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  1. I can't keep fish alive overnight. No matter what I do. Can anyone help me solve this mystery? IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Kessil A360w 3 koralia PH Grounding Probe Media Baskets with floss in them. Roughly 10lbs of rock 1" sand bed Salinity - 1.025 Ph - 8.1 - 8.2 Ammonia - 0 Nitrate - 0 - 5ppm Only critters I have are 3 Turbo Snails and a rock with GSP. I migrated from a 29g fully stocked with all kinds of LPS corals and fish. When I moved to the Lagoon everything slow started to wither away. The GSP is all that survived over the past year and half. So 4 months ago I decided to get 3 Chromis. All dead by the morning. Brought them back to the LFS with my water and they said my water was fine and gave me a Maroom clown. Next morning the Clown was dead and I felt to ashamed to go back cause I felt like something in my tank is causing this and couldn't figure it out. Temp seemed good but decided to add a 2nd heater just in case. My acclimation process is to float the bag for at least one hour then I would open it up and let the water mix in for at least another hour and then let the fish out. My daughter has been asking for a new fish so we went on Saturday and got a Yellow Damsel cause they are know to be hardy. Acclimated over 3 hours with the lights on acclimation mode and set him free. Next morning hes lying on the floor. We had a 5.0 quake that morning so I figured he got spooked and jumped out. I built a lid and went to the LFS and got another Damsel type fish. I acclimated for about 3.5 hours, lights off and set him free. Next morning he's upside down and again to shamed to go back to the LFS. I tested the waters and got the parameters up top. I used a multimeter and got 1.5v reading which my research tells me maybe be harmless and more of a electrical "signal" coming from the 3 PH in the tank. I'm about to give up and sell it all because I'm so frustrated at this point. I'm not new to reef tanks. I had a well established 120g reef tank 15 years ago. I sold it because I was moving out of state. The 29g I moved into the Nuvo Lagoon was 4 years old and doing very well. Any ideas are appreciated.
  2. 3s1k

    Waterbox 20 or IM25 Lagoon

    I went for the Lagoon for the shallow height of it. I'm not a big fan of Tall tanks.
  3. I'll have to try that pillow stuffing from Walmart. I live in Alaska and that Big Al's floss on Amazon wont ship here for some reason.
  4. Any recommendations on filter floss?
  5. This is my first AIO so I'm new to using filter pads. I change them every few weeks, maybe I should be changing them more frequently? I Turkey baste at least 2x a week though.
  6. I can't seem to get the flow right despite having 4 koralia power heads. I'm getting a lot of detritus and it seems to collect in the rear of the tank. So I added a PH to the rear and then it collects under the PH in the corners. I rearranged my rocks and now to the point were shaked off all the LR, removed 75% of the rocks (10-15lbs) to help with flow and did a 100% water change remove as much Detritus as I could. I'm using media caddis on both overflows with a Imagitarium Filter Mesh cut to fit inside to catch detritus I kick up with a Turkey Baster. Just a little back story. I had a standard 29g well stocked with corals and was doing great. I moved it all to the IM lagoon and it went south from there.
  7. I have been placing the heater in the 2nd chamber in the back of my IM lagoon 25. Is this the right place for it? Is enough water passing through that chamber and then into the return chamber and heat the whole tank?
  8. 3s1k

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Thank you Specore for clarifying that. I was concerned that not enough flow was going through the caddy's and filter media.
  9. 3s1k

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    When you're refilling the tank from evaporation day to day is your water level even in the display tank and the return pump chamber? I'm battling some flow issues and my return chamber is always emptying and the display tank seems to stay the same. I'm using the stock return pump that came with the IM25. In over flow I'm using the IM Caddy's with some filter sheets I cut from sheet. Like this.
  10. A month after migrating to an IM Lagoon 25 I started getting bad slime algae. It's been a battle for at least 2 months. All I re-used from the old tank was the live rock and added new rinsed Fiji Pink sand. I haven't feed in a month but I think the nutrients were coming from a receding plate coral which caused a domino affect losing some other colonies. So I threw any coral that looked like it wouldn't survive and removed both filter socks from the chambers and added a sock of BRS activated carbon. It seems have slowed down a bit but its still all over the sand and rocks. Note - I do not use RODI water but this has never been a problem for me in the 6 years in this hobby on 4 aquariums ranging from 10g - 120g. Granted, I know the benefits and I'm really considering getting one eventually. I usually change 5g a week but have been doing 10g weekly for the past month. Are you guys cleaning the back chamber? if so how are you doing it? I use a turkey baster to blast the chambers but I'm not really seeing anything.
  11. Here's some photos of the new and old tank. I left the old tank running in case I find some snails or other critters. I do have some Xenia's and GSP that spread to adjacent rocks but I don't have space for the large rock they are on. Not sure what I'll do with them just yet.
  12. It was filthy so I used all new sand. I got stirred up a little when I was trying to remove a rock anemone and it looked dirty haha.
  13. It's an RBT. I moved him last night. He was actually attached to the base of another coral and came off when I move that coral. I made sure the water temp and salinity were the as close as I can get them and put the the Nem in a cup to move him to the new tank. He seemed to open up shortly after I put him in.
  14. Yes, both tanks are setup and side by side. I just added water to the new tank last night. I'd like to coral RX dip if I can as I have some Asterina stars i'm trying to get rid of.
  15. One is on a rock but the other is on the front of the glass near the bottom. He's the size of a silver dollar.