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  1. Adding Rock

    You could cure it in another container, make sure no organics are still hanging on to it.
  2. Need A New Tank!

    About the one month anniversary of the tank! Weekly gallon water changes, and dosing MB7 and FastStart-M. Starting to ramp the time up on the light, hope to start building some life on the rock.
  3. Need A New Tank!

    Thanks! I used epoxy to build that peace into that shape.
  4. Need A New Tank!

    Added my first fish this week.
  5. Scape

    The waiting game now
  6. J-Ranko's Nano 11g - a new beginning

    The tank is looking great! I think we can at least get away with undersizing our heaters in Phoenix. What is your favorite LFS in Phoenix?! I like AquaTouch and Reef Monsters.
  7. Need A New Tank!

    I upgraded my rock curing in the garage. I have some rock going and cycling in the 10 gal, but have few more peaces and rubble in the tub curing for when I get the new tank going.
  8. Need A New Tank!

    I got a bottle of Fritz Zyme 9 to build up the bacteria quicker in the tank. It smells terrible, recommend adding it before leaving the house! Also upgraded my test kit with the Red Sea Kit, probably order the rest of the Red Sea Kits. No Ammonia yet...
  9. Need A New Tank!

    Ok tank got moved to another room! I know this set up will not blow anyones mind. I just wanted to get something going and for > $30 of new money spent on set up I am pretty happy. I have a trip the end of March, after that I should be ready to add some livestock (Probably COWLR). Until them I will add some MicroBacter7 and something to feed the bacteria as it populates. Also considering the Kessil A80, but not sure if it will be enough for an IM Nuvo 20 (my eventual upgrade).
  10. Need A New Tank!

    Ok! Picked up a 10 Gal $10 tank. Probably upgrade in the future, but wanted to get something going! Sprayed the back of the tank, and cut a peace of egg crate to fit in the bottom. I have a couple Old Par 38 bulbs, and an IKEA light pendant hanging over offset to a side. Any thoughts at this point? Thanks!!
  11. Need A New Tank!

    Picked out some rock from my stash and started the process to cure it. I am going to uses a storage bin with a lid in the garage. Starting on the first of the month should be a good way to keep track of how long they have been going.
  12. Need A New Tank!

    It is very tempting, I purchased them believing they would be for quarantine or coral farming.
  13. Nuvo 10 build

    I think you will be happy with the Kessil! I have an A160, and A80 looks like an upgrade IMO!
  14. Need A New Tank!

    Some random pictures of my equipment, but everyone likes pictures.
  15. Need A New Tank!

    Hello Everyone! I have decided to set up a new saltwater tank! I consider myself a novice in the hobby, I have had a few tanks in the past and they have progressed and become more successful. I have not had one for a couple years because of moving pretty often. I have saved equipment from past builds and purchased random aquarium equipment preparing for a future build. I have LED light strips, Media Reactors, HOB filters, ROI Canisters, Mixing Pumps and Power Heads, Pluming Parts, Dried Rock, Testing Equipment and multiple 20L tanks and a 40G Breeder. So I have been planing one and after visiting Hawaii I can’t resist it anymore. Still debating on the display, the all in one tanks are tempting, but I like sumps because they allow so many more options for equipment. I will likely stay around soft corals and low maintenance live stock (relative!). I think I will start by rising and curing my dry rock. I may even go as far as a temporary display with a 20L. See if I can past a cycle and get some good life on the rock while deciding a display. Maybe that is a crazy idea! Look forward to sharing some progress with everyone! Thanks! Attached Last Tank