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  1. It was always my understanding that Convict Tangs needed a tank bigger than the 350's 4' width. I am still considering adding a Bristletooth Tang to my 350. As for treatment, I am not a fan of prophylactic treatment, I only treat if it needs treatment, but everyone has their own method/opinion. If you do treat, just remember you probably shouldn't put that live rock back in your display tank once the QT is over.
  2. Haha amen. I am considering the Apex EL, but I just spent well over $3k upgrading to my Reefer 350 and my wallet needs a break.
  3. Sorry just seeing this. I just snapped off the part that was already "scored" by Red Sea. Looks like you already cut yours and it looks good!
  4. Are you liking the light spread better with the 3 Primes?
  5. So I have read that you can, but it can precipitate out and clog the gravity fed line.
  6. Following! Our tanks are almost twinsies! I am running almost the same equipment but the heater and I have 3 Primes. Still debating on what reactor to run, thinking about the standard BRS one.
  7. Thanks! He is quite photogenic, he even eats directly from my hand!
  8. Using the BRS AB+ settings on mine. I get good results with it.
  9. Yeah I have been trying to keep my eye out for a used one, but they go so fast! I would probably sell 2 of my Prime's and keep one for my 20 gal tank that is currently lit with a Kessil A80, which is fine, but not amazing.
  10. Here you go, so what I had to do was just switch the orientation of the bracket, so I had to leave enough space behind the tank in between the wall to get to the screw.  The other two lights are orientated the normal way with the screw facing into the tank.  This actually makes it quite nice, because it moves the light in the center of the tank more forward so it is centered more evenly between the front glass and the overflow box, while the other two lights are centered evenly between the back glass and the front glass.  In my mind that makes for better light spread, maybe I am just reef-crazy?  SOMEDAY I am thinking about upgrading to the Kessil AP700 though Â
  11. Got some pictures during feeding time today, along with some photos of a few new additions Got 2 Banggai Cardinal's (supposed to be a bonded pair - we shall see) from LiveAquaria Got a beautiful Aussie Elegance Coral from Diver's Den at LA as well Moved over my Royal Gramma from my 20 gal IM Panorama, now the Bicolor Blenny has that whole tank to himself and he is loving it!  I am at 6 fish in the Reefer 350 now, still wanting a Two Spot Bristletooth Tang to finish off the stocking, but I will wait for the tank to adjust to the new Cardinals and addition of the Royal Gramma  Now for photos! Â
  12. Ah didn't see you weren't shipping. I would gladly pay for shipping though 🙂