in a while. Do I need to do copper treatment and hyposalinity at the same time? I guess I was under the impression you do them separately.
  11. ***I promise there is a question at the end of this story*** I finished cycling my new tank a couple weeks ago and transferred over my long-time clown from my current tank as a first fish. For over 2 weeks, all was well. He was very happy and loved life. Last week I thought it would be a good idea to get him a friend. Went to the LFS and got a second ocellaris. What I didn't know at the time was what brooklynella was AND that is was able to be spread. One of the clowns in their tank was completely covered in the white slime and had the spots all over him. Big time brooklynella if I had to make an educated guess. The guy at the LFS said "oh he isn't looking good" and gave me a better looking one in the same tank. Brought it home and for 24 hours it was doing great. Started acting weird, not eating, and stayed in the high outflow of the pump all day, just swimming as fast as he could. The next day I came home from work and he was dead. Again, not knowing what brooklynella was, I figured he was maybe just sick to start with and didn't think anything of it (stupid me, I know) A couple days later I went to a different LFS and got another clown to try again. Within 48 hours my original clown started showing the same signs, as well as he tucked his top fin in for the last few days, which I read meant that the fish is sick. Tried feeding him anything I could find recommended online, but still nothing. Came home yesterday to my long time clown dead (that was a big hit on me). This is when I started doing my research and have done a great bit of reading up on brooklynella and similar sicknesses. I understand it and what I need to do to get rid of it. As of now, I still have 1 clown in my tank (the latest one I got). As of yesterday he is still eating and acting pretty normal, but I can assume that he will get/has gotten brooklynella as the last 2 fish got it. Where should I go from here? QT the single clown and start treating him (freshwater baths and such)? From what I have read, to rid display tank of it, I need to probably let it sit fishless for 2 months or so? So does that fish brooklynella is in the water as well?
  12. FS: Reefkeeper Elite V2 w/ Net Controller

    Price drop $245 shipped anywhere in the US/Canada.
  13. Clownfish Identification

    Never the greatest at looking at identification charts and picking which species it is.
  14. LF Fluval Spec V capable LED Light & gear

    Here in a few weeks I will be tearing down my Fluval Spec V It has a Current USA Orbit Marine LED light (18"-24"), upgraded Aqueon AQ600 pump and an inTank media basket
  15. Bought this controller package from a member but never used it. Ended up finding the controller I was looking for soon after buying this one. I did hook this unit up to make sure it all worked. Includes: -ReefKeeper Elite Head Unit -RKM-SL1 (Inputs: pH, ORP, Temperature, 2 x Switch Ports) -RKM-PC4 -Net module -Temperature probe -pH probe (wet) with 4 packs of calibration solution -All required bus cables -Ethernet cable -Manual $250 plus shipping (US and Canada)