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    Will these burn my house down?

    Ok, so after 5 years or so in this hobby, I've finally decided to make the jump to Metal Halides. It doesn't come at the best time for me financially but it's past time to replace my CF bulbs and I don't want to throw more money into lighting that I plan on replacing soon. My current tank is a 38 gallon so I need a 36" fixture. I plan to ditch the wooden hood for heat reasons but hanging a lamp won't really work where my aquarium is located. I need a tank-mounted solution. I've been looking at the sunpod and coralife stuff but I can't afford to spend $450+ at this exact moment. I would buy a viper (or two) but I've had bad luck with JBJ products so I'm down on them right now. I hit ebay and found a number of fixtures with no name brand that could be had for much less money than anything I could order from a mainstream aquarium supply place. What gives? I want to know if anybody has any experience with these fixtures. They seem to be too good to be true for the price. Will they burn my house down or kick the bucket after 3 weeks of use? Here are some examples: http://cgi.ebay.com/36-442W-Metal-Halide-A...1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.com/36-Metal-Halide-T5-HO-...1QQcmdZViewItem The first one seems like a particularly good deal to me but I'm hesitant...
  2. Upright Joe

    microscope help

    I've heard these guys make nice stuff for a good price but I've never bought anything from them so I can't vouch for it personally.... http://www.greatscopes.com/
  3. Upright Joe

    will this get my alkalinity down?

  4. Upright Joe


    Contrary to popular belief, it is extremely difficult to maintain adequate calcium and alkalinity levels using only water changes - even in a nano. When you start adding corals, I'd get a calcium and alkainity test kit. Test about once per week (or more if you want) and see what your levels do. Afterwards, when you find that your levels are falling, and by how much, decide what you want to use to supplement. (A two-part balanced system such as B-Ionic or Kent Tech CB is probably easiest for a nano). Other than calc/alk supplements, I wouldn't add anything besides food.
  5. Upright Joe

    Touching Your Tank

    1) He probably runs his salinity significantly lower than natural seawater like most folks so I'm sure every invert in the tank was thrilled that he didn't top off for 3 weeks. 2) Growth is always going to be more obvious when you haven't been seeing the tank everyday. If I saw you once in three weeks, I'd probably be able to tell you were due for a haircut. If I saw you everyday I probably wouldn't notice. 3) Size and color of coral aren't a reliable way to gauge fine differences in health. There are just too many factors that effect the size and coloration. You have to put your hands in the tank to do proper maintenance. You have to get over fear of doing so. If it takes gloves to make you comfortable, by all means, buy them. If you're afraid to stick your hands in the water, you're going to neglect all sorts of stuff (powerhead cleaning and maintenance, coral propagation, aquascaping, etc). Providing your hands are clean (and not soapy), the oil on your skin should be the least of your worries. There are almost certainly worse things in the food you feed. Oil isn't even water soluble. It'll just contribute to the film on the top of the water more than likely. If you are bitten or stung by something in your tank - use antiseptic. If you don't have some in your medicine cabinet, pick some up the next time you're at the store.
  6. Upright Joe

    how many to get

    I would definitely advise covering the top with something. If you don't, you're pretty much guaranteed to find a fish on the floor sooner or later. It's just a matter of time. I had one of my clowns travel about 6 feet across the room onto my couch once while doing some tank maintenance. When I had a 12 gallon nano cube, I found one of my clowns in the back chambers more times than I can count.
  7. Upright Joe

    My tank is HOT! And I don't mean dead sexy.

    I think they must have gotten a little confused on converting Celcius to Farenheit when they started selling the Ebo Jagers over here. I have 4 of them running right now. They're great heaters and I've yet to have one fail (knock on wood) but every one of them runs hotter than the dial is marked. If I remember correctly, I set mine to around 77 or 78 on the dial to get 82 degrees. From my experience, they really are rock solid heaters though once you dial in the temperature properly.
  8. Upright Joe

    *DREAM* Aquarium

    The reefzilla project is awesome. I don't think it's for me though. A tank that requires scuba gear may be more than I'm prepared to maintain. Then again, if I could afford the tank, I could probably afford a small maintenance staff. I'm probably going to be starting up a 260 gallon tank set into a wall with a fish room behind it next year. I'm actually thinking about making it an anemone/clownfish species tank. It's hard to give up the idea of having this huge SPS dominated reef with all sorts of different coral and fish. Sometimes less is more though.
  9. Upright Joe

    Getting annoyed

    Patience... Your tank is brand new. Algae blooms are unavoidable. They may continue for some time. Don't buy Margarita snails. They're temperate species that can't handle reef temperatures for long periods of time. They'll croak before their time.
  10. Upright Joe

    Help with neglected tank

    Assuming, you've been topping off and your salinity is in check, I would leave everything exactly as it is and add your cleanup crew. They'll make a feast of all of that algae. Read Borneman's suggestions in the black box about halfway down the page in this article: http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2004-01/eb/index.php
  11. Upright Joe


    Do you have a glass top on it? I lose about a gallon per week on my 30 with the top on and about a gallon per day with the top open or off. It shouldn't hurt anything as long as you're topping off every day. It's a bit of a hassle though to be replacing that much water that often by hand.
  12. Upright Joe

    Unusual Clowfish Behavior.. HELP PLEASE!

    I have to admit that I barely skimmed your post but I did catch your title: "Unusual Clowfish Behavior" In my experience, there is no such thing.
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  14. Upright Joe


    Quick question for those of you using maxi-jets out there: Do they have an adjustment for the amount of flow like the mini-jets do? I think I want to increase the water movement in my tank but I don't want to turn it into a whirlpool.
  15. Upright Joe

    Diatom bloom

    It's completely normal. It will pass. There is no need to buy anything special.