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  1. PICT00021

    Aww. Just registered and only 2 posts. You sure suck for killing all those fish.
  2. DSC_0029_NEF

    So how many jaws drop when they walk in the lab and see that? Haha.
  3. IM BACK, tank not doing so well, :(

    Glad to see someone else back, too! Good luck on getting it all to rebound.
  4. sand dollar care

    The answer is no. It's not even worth trying. You will not be able to keep one alive. Sorry to break it to you.
  5. HOB Refugium drawbacks?

    I had one of the CPR AquaFuge HOBs on the back of my 20L back in the day. It had built in things to keep it level. I never actually had any problems with the stress on the back of the tank. It was just a AGA glass 20 Long setup, and the only support was the PVC and the leveling knobs that touched the back of the tank. I loved mine, and if I were to get another similar tank, I would probably opt for another one of those rather than drilling for a sump/fuge setup under the tank.
  6. Finally Setting Up Again

    Yeah, I saw his thread, and noticed he vanished again. I laughed when I saw his old 67 thread had been brought back to life by a debate on where he was. Haha. Who knows... Maybe all the old '04s will come back. Hahhaa.
  7. bluebastion's 20g SPS M-Tank (glass)

    Hey, I'm tagging this for future reference, but... I miss my old 20L SPS setup, and digging through your tank's thread has made me miss it even more. Haha. Your setup looks great, and it's so close to what I want to do with a setup in my studio right now. Just wanted to let you know that you have a new admirer of your updates. P.S. - Anything you'd do differently if you could start over again?
  8. So yeah... I return from the black abyss that is college. UCSB ftw, I know. I'm writing this instead of studying for organic chemistry right now. Great choice, I know. Anyways... There is a 12 gallon NanoCube DX that is sitting on a dresser at my grandparents' house in Los Angeles. It crashed several months ago thanks to a power outage. Now it's so packed full of algae, that the liverock and sand isn't worth the effort that it's going to take to get that stuff cleaned. Considering my lack of an aquarium for the past year and a half, I think it's time to set something up in my new place. I don't want to dump money into a huge setup again, although I do miss my old 20L/40R so much... My thought is that I'll see what can be done about the cube. I fear that it will only be a glass tank left, though. I know the lights will need replacing. The fans are probably shot, and I'm pretty sure the pump has seen its last day thanks to the rattling sounds described to me. The purpose of this topic is essentially to figure out what my best options are. Factors: Ease of setup isn't a factor. I've kept stuff going that would've crashed out on most people. Experience level can be considered very advanced. Money needs to be kept to a minumum. The cost of a tank+lights needs to be around $200-300, ideally. Cover: The tank cannot be open-top. I now have a cat. A bengal cat. These aren't normal cats. Nothing is out of reach. Trust me. She'd likely end up swimming in the tank for fun. Throw some suggestions at me. I considered the carpet anem. nano idea earlier today, but I really wouldn't want to do that right now because of cost. I don't need to put SPS in here, either. I thought about going back and redoing my 20L system now that I have had years of experience, so feel free to suggest something along those lines. Let's try and keep costs down. I work part-time to fund my obsessions, but I still have to pay rent. Edit: I may reconsider things and bump the spending limit for the entire base setup to around $1000. I think this would let me get into a SPS tank again. All comments are helpful!
  9. SPS in NC6...am i crazy?

    **Kogut returns from the dead to put in his .02** Yeah, you can pull it off, it will just be tough. I wouldn't expect any coloration besides brown/orange in anything, but you can do it. The SPS don't need the light to "live" as much as they need proper water chemistry and flow as Travis said. I think that if you want to try it then you should. If the coral dies, you learn a few lessons in the process. Buy a cheap frag or 2 of a brown/orange montipora cap. and a digi. from someone on the board. You could also try hydnophora if you can track any cheap frags down. I know I was actually unable to kill the stuff, despite what happened to the tank. I wouldn't throw any acropora in there, simply for the reason that you don't have the experience required to keep them, especially not in a system that small. They're such a P.I.T.A. Moral of the story: Go for it! Just make sure you pay attention, keep your water clean, and get frags from good sources that are bug-free. Let us know what happens! ~Kogut
  10. Optical Auto Top Off

    Yeah. Salt creep would be an issue. You're still going to have to run maintenance on any "auto" item you put in the tank.
  11. Optical Auto Top Off

    Just FYI, your link doesn't work. There is no link, actually.
  12. why is drip acclimating bad?

    In response to a couple of LFS comments, I can tell you what we did... First off, all the saltwater fish that came into the store were picked up personally by the owner. He drove down to the wholesalers by the LAX airport, and picked out each individual thing that was to be put in the tanks @ the store. Everything was then packaged, and boxed. The boxes were taken straight to the store, and within a couple hours, every fish was floating in the tank where it would be placed upon release. There simply wasn't enough time to slowly acclimate every fish, so most were simply let loose (of course, the water was never allowed to enter our systems) later that day. The inverts and delicate fish were acclimated by simply cutting open the bags and dipping them every once in a while. You lose some fish, but there simply isn't enough time for most fish stores to do that. I'm just letting you know what we did. My main issue w/ drip acclimating is that if you do it for a fish, you're going to lose the temperature consistency between acclimation location and the destination tank. Some people have had fish die on them b/c of a lack of oxygen, they claim. I have always just floated the bag for a while, rolled down the sides, and exchanged some water every once in a while. One advantage of drip, however, is you have no water transfered back to your system.
  13. How fast do xenia spread?

    Entirely depends upon your tank. They are a type of coral that tend to be picky when you first add them in. Once they get used to your system, or you make them happy, they'll spread like wildfire to the point where you're giving away free frags if people will just come pick them up. Some people have different opinions, but this is what I have seen and personally experienced. They're one of the corals that will grow up on the overflows and powerheads, too.
  14. Green Old Rics

    My lovely green rics before I parted out my tank.
  15. Wine bottle reef

    You could still do an external and not drill. Just use mini PVC to do the inlet and outlet. That way you only need it to go in the openning. You could even loop the heater into the return line and save yourself. Having a heater is a must, IMO. It doesn't say on all the time normally, it just keeps the temp from falling (aka when your light goes off). Good luck w/ it and keep up posted! ~Connor