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  1. What kind of lights do you guys use and what % intensity do you guys run your lights?
  2. Any thoughts on both the zoas and the hammer? I just started using RODI water, do these corals like dirtier water?
  3. I cant seem to make either happy. I had both in the sand bed and used the acclamation setting on the Kessil controller to go from 30% to 75% over 2 weeks. Neither would full open up.
  4. I bought some Rastas at the end of January that still haven't fully opened up. I dipped them and moved them around and only seen them partially open. I have noticed that they look like they're reaching up and look very long. I had them directly under my Kessil A360we on the sandbed and they were stretching straight up. As a test, I stuck then on the side of a rock just off to the right side or my Kessil, but higher up in the tank. Since they are on their side they look like they're still reaching up but bend themselves almost 90deg. They are just under the Hammer coral on the right side. There's also a zoomed in screen shot. I have my kessil going from 40% intensity up to 75%. From 11am to 9pm. From 4pm-7pm its between 60%-75%. I have a Nuvo Lagoon 25 which is 12" high and the kessil is 7" off the water.
  5. I love my kessil a360we but I think I would get an AI prime if I had to do it again. With the the kessil, arm and controller it was over $550. Plus I like the red hue you can get from the prime.
  6. Let me get a picture without so much blue in my light. Rabb - you had me going for a sec:)
  7. Can anyone ID this for me? I think it's an SPS type coral maybe Montipora?
  8. Ok, I'll give it a try. I really dread the idea of breaking it down to start fresh or setting up another tank.
  9. I'm done with fish. Corals and invertebrates seem to be doing fine for whatever reason.🙄
  10. Update. The Damsel passed away. Everything seemed good for 6 week. He was eating and acting normal. Only change was I increased the the intensity of my Kessil a360 to 50% from 40% over 5 day acclimation setting on the controller because I got some new corals.
  11. Probably something that isnt tested in our aquariums. Since my TDS is twice of what it was a few years ago. We had a huge earthquake a late November. I know city water was being treated for a week or so and wasn't drinkable.
  12. Update - Blue Damsel still alive and a lot more active and comes up when I get close to the tank. I'm very happy to see that he's still alive after all this. I hope whatever it was it has passed or I got one badass Damsel😎
  13. Update - Blue Damsel I got from Petco is still alive after adding him on 1/28. Only change since them is I top off with RODI water now. I'm also doing 10% water changes instead of 20$ a week. So far so good, keep everyone posted. Note - These stupid turbo snails can't right themselves when they fall. I'm worried one will fall and die and I won't see it.
  14. Mine are the same way, the are open, bright green but short. I seen the GSP at my LFS show tank and they are the same color but with very long trunks.
  15. Isn't your salinity to high at 1.027?
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