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  1. Thanks! I used epoxy to build that peace into that shape.
  2. Added my first fish this week.
  3. Hello Everyone! I have decided to set up a new saltwater tank! I consider myself a novice in the hobby, I have had a few tanks in the past and they have progressed and become more successful. I have not had one for a couple years because of moving pretty often. I have saved equipment from past builds and purchased random aquarium equipment preparing for a future build. I have LED light strips, Media Reactors, HOB filters, ROI Canisters, Mixing Pumps and Power Heads, Pluming Parts, Dried Rock, Testing Equipment and multiple 20L tanks and a 40G Breeder. So I have been planing one and after visiting Hawaii I can’t resist it anymore. Still debating on the display, the all in one tanks are tempting, but I like sumps because they allow so many more options for equipment. I will likely stay around soft corals and low maintenance live stock (relative!). I think I will start by rising and curing my dry rock. I may even go as far as a temporary display with a 20L. See if I can past a cycle and get some good life on the rock while deciding a display. Maybe that is a crazy idea! Look forward to sharing some progress with everyone! Thanks! Attached Last Tank