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  1. Hey everyone, sorry for lack of updates, I've been getting ready to move! Anyways, everything is doing great! Frogspawn is pushing out new heads, polyps growing good, richordia is wandering around and the leather is happy! Oh! And the zoa has finally opened!
  2. That's awesome! I really want a Pom Pom but I can never find them!
  3. So I did that and the 2 healthy looking heads are blown up and happy looking so we'll see how they do
  4. This one has actually opened pretty fully daily. I got in touch with the guy from my local reef club that I got the drag from. He suggested siphon the infected head and remove it at the branch. He said he's never been successful in treating it. it seems that isolating it is best and it's frogspawn specific.
  5. Should I go ahead and quarantine?
  6. I'll have a look. Any other ideas in the mean time? What might have brought this on?
  7. No I don't have anything and no car seats to run to the store with! Shoot! Think it'll be fine until morning? I need to get more water anyways
  8. What is this??? I came home and noticed this on the frogspawn. What is it? How do I clear it up?
  9. Ok maybe I should slow down on the feeding a bit... the goby has some tub anyways haha
  10. So far the ammonia hasn't gotten above the safe block on my test strips (really need to get better test strips). The water is imagitarium brand. The light is about 2-3 inches off the water with the lid on. Im feeding pellets the day after water changes, a quarter cube of mysis shrimp 2 days later, pellets 2 after that, then quarter cube a couple hours before water change. I'm doing about 95% (I'm trying to leave enough in goby burrow to not stress it too bad) i dropped the flow flow and everything is opening back up
  11. Not too strong... they're tucked behind a rock some too. I'm going to turn the bubble down some
  12. 8 days and the zoa still hasn't opened. I've changed water, moved the zoas, kept the water temp at 78... any ideas? I'll have to go recheck to be certain (it's slipped my mind right now) but the water should be at 1.024 or 1.025... the leather isn't really opening up either. in better news, the goby has made the jar his. It's dug a pretty cool burrow and it's not overly shy, especially at feeding time!
  13. Ok I'll do some rearranging too. The anthelia coral has made itself at home haha! The leather is starting to come back out too but it seems timid. I just see a spot of green every now and again
  14. So any ideas why my zoas aren't opening? It's been 4 days since I got them and I have had to move them once (crap knocked them off the rock) but I can't figure it out. Salt is 1.024 ammonia is down and the flow is good. On a brighter note the goby is out and active
  15. Right? Haha right now now I just have the lid sat over it. It has enough of a lip that it doesn't have much of an opening