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  1. Aww. Just registered and only 2 posts. You sure suck for killing all those fish.
  2. So how many jaws drop when they walk in the lab and see that? Haha.
  3. My lovely green rics before I parted out my tank.
  4. That's such a great pic. Hahaha. I'm jealous of the dive, too.
  5. Incredible picture!
  6. It actually reminds me of when a coral reaches for light. What time of day do they do this? Definitely a cool pic to have them all like that.
  7. LSB Bank appears to be photoshopped on there. Still amusing.
  8. Congrats on finding them. I know they're hard to come by @ a LFS. I got mine online back in the day. I found that mine LOVED the Formula 1 mini pellets along with any frozen shrimp they scavenged.
  9. Great Yashia pic!!!
  10. Looks damn fine for a simple DIY. My only issue would be that you're using a Seaclone skimmer. Upgrade when you can, and you'll wonder how you survived the Seaclone days. I know I did.
  11. But it's so pretty! I love the color (mine was like that) and the amount of knobs it has on each fleshy part.
  12. SWEEEET!
  13. Glad you decided to share that story, Kappa. Nice looking anemone. It doesn't get beat up by that clown?
  14. Yeah. I think FloorLord was selling a handful for a while. Still may have some. Good try on the scam, tho! It was a joke, just incase you were pissed @ me. lol. Note the
  15. yeah, no pink bta. Green or Red. lol. Glad to hear it's getting better. Its form and the way the bulbs look (not to mention the size) are all looking good.