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  1. Jesse's 30 gallon reef - new fish!!!

    I have had a gorilla crab catch and kill a clown. You should figure out where it lives during the day, pull the rock and capture it. I had to do that several times with one tank to get rid of the little monsters as they got larger.
  2. Natalia's Art Project Pico Contest Build

    I really like the statues. Even though they are not Asian in style the vibe is a sunken Thai temple. Bangkok will be under water in a few decades, perhaps this can be a diorama of the underwater city.
  3. VIP Reef or Got-Corals to buy RFA?

    I was not aware of Got Corals but just looked at their website - I will have to sample! I have ordered a total of 16 RFAs from VIP reef and have been extremely happy with all of them. In fact, two were delivered today for my pico contest tank - both were fully open, attached to the bag, when I opened the box. Very nice quality and great prices. I have also ordered from Legendary Corals and those were excellent as well.
  4. Baby Anemone?

    BTAs can split very asymmetrically. I had a red split a couple of months ago. One remained roughly the size of the original, about 6 inches across when open, while the other was only about 2 inches. The little one is catching. The lfs has has a bta display tank with 2 specimens, each about 12 inches in diameter. The are clones from last year’s split. On Saturday on split into 4, while I was watching. One of them is about 10 inches across, one is about 6 inches, and the other two just over 2 inches. The sequence was that it first split into 2, then the smaller one split into two, and then the smaller of the second split, split into two of equal size. The entire process took only about 45 minutes. It was quite amazing to watch. I have a couple of volunteer ball anemones, they are nice.
  5. Very cool! Orange corals to expand on a Halloween theme....
  6. I put substrate from my Red Sea Max into the bowl yesterday. I also received red mangrove propagules. I saw them at $9.95 each pause $29.95 shipping from Live Aquaria. The shipping cost seemed unnecessary so I looked at Amazon. I got 6 for $15.95 which included shipping. I have four floating in the sump of the RSM and added 2 to the bowl. There are 3 holes in the top rock. One of the propagules fit well, the other two holes are a bit small. I will bore them out so the propagules fit tomorrow. I will have to raise the light 4 or 5 inches to adequately light them. I added a number of Ricordea floridae today. The blue-green ones are extras from my 5.5 gallon tank. The others are new ones from AquaSD. All of them are lying on the bottom for a couple of days and then I will place them more permanently. At the lfs, one of the part time staff is a scuba diver who often dives in Florida. She lived there for several years and was a professional collector. She has some Florida-collected zoanthids and said she will frag some for me. That is extremely nice and will help to maintain authenticity as a pico Florida keys mangrove reef.
  7. Mini Tide shut down unexpectedly

    This room also has poor reception but it is when the WiFi "stutters" that the problem occurs. The logger has a 3 light system of green - good signal, yellow - borderline signal and red - no signal. If the signal goes from green to red, or back from red to green, then the lights are fine. Sometimes it rapidly goes green-yellow-green-yellow-green yellow.... This is when the Nanobox and AI lights shut down. The computer(s) often indicate that they are connected to the internet during these episodes but the internet is actually frozen. When the stuttering stops the lights come back on in less than one minute and the computer's talk to the internet again. I have no idea how/when the lights interact with the internet but the stuttering seems to initiate something. I don't know if it helps, but the LED on the card lights up when the stuttering stops and goes back and forth from red to green a few times, then the green blinks a few times and the light comes on. I assume some sort of similar signaling is going on with the AI light but there are no indicators on it, it just clicks back on. It takes about the same amount of time as the Nanobox in that they both come back on within a second or two of one another.
  8. Mini Tide shut down unexpectedly

    This happens once every few months with mine. It turns out always that there was a momentary weakness in the wifi signal (I have a logger or otherwise wouldn't have noticed) and the light blinks off when the wifi signal comes back. I have learned from experience that the way to handle this is to do NOTHING. Turning off and on causes issues that generally requires reinstallation. The light will come back on in a few minutes without intervention. This is not unique to Bluefish. My AI Hydra's do exactly the same thing at the same time. Both units are on tanks in the same room. Like the Bluefish, the way to handle is to do nothing and they come back on in a few minutes. Curiously, if I just turn off WiFi both lights tend to be just fine. I think it is the momentary flickering in the signal from time to time that causes the units to turn off and then back on.
  9. Thank you, now to make it happen. Thanks! I ordered propagules of red mangrove. I will start playing with them when they arrive.
  10. Joe's Icy vase

    Wow, what a great - and daring - idea, and a cool vase! Out of curiosity, where will you source the anemones, I am always interested in hearing sources since they are few.
  11. Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build

    That is one fine looking tank and it is only a couple of days old! By March it should be awesome!
  12. Still figuring things out. First, the tuna blue bulb was horrible. It was very blue and since many of the Florida/Caribbean critters tend to have a lot of blue, it will difficult to see them. I shone the light on a blue Ricordea floridae in my 5.5 gallon tank and it was black and nearly invisible. Here is the tank on Saturday with a 5000k bulb I had lying around. I intended to have a mound of rock to emulate a reef top but the cords visible in back were really annoying. To hide the heater and cords, I had to add enough rock to get above the water line. I actually like the look - thinking mangrove? I did some reading on the net and found a number of Florida diving photos of mangrove root tangles. One actually had zoas. I read a post from a diver who enumerated the corals he saw attached to mangrove roots in Florida and he said that zoas are the most common in some areas. He mentioned many others as well so I can take a look at what might be available. The heater and pump are behind the rock which comes away from the wall a good bit since it is flat on back, leaning against a concave wall. The Hydor 160 gives a pretty good current but I may move to the next size up. This is an older pump and I can hear it rattling inside anyway - these things tend not to last long for me. With all the reflections from the glass, when viewed from the front the glass bottom is not apparent. But top down it is. I will add sand tomorrow to make a bottom since this is primarily a "look down" tank. I received a 50:50 bulb today. It is much much better than the tuna blue but may still be a bit too blue for me. I will explore a 10000k or 15000k bulb since this is supposed to be a shallow reef and 10000k is not unreasonable for a tropical midday sun. I also read that mangroves do best at 8000-10000k. I was able to reduce all the light reflections from the curved glass by putting the light in front and shining back at the rock. I will have to figure out how to make the fixture look acceptable. Once I have decided what to do, I will do a FTS that includes the fixture. I measured the water volume with the rock in place and got 1.4 gallons. I can add another 1-2 tenths of a gallon but I don't want to get too close to the lip since I plan to add Pedersen shrimp or similar. This is a fun project since nothing is of standard aquarium size or shape.
  13. 29g Reef - video of clowns laying eggs Pg 9

    Very nice! You are caring for them well.
  14. ID or common name for this anemone?

    I think the others are right. In this view it looks like seabeck.