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  1. OldManSea


    Yet another masterpiece! Contgrats!
  2. OldManSea


    Those amphipods make great fish food (and food for LPS and anemones)
  3. OldManSea

    I’ve finally got one...frogfish [pictures heavy]

    Wow, how tiny is he? Looks VERY tiny. Very cool. Will do.
  4. OldManSea

    I’ve finally got one...frogfish [pictures heavy]

    I am doing salt water. I have have the hybrid “black mollies.” I have had the sail fins before but they get huge, more than 6 inches so I don’t want to invest the tank space.
  5. OldManSea

    I’ve finally got one...frogfish [pictures heavy]

    Mollies are good. I got a few to begin breeding them for Rocky.
  6. OldManSea

    Another Frogfish

    Beautiful fish!
  7. OldManSea

    Another Frogfish

    Interesting question. I was thinking pictus or commersoni. I was leaning toward pictus. I will get some better shots, especially a good profile as your question has me wondering all over again. Either way, he/she has some growing to do. Good point about anemones. The one in the LFS is with two enormous red BTA - each one about a foot across. There are no minimaxi's with it. In the tank my leafish inhabits there is a BTA and a minimaxi. I have seen it perch on the minimaxi many times with no trouble - although it royally p's off the minimaxi. So far I have not obtained any saltwater mollies, I have just added some damsels, which are now part of the scenery. I definitely want to try mollies as they are more docile anyway.
  8. OldManSea

    Musings of an Old Reefer

    Martin Moe and Julian Sprung - I was mesmerized when they gave lectures at our local society (Potomac Valley Aquarium Society) - Martin Moe for simplicity and Julian Sprung for sophistication. My first tank was set up following an even older pioneer - Robert P L Straughan. I still have a few copies of his magazine Salt Water Aquarium, from the mid-1960s and a 1970 edition of his book Salt Water Aquarium in the Home. That takes me back!
  9. OldManSea

    Another Frogfish

    I am hoping for success. I know of several other frogfish in the area that have been obtained from this collector; some are 3 and 4 years in captivity so I am hoping for the best. I haven't tried frozen yet since Rocky is just becoming acclimated. My leaf fish sometimes takes frozen but usually insists on live so I will not be disappointed if Rocky doesn't take to frozen.
  10. OldManSea

    Another Frogfish

    Here is another new frogfish in addition to @RustyRocket's Baby Hellboy. This is Rocky, I have had him for two weeks now. He is in quarantine, although his tank will soon be the BTA tank since my BTA is beating up the corals in its tank. Rocky will stay with the anemone. Rocky is just over 2 inches long. He eats shrimp voraciously and would like to be just as tough on fish but his patience needs some work. He watches fish swim around for a few minutes and then begins to "chase" them, at a pace of about 1 cm per hour. I have always admired frogfishes and one of the LFS has a painted close to 5 inches in length as their mascot. The last one I helped care for was about 40 years ago and was in the lab. I forget what species he was but he was a beast about 8 inches long. He was a dull grey in color but could stare down any human. He was caught in a trawl and kept in a large tank with other big fishes and such that were caught and considered too curious to throw back or preserve. There were some preserved specimens of his species in the collection that were just over a foot long.
  11. Thanks for asking. Still trucking along. Getting ready to pull the now-too-large green Monti cap as it is shading everything. I think I have a good replacement for it in similar color but no shading. Once I make the change later this week I will post an update.
  12. OldManSea

    Happy 17th Birthday Nano-Reef Community! 🎉

    Wow, what an outstanding accomplishment, CM! And a huge amount of work.
  13. OldManSea

    I’ve finally got one...frogfish [pictures heavy]

    Great fish! Love the frogs!
  14. OldManSea

    Creative Container Contest - Final Results

    I would like to thank the organizers of the contest, and specially call out Felicia for the unending hours she put in keeping the contest information current and organized. I would also like to thank all the NRF members who have expressed their support for my tank. It was wonderful being favorably compared to two of the Pico Reef Royalty in Gena and Teenyreef for a week. I learned an enormous amount about keeping pico reefs and will continue to do so!