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  1. spec33

    NanoBox Units : Old Made New!

    anything still available?
  2. spec33

    MAME glass skimer with pump

  3. spec33

    Rock for 29g biocube

    How about this stuff? https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00F8DVAO4/ref=ox_sc_act_image_5?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
  4. CPR SR3 protein skimmer, biocube skimmer and an Intank media basket. All are meant for the biocube 29gallon. All are in used condition. I also have a Current usa orbit marine Led 18"-24" that was retofitted into a biocube hood. It has some rust on the legs and housing along with some silicone and salt but the leds work along with the controller. Can also throw in a tru lumen strip with it. 12w abi tuna blue par38 bulb Hydor 240 and hydor 180 powerheads. Finally if anybody is in the albany ny area I have a 29g biocube with a stand I looking to sell. Open to all offers.
  5. I recently found a 29 gallon biocube on craigslist for 200 with pretty much everything I need to get started. I'm trying to keep my total spending under 300 to get the tank started I just wasnt sure what kind of rock to use. I think I would like to use dryrock to cut down on costs and to give me more time to decide on an aquascape. Any recomendations on what kind of rock I should get?
  6. spec33

    Finally got my Fluval Evo!!

    Also I agree that you shouldnt use the API testing stuff. I know red sea and salifert would probably be good
  7. spec33

    Finally got my Fluval Evo!!

    I'm fairly new to reefkeeping but i'll try to help! I believe you could make your own media rack with eggcrate. Although The intank rack has solid walls I believe so it will force water through it unlike the eggcrate one which will have water go around it. I just got a nuvo 10 and I think i'm gonna get the intank rack too. I would definitely get an ATO. Manualy refilling due to evap gets very annoying after a while lol....Atleast for me. It might not be too bad though on the evo since It has the lid. Theres a lot of different ATO. A lot of people like the Tunze ones but it's really up to you just make sure to read some reviews. Theres also a pretty cheap diy one on Bulk Reef Supply for around $40. Not 100% sure how reliable it is? If you are just doing softies you probably wont need to test for much besides basic things like ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and maybe ph. Good salt and changing a decent amount of water each week should be fine Are you going to get liverock from a lfs or online?
  8. Sad to say that I have taken down my bowl. Being that the bowl was my only saltwater tank I wanted more space for coral and a fish so I moved everything into a 7 gallon cube.
  9. spec33

    Spec's Spec Sized Tank

    Oooooo that sounds like a much better idea than mine. Ill try that when I change the water again. I'll also put the peroxide onto the algae hopefully itll help.
  10. spec33

    Spec's Spec Sized Tank

    Here are the new corals I purchased from reefersdirect. Photo credit to reefersdirect
  11. spec33

    Spec's Spec Sized Tank

    Welp I seem to have found hydroids growing from my "beloved algae patch" sorry for the bad picture Any Suggestions on how to get rid of them? I'm thinking about just taking the rock out and putting a lighter or something to them. Any other nonflammable ideas?
  12. spec33

    light bulb CCPC

  13. spec33

    Spec's Spec Sized Tank

    Just picked up some new corals from the reefersdirect live sale. Am I allowed to post their photo of each coral onto here?