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  1. Needless to say, the shrimp has got to go.

    Unfortunately I watched the pistol shrimp this morning flip over a live snail on the sand and go after him. I could live without the crabs, but the snails, well no. Thanks for the help!
  2. I got a Yellow Watchman Goby a while ago and soon after saw a Pistol Shrimp at the LFS and got it (knew it was a bad idea). It seems great at first, the Goby and him connected instantly and have been inseparable since. But in the last 2 months I have noticed my CUC starting to disappear, mainly my crabs, and surprisingly enough, their shells just happen to be sitting around the rock the pistol and goby live under. Fast-forward to today, and I was at the LFS and they had some new blue legged crabs. They were small, which was good, as I have a pretty small nano. I bought 2, brought them home, acclimated them, and dropped them in the tank. They staying side by side for the last couple hours digging around the sand, doing what they do best. I'm sitting here on the couch across the room watching as both the goby and pistol swim out, look at the crabs, and go back in their hole. They do this for 45 minutes, each time getting closer to the crabs. Finally, I watch in horror, as the pistol shrimp (followed closely by the goby), grab both brand new crabs and drag them across the tank and into his hole. I am livid. I had my suspicions up to this point, but no proof until today. I was so unhappy, I immediately went to the tank and started moving his rock all over the places (just enough to not break the glued rocks). He must be freaking out under the rock, because both blue legged crabs run out of the hole. Poor guys. They are probably scared to death. Anyways, was supposed to be a short post. But realized during my move states next week, the pistol shrimp may not be joining. I'd rather have crabs to clean my tank than a pistol shrimp to be friends with the goby.
  3. Moving States - Transporting Tank

    Thank you. How big is your tank? As mine is only 5 gallons, I don't have a ton of tank water to have in 2 separate buckets with rocks in one and living in the other, but I can make it work. What did you do when you get to your new home? Use all new water or mixed some from the moving buckets with new mixed water?
  4. Moving States - Transporting Tank

    It is going to be 85 degrees outside the day of the move, so I am not worried about even needing a heater. My worry comes with keeping the water temps at 80 while it's in the moving truck with me. Any ideas with that? I wouldn't think a battery operated fan will help.
  5. Moving States - Transporting Tank

    That pretty sounds like the easiest way, and what i plan on doing. 1. What is the difference in using a battery powered air bubbler compared to putting a powerhead in the bucket? 1. People talk about a mini cycle that could happen when replacing your entire sand bed, how does this affect my tank? I have a pretty new tank, only 6 months old.
  6. Moving States - Transporting Tank

    That was kind of what I was thinking. The significant other has banished the fish tank from her car, so looks like it's going in the seat next to me in the moving truck. Initially I had the idea of taking out half the water in my tank (to where the rocks are completely submerged), keeping everyone in there, and adding a small powerhead and plugging that in to a power inverter. But the more I think about it, the water is going to really be sloshing around during the drive and don't want all that crap from in the sand bed to be kicked up. Can't be good. So I suppse I will transfer the rocks and living things into a 5 gallon bucket and add the power head and heater. Is it safe to replace the entire sand bed after the move before adding everything in?
  7. In 2 weeks I am packing up a moving truck and driving 4 and a half hours to my new home across state lines. I have a 6 gallon nano tank that needs moving as well. Thankfully I have no coral in it, so I'm sure that helps. My creature list is a clownfish, yellow watchman goby, pistol shrimp, peppermint shrimp, 2 blue legged crabs, 3 assorted snails. Now I have read so many different articles on different methods people use when moving, but a lot of them seem to be these huge tanks with separate sumps and days of work, and well, I don't know if there is an easier way for me to do it as my tank is small, everything is in the tank itself, and it's not a terriby long drive. Can someone give me a place to start? Does everything need to be bagged separately? Can anything be left in the tank besides the sand bed?
  8. WTB - Xenia

    I am 37130 I got a pulsing xenia frag less than a month ago. It has doubled in size in that time. I have never fragged before but would be willing to give it a go and give you half. I am ready to attach it directly to my rock anyways, so wouldn't mind it being smaller.
  9. WTB - Xenia

    Where are you in Tennessee? I am outside of Nashville, I may be able to frag you some
  10. Barton's 5g Pico Survived my Vacay..pics 08/06

    @Mkbarton Are you running the stock pump? Do you find that the pump and power head are too much for your little clown? 2 weeks ago I got a clown the same size in my Spec V and he really only stays on the right side of the tank where the rock blocks a lot of the flow of water. I am running the AQ600 (159gph) pump in place of the stock one and no power head. I have pointed the output nozzle in every direction it can go and he just doesn't like the flow it seems.
  11. Pulsing Xenia - Health Check

    I got a pulsing Xenia as kind of a impulse buy. They gave it to me for $5 with my clown fish. So I said yes, and did my research on it as I was driving home with it. Been in the tank 3 days and it seems to be doing alright (just a good guess) In the display at the store, all the buds/stems/pedals (not sure what to call them) were open and pulsing in unison, looked like a masterpiece. 3 days in my tank and most of them seem to be open, though only a few pulse (at different times too) and a few of them even seem to be bent back and not doing much. Here is a video I took of them. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kfhpqw6g31itoaf/0418172101.mp4?dl=0 What do you all think? healthy?
  12. TDS Change

    Maybe a stupid question, will the TDS of your water increase over time? I have a 5g tank and make 8g of RO/DI water at a time and store it in sealed buckets. As i only do water changes once a week (2g), one batch of RO/DI water lasts me a month. My last batch showed a TDS of 0, but when I measured it a few weeks later as I was using the last of it, it showed 3.
  13. Barton's 5g Pico Survived my Vacay..pics 08/06

    @Mkbarton I also replaced the stock pump with the AQ600 which provides a good amount of flow. Do you think i could get away with running that pump alone with coral/single clown? I also have the Hydor powerhead you have but took it out because it seemed a bit much.
  14. Dr. Tim's ammonia & One and Only

    Here is my spreadsheet. Although it shows day 15 as ammonia and nitrate as zero, I dosed ammonia to 2 ppm on day 15 and it took 2 days to get back down to zero. So technically my cycle went to day 18 or 19 before it was completely finished. I'll post that updated spreadsheet when I find it.
  15. Dr. Tim's ammonia & One and Only

    When was the last time you dosed to 2 ppm as it says to? I have a spreadsheet at home documenting my entire cycle and it's levels. I will post it when I get home.