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  1. Never mind, didn't see MD's response.
  2. Price is up for the 30L - $500 for tank only. $850 for tank & stand.
  3. Looks pretty good! I'd like to know more about your vanity re-purposing project. Also, what type of stand top are you using?
  4. I'm looking to build that exact stand, plans and cuts would appreciated!
  5. I watched their live Facebook video which showed their booth. It certainly didn't look like the were launching anything at the show. Very tiny booth with one tank.....
  6. I will add a different opinion. I just switched my Kessil 10K out for a G2 Radion over my ~9 gallon tank. I wasn't happy with the coloration of my corals and the shimmer was just too much. It's hard to describe but it's just way to much. Best of luck in your decision.
  7. Thanks, can you possibly measure how far apart they are? I'm guessing around 19" or so.
  8. I have a 120 16K on order. Question, are the suspension mounts on the razor adjustable? What I mean is can I slide them down to allow mounting a narrower lamp tree? I think I just made up the word narrower
  9. These look like a good option. Do you or anybody else know if the 120 optics could cover an 18x18 tank? What fixture do you plan to use? I'm struggling to find a full spec option for my manta 18 tank.
  10. Great, thanks. I've been trying to eyeball from pictures on the web. Sounds everything should work then.
  11. I've figured it out, took my slow self a bit of time though. I'm going to stain two short lengths of a 2x4 with expresso stain to match my stand and then screw it to the back of my stand. This will clear the lip so life is good again I believe. My only question left is the ability of the current usa or aquatic life's arms to swivel out a bit, so allowing for a bit wider hanging if that makes any sense. I'm sure the aquatic life can or think so anyway. The reason is my brackets will be 18" apart and the fixture is ~20" so I need a bit of play. I know you can swing them in so I assume the same outwards.
  12. Thanks. Well, that sucks I guess I need to start figuring out how to hang it. I didn't mention we have tall ceilings, around 15' if I recall correctly so I tend to agree with the wife hanging it from the ceiling would look out of place. The only thing I can come up with it adding wood to the back of the tank to make it flush with the lip so the tank stand hanger would work. That would be challenging though. I wish those brackets were adjustable outwards to overcome the lip issue.
  13. I've landed on switching my Kessil out for a Maxspect unit. My issue is I have a Manta Ray 18" cube so my tank doesn't lend itself to a Razor unit easily. I can't find much info that might detail the difference between the Marazza P and the Razor unit. Is anyone versed in the differences that might be able to help? The spec pages for both appear to be identical on their webpage. If I can find an elegant way to use the 20" Razor I would but I don't know how (wife said no way to ceiling hanging). I realize there are a few light hanging kits that mount to the stand but I have an issue there. My stand is a Solana stand so the 1 1/2" lip is is all the way around so I don't think that will work either. Thanks for the help, have a good Turkey Day!
  14. I'm looking to make a change from my Kessil 150 to another more flexible option of LEDs. I'm just not getting the coloration I would like from my Kessil. I currently run a Manta Ray 18 (18"x18"x9"). My tank is primarly lps and acans with a few montis thrown in. I've just started looking into these lights but thought I might ask for someone's opinion on what might work well. Thanks
  15. I agree my Tunze ATO is my favorite piece of equipment followed closely by my BRS RO/DI. I've been thinking of dosing via the ATO, is it hard on the pump? I've been thinking about kalk this way.