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  1. Tank looks great love following your hobby How have you found your Acans are next to your mushrooms and zoas?
  2. Does anyone have experience of how many bumble bee shrimp (Gnathophyllum americanum) Can you house in 12g reef ?
  3. Thought so 😊well I still don’t have the confidence to get another clam it’s just too heartbreaking the thought. I salute everyone who makes it over a couple of months 😫
  4. What are you measuring that in ? ppb or ppm As I was to believe you should be at 0.03 or lower so that seems high to me. i use the phosphorous hanna checker
  5. Sorry for your loss! I know that pain !!!Have you tested you phosphates ? What are they ?
  6. 👍 I think my tank was fluctuating too much and possibly lead to my clam declining also the clam was really small next time I will get a larger one not such a baby
  7. What are your phosphates ?Love clams looking forward to hearing and seeing about updates
  8. Just an update hes a goner. Removed him a lot more had gone than i realised Thank you for all your help
  9. Even if its still responding to shadows ie when i hoover my hand over it ?
  10. I assume as its now in this condition it chances arent going to be great as hermits and other life will go after it. So i was thinking to maybe try and place it in some sort of a quarantine cube in the tank with the same ammount of light just where it can be left alone so if it can survive it will have the best chance. I have just put it on a frag rack for now i am just hoping now
  11. Hope someone has experienced something like this and the clam has survived ....? I brought this clam a few months ago. Seemed to be doing well extended nicely, showing beautiful colour etc etc couldn't see anything which could tell me the clam wasn't doing great. Brought x3 red legged hermit crabs on Saturday. This morning noticed my clam turned other way and when closer looked half the mantle has been removed and the exhalent siphon has been removed just leaving a gaping hole. My question really is Has anyone experienced this or similar for example mantle damage and the clam survived ?? Water parameters are in check, phosphates correct etc Just would like to see him through it if he will make it 😞 Added a 'before' photo of the clam so you can see how much is missing, the certain 'red legged'hermit is on top of it, have only ever seen the hermit clean the outer shell previously but now probably will finish him off i guess with the state that he is in
  12. Thank you very much for letting me know I tried to google and couldn’t see any similar pictures !
  13. Noticed this morning clam tipped to his side a little and noticed 2 Strings coming from the bottom where his foot should be I have seen a little type spaghetti worm waving near him and thought it could be a worm trying to get near his foot ? his foot is obviously not attached as you can see in this picture is it a worm ? is it something to do with his foot ?as I gently tried to brush them off thinking it was worms and they are very strong ? any help and advice would be great otherwise clam fully extended doing great as far as I’m aware
  14. Hey i use Red Sea Coral pro too. It has high parameters so until you change your salt brand keep your water parameters throughout the week around the same- so when you do a water change it isn't drastic for the corals. Also make sure you are mixing the salt correctly as if you do it too fast the parameters will be all off. The Red Sea salt mix parameters are: 12.2 dkh 450 Cal 1340 mg i agree with clown79 with the dosing plan
  15. £69 for the baby clam never seen one so cheap and had always wanted so was so pleased when i saw it. Yes we are very proud of England cant wait for the game on wednesday !
  16. Hey i remember you ! Bummer ! Heard not great with clams! I actually have a big hermit not sure if you can see in the pictures. Practically same size as the clam !! When i placed the clam in he checked him out but didnt seem to bothered.....now im nervous 😳..... Luckly i work from home so i spend most of the day checking out the tank so i will keep an eye !
  17. 😂 Thank you i get what your saying YOUR input has been very helpful 😁 I remember you have helped me in the past i remember your cute logo !
  18. Good idea with the kalk Been having problems with the heat wave too been doing the frozen water bottles and fan....very stressful but managing to control it. What salt mix do you use ? Excellent news on the AC
  19. Calm down Bro ! Im feeding Brightwell phyto greens for him, I know hes small and what to feed him up If you read what i said .....I have heard mixed reviews on Phytoplankton for clams when young whether its really needed so using this forum (like most normal people do) to get advice...... I wont always just rely on shops advice, I also will seek advice from fellow reefers who have many clams before ....... Also with my comment on him flipping i understand they do this but was not aware they would do it so soon Any more problems ?
  20. Thank you RayWhisperer Hasn’t moved again since the flipping and helping him up. He is on the mid level of the rock where I would like him to be so hopefully he will enjoy that area too. Still on the rock frag so hopefully easier to move the surface under him if he’s not doing well in that area. Thanks for the identity view Any advice on feeding as it’s very small only an inch and a half ? Heard phytoplankton but mixed reviews on if that really benifits
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