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  1. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Yeah let me know if that works out @schgr.cube Just got in the rock and finishing up the water. Where is a good water line in the Lagoon? I know the manual says 1 inch below the middle chamber walls. Is that accurate? I think I may have overfilled it. Don't even see those walls anymore.
  2. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    I will give it a try. I am having the worst problem getting either of my media baskets to fit in the left chambers anyways. Even after shaving off some of the tanks channel inlet piece (as recommended to get it to fit), it still feels like I have to jam it in. It is not touching the plastic inlet let, so not sure what's wrong. I will just throw a floss holder on that side
  3. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    That's not a bad idea. I suppose now that I think about it, I don't even know what media u could use to fill up both baskets. I have the Neotherm as well. I may have to look into that and give it a try
  4. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Question regarding the 5 back chambers and equipment placement. Have the intank media baskets in the outer chambers. My media reactor and skimmer are in each of the inner tanks, and the pump and ATO in the middle chamber. Realized I forgot the heater. I am assuming most people put that in the middle chamber as well. It's a tight fit with the ATO in there with the plastic Y piece for the pump.
  5. Nanobox Duo Gooseneck

    Thanks. Yeah you're probably right. Now that I think about it I have seen people take it off the back to be able to have a light on it for a fuge.
  6. Nanobox Duo Gooseneck

    Might be a dumb question, but when installing a nanobox using a gooseneck, do I just clamp it on so the screws are into the back of the tank? I am installing it on my new IM25 Lagoon and I barely screwed them in and it scratched the paint on the back of the tank. If that is how it's supposed to be, that's fine, just curious.
  7. WTB: IM25 Lagoon Stand

    Bump. Still searching.
  8. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    I am in the midst of upgrading to a IM25. Tank has arrived as well as all the equipment. Just trying to find a stand I like so I can get the show on the road. What is the difference between what you linked and the Spin Steam Flow Nozzle from Innovative Marine? They both appear to do random flow patterns. Only think different I can see is the Vivid Creative don't physically move but the IM ones spin the entire unit.
  9. Congrats! That is a great deal. If I didn't just buy a IM25 Lagoon and equipment, I would of jumped on this.
  10. Aquarium Shelf

    I can't say I can help you at all. But I use that shelf with my Nano and it works perfect. I added the doors on the bottom 2 square and cut out the backs to use for cords and ATO container.
  11. API test kit test tube rack

    My local library has a 3D printer that allows the public to use. Is this something somewhat easy that a beginner could do? I know only the basics about 3D printers
  12. WTB: IM25 Lagoon Stand

    Would you be willing to sell it? I for the life of me can't find a white stand for it because of the width of it (my other half is persistent on it being white). Tried all the furniture stores. Unfortunately IM discontinued the glossy white. I just moved from Nashville and will be driving down to Nashville at some point soon. Atlanta isn't too much further
  13. WTB: IM25 Lagoon Stand

    What color?
  14. WTB: IM25 Lagoon Stand

    Looking for a white one (that are discontinued) but would settle on black. Located in Cincinnati, OH Willing to drive
  15. what is your favorite online coral vendor?

    I've only ordered from salt critters, and knew nothing about them before I read about their $10 frag sale. But I've seen multiple people mention this website so it must be good. Anyways, during the sale I got 7 frags shipped under $100. Turns out salt critters is based an hour and a half away from me and does local pickups on Fridays, so looks like next time I won't have to worry about shipping