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  1. OldManSea

    Wild Sea Nem, Help!

    I would be careful about a temp as high as 78 for an Anemone from NC. At the seabed,even a few hundred feet from shore it would never have experienced a temp so high. Also, the heaters wit supposedly set temps can run a lot higher. I would not upset a heater with this specimen.
  2. OldManSea

    Wild Sea Nem, Help!

    The material being expelled is most likely “poop” since you are feeding regularly. It is not expelling zooxanthellae, this species doesn’t really depend on those. This anemone generally is found attached to hermit crab shells (the crabs place them there and transfer them to new shells when they change homes). They occur throughout the Caribbean and up the East coast to southern Virginia (maybe farther north but I would need to do a better search). When I was a student in South Carolina we often saw them washed up on the beach attached to shells. We kept some in lab tanks for months and some may have there for years. On on the East coast they live in murky waters and our tanks never had lights over them, just the fluorescent lights in the ceiling nor did we have heaters or chillers. Bob Fenner (well known Anemone aquarist) notes the same general conditions in his tanks. Since you are in NC yours will not require heating or chilling of the water if it is in a house with typical temperatures. Anemones are very “dirty” creatures when being fed. I recommend that you change 100% of the water a few hours after feeding and again 3 or so days later. You should get a sponge filter to grow bacteria to keep ammonia down - probably the major killer of these creatures in small tanks in captivity. Use artificial water - I use Instant Ocean for all my anemones. Mix it in a 10 gallon plastic trash can and keep the water circulated with an air stone. Let new water mix for at least 24 hours prior to using. Use reverse osmosis or distilled water to make your salt water, never tap water. If you keep the tank clean by doing massive water changes a couple of times each week your Anemone should live a long time.
  3. OldManSea

    WV Reefer

    Congratulations! Simple is good. I have been following the adventures of your tank’s inhabitants since joining nano-reef.
  4. OldManSea


    Wow too! Very nice.
  5. OldManSea

    I was told this was

    Prices vary of course but for this type I sell polyps to my LFS for $10 and he resells for $20. Cherry Corals has some identical to this right now for $20 for a single polyp. They tend to be reasonable with their blastos. I have paid $30 and $40 for polyps at Cherry that went for $200 at World Wide Corals. The most I have ever paid was $200 for a single polyp (which is currently up to 6 polyps) but it was one of a kind. Another LFS in my area got one like that and sold it for $350. Sometimes Pacific East Aquaculture has some spectacular specimens but not right now. They generally are gone the first day no matter the price.
  6. OldManSea

    I was told this was

    Blasto’s are great. In addition to being peaceful they tolerate just about any conditions and grow fastest in “dirty” water. They don’t need to fed but when I feed mine reefroids once a week and mysis once a week they put out daughter polyps pretty quickly. Tend to be reasonably priced but are available in some really wild patterns that go for $100s.
  7. OldManSea

    I was told this was

    Blastomussa - very different from candy cane but a beautiful LPS that is pretty peaceful and over time grows into very nice colonies.
  8. OldManSea

    Nano sapiens

    One of my favorite tanks! It still looks sparkling fresh 10 years later. I am looking forward to seeing its 15 year TOTM.
  9. OldManSea

    TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - September FTS

    When I saw the article a couple of days ago, I said to myself there is teenyreef’s 10. Great article,
  10. OldManSea


    Worldwide corals had some recently
  11. OldManSea

    eddy putra

    Beautiful tank! Looks well grown for its fairly tender age!
  12. OldManSea


    Yet another masterpiece! Contgrats!
  13. OldManSea


    Those amphipods make great fish food (and food for LPS and anemones)
  14. OldManSea

    I’ve finally got one...frogfish [pictures heavy]

    Wow, how tiny is he? Looks VERY tiny. Very cool. Will do.
  15. OldManSea

    I’ve finally got one...frogfish [pictures heavy]

    I am doing salt water. I have have the hybrid “black mollies.” I have had the sail fins before but they get huge, more than 6 inches so I don’t want to invest the tank space.