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  1. Also want to say the goby is still eating. I know female watchman gobies tend to turn yellow but the other issues are what are making me concerned
  2. Well I think that there may be some issues from adding the corals and the ammonia dying. I've lost my hermit crab in the last couple days, my yellow watchman goby has turned white, and most of my corals aren't opening. The ammonia isn't high but I don't have a full test kit. I've done another water change and still nothing. I'm going to pick up a test kit tomorrow but what sort of meds should I pick up as well to try to bring back the health?
  3. So I picked up a couple astrea stars (free.99, my favorite) and 2 cerith snails. They're cleaning up quick too! I'm pleased
  4. This is exactly why I'm on this forum, thank you. I'll pick up a blue leg next time I'm in town. I'd get some micro brittle stars if I could find any, those would be cool.
  5. Went to the LFS today (or as close as you can get, but our petco is about a 6 out of 10) thinking I'd get something to try to clean up any food at the bottom, but I'm a little worried about things trying to grab the jellies. I figure crabs are out, shrimp may be as well. Can't find a snail I feel won't fill the bottom with poo. I briefly contemplated a brittle star, but I'm worried about that trying to grab a jelly. I ended up not bringing anything home (wow). Any thoughts or suggestions?
  6. So I got the casualty removed and did a water change (90-95%) and everything is looking happy and healthy!
  7. I have a small watchman goby that has made a burrow under one of my live rocks. Every time I go to change the water, it darts under the rock and I leave enough water to keep his burrow wet (maybe all of 1/2" above the sand). I clean the glass rock as best as I can with it still in, then refill. Usually I get some slime but nothing too bad. My hermit crab and couple snails usually drop into the small amount of water as well.
  8. Scratch that on the anemone, came in this morning and it was on the floor of the tank falling apart and bleached. Time for a water change!
  9. That is exactly what inspired this. My wife and daughters lose their minds every time we see one and are all as excited about this one as I am!
  10. They came in! I set the tank up the other day with some live rock rubble covered in glass beads so the tank could have some filtration. Looks great! When they came in today I acclimated the 3 Jellies per suppliers instructions and they are looking great! I've already had them eating even. 2 are fairly normal but the third only has 3 stomachs instead of the 4
  11. New arrivals! Got a pretty big zoa colony, though I don't know what type (purple with orange fringes), 2 green shrooms, a drag or neon green polyp that's very cool under the light, and a rock flower anemone. I've read a lot about them and I'm excited to get one! my hermit nit crab is currently molting and I'm trying to get my nomadic richordia to stay put so the orange sack will be coming off soon. I do have a bit of cloudiness in the water but the ammonia levels are low and I poured the water through my macro algae, so I'm thinking it got a little bit excited and clouded it up. I'll do a small water change tomorrow if it hasn't cleared up any. Over all I'm very pleased and excited with the new additions
  12. So a couple months ago my wife sent me a link to a crowd fund for a desktop jelly fish tank. She loves moon Jellies and I love anything in the water. After a few months of research and shopping around for the right pieces and parts, I'm ready to get started. I feel like this is small enough to constitute as a pico, so I'm gonna put it here. Here's what I finally decided on. It's the cheapest of the bunch and, to be honest, isn't the best looking jar, BUT the bubble tube is in the center, not on the side creating a pinch point, and it has a full lid with led lights already in it. This is it unboxed. I have an air line reg so I can control the current from the bubble riser. My plan is live rock gravel in the bottom to act as a bio filter media covered by glass beads or a thin layer of aquarium gravel to make it a little more jelly friendly, though I should be able to bring the flow down enough to never have to worry about the jellies on the floor. I really liked the included color fading LEDs. They aren't going to grow anything, but they'll look great on some moon jellies. I don't know if the video will play on here, but I linked it to try. I have the jellyfish on order and should have the water and gravel in tomorrow. I'm sure it's going to need > or = to the amount of maintenance the pico jar needs, but I'm up for it!
  13. Picking up some new stuff from Austin aqua farm this week picked them out Saturday but didn't want to drive them to corpus and back. Also grabbed some stuff for a buddy from work who is trying his hand at a pico jar, hopefully he'll make a thread on here too. I'll be posting pics as soon as the new stuff is in definitely need to do some aquascaping in the jar, it's got a couple little blooms in it and the richordia keeps moving in more interesting news, I have a new experiment based on a kit I saw online that my wife and I both wanted. I'll be making a thread later this week on that too, stay tuned!
  14. I'm back! Move was successful overall, didn't lose anything! Only problem I'm currently having is my neon green mushroom hasn't been doing so hot for the last little bit and I have some green growth below the sand line. Any ideas on that? Otherwise everything Else is healthy and happy! Zoas are opening, toadstool is shedding again but had been sticking its little green polyps out, the other mushrooms and ricordea look great if not out of place (need to stick the richordia down). Best of all the frog spawn is doing amazing! Even has a few new buds popping up since I removed that diseased head. Now I'm starting to get the itch for some new corals! I'm thinking some new zoas or mushrooms but brighter colors.
  15. Hey everyone, sorry for lack of updates, I've been getting ready to move! Anyways, everything is doing great! Frogspawn is pushing out new heads, polyps growing good, richordia is wandering around and the leather is happy! Oh! And the zoa has finally opened!