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  1. Thank you! I’m going to do some adjustments once the internal sump is removed but that’s all on the right side of the tank That’s a really good question. We have really hard water locally so if imagine it’s probably around that but I’ve never checked. I just filled a 5 gallon jug with water from my ro/di, I think I’ll check it
  2. Thanks! So you think I should keep using the superbuffer and stop once the alk is back to a good level and go from there?
  3. So it’s been months since I posted for some reason! Tank is looking good overall, added some new inhabitants and am working on a sump now. The lights don’t sit on top anymore, I’ve made a shelf to hang them under. orange pincushion urchin decides this zoa frag was going to be it’s buddy. Seems happy enough! 6 green chromosome, a coral beauty, a wrasse of some kind, a grumpy clown fish, lawn mower blenny, and my model citizen orange tail damsel is still doing great! this is candy cane is growing like a weed! i have discovered that having a tank this size doesn’t allow me to ignore it. I started seeing my frogspawn and some of my newer corals (some kind of torch, leather, richordia, and another candy cane) we’re not really opening and looking generally unhappy. I checked my parameters and had ~0 nitrates/nitrites/phosphate using 2 different tests but rediculoussly low alkalinity and pH (like 7.5😱). I’ve started slowly bringing them both up using Kent’s super buffer and actually dosing using Kent’s essential elements and coral-vite. I’m also feeding with zoo plankton in a bottle every couple days. I have some 19” tongs in order so I can start feeding LPS pieces of shrimp/scallop. Any thoughts on that regiment?
  4. Got everything together! Repainted the back a dark blue, replaced the 2 2” braces with a 6” brace and set it out for 4 days with water. No flex! Once I’d set the whole tank up with 70lbs if new sand and 40-50lbs of new rock, I moved all the livestock and live rock from the old tank and included 15 gallons of the old water in an attempt to keep the good bacteria around. So far so good, everything looks happy and healthy! I have 2 mars aqua 165w led boxes one paired timers, a tiny “glofish” blue led strip that makes a nice little night light and I plan to try to figure out how to get my marine land led in to even out the lighting. The internal filter is er is open at the top and gets good light from one of the boxes so that’s full of macro algae too
  5. Well, it had to happen... the pico jar became a 10 gallon diy rimless, which became a 20L rimless, and finally is becoming a 75gallon as its final spousal approved iteration. I scored a sweet acrylic 75g AIO I had planned on drilling and adding plumbing for a future sump, but it needs some scratches polished out, a stand built, and sump built (with all that comes along with that!) So skimming over letitgo app I found a sweet 75g flatback hex with solid wood stand, 2 old school t5 fixtures (probably going away all together), high flow water pump, and a cool internal sump with skimmer. best part? Cost the same as the acrylic tank and my wife instantly liked the shape and the style of the stand which will be repainted. It’s also drilled in the top corners so I’m sure I can rig something up for an external sump in the future if I choose to. The only problem I’ve really found is the way it was braced. It looked like it was done as an afterthought by whoever added the filter, so it wasn’t evenly spaced and 1 end of the glass wasn’t attached. After studying my other 75 gallon (I have a problem really), I pulled the bracing out and will be raising them up closer to the top of the tank and putting 1 brace across the center of the tank. Afterwards, it will definitely be getting a week long water test on the porch while I scrape the blue paint off the back to repaint it black. I’m thinkig for the filterbox/sump, I’ll scuff it up and krylon fusion it black. The center chamber will probably be filled with cheto and have a small light over it and I’m planning on using 2 marsaqua boxes over it on an external timer.
  6. I'm on the fence about it, they don't have a long life span and they're expensive! But they are incredibly cool to watch
  7. It's a 3 gallon tank from Walmart with a filter compartment added in the back that's about a half a gallon. it doesn't seem lonely, it's actually gotten big and is more active
  8. So jelly jar 2.0 has been a surprise success! Even though I lost the other 2, the survivor has gotten giant! Around 3.5 inches across. I think it's down to having a good cycle, soft sand on the bottom, and a huge copepod bloom. The copepods have died down some but the jelly is strong enough to swim in the current and eat anything else floating.
  9. Got a neat damsel fish. It's made burrows under all my rocks! And would you believe it, the richordia still hasn't stuck down! Decided to try on a different rock. I do need a surface skimmer of some kind and was thinking about doing a diy pvc one, but the flu also universal one that hooks to HoB filters is only like $12 so I'm gonna give that a shot.
  10. And the move is complete! Matched salinity and temperature when I mixed the water and used the 2 gallons from the jar and the sand to keep the good critters in the tank. I'm really pleased! I haven't shown my large GSP I got so I'll throw that in here it leans perfectly with the bare side against the new rock. I'm also trying (again) to get the richordia to stick to a frag rock!
  11. That's a great setup! I like the back cover alot
  12. Got a new build! In case y'all didn't know, I really enjoy building diy tanks I decided to have a tank swap, so I got ahold of yet another cookie jar! I've broken down my 10g aga planted tank and split it in 3, 1 setup for me, 1 for my brother that wants to set one up, and the last to replace any of the plants my dad's lost from his pond during Harvey (their house is luckily ok) cool plant growing out of the drift wood So on to the new reef tank! I took the 10 gallon and derimmed it! Then I let it sit for 2 days on the porch filled to the brim, with no significant flex! I took a piece of glass from a picture frame my wife didn't need and had it cut down and sanded the edges. Then for the best part, I modeled glass lid brackets and a bracket for the lamp to slot into on sketchup and 3D printed them. Now I have a sturdy lid mount and a cool adjustable way to mount a 50/50 bulb or maybe a par38. Now I'm onto cleaning and cycling before dropping the live rock and livestock from the jar into it. I got a 7lb piece of dry rock that I've cleaned and a new bag of sand to add.
  13. So 2.0 has been built, and tested, just in time to lose 2 of the 3 Jellys it's been a fun experiment, but I don't think I'll restock the jellyfish. When the 3rd dies, I'll probably put a rock or 2 in it and some shrimp or hermit crabs, just so I can use the tank. I'll post pictures later
  14. I had a tetra 1-3i cheap air lift filter that fits perfectly on the edge of the tank, so I stuck that on as a cheap experiment. I also got a polypropylene placemat and cut it down so it effectively makes a small sump in the back and the filter flows over the top. It's keeping the jellyfish safe from being sucked up while the filter creates a perfect flow rate. I'm going to watch this for another week before applying a more permanent clean design. I've got some Black pvc sheet, black sand, and black silicon that should be here Friday. Next weekend should be the birth of jelly jar 2.0! I fed the jellyfish some brine shrimp today too, 2 caught a bunch, the third is lazy.
  15. How warm do you think the 300 will get the water? It is only a 3 gallon and Moon Jellys need cooler water and very minimal water flow, basically just enough to keep them from dropping to the floor.
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