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  1. Corals doing poorly

    how much BRS rox carbon are you guys using, per how many gallons? i use a little more than a tablespoon in my IM10's media basket, changed out every 2-4 weeks. i've always wondered if this was too much/too little.
  2. Ideal dosing pump for nano reef tanks

    i was planning on pulling the trigger on a GHL 2.1 Standalone 4 pump but recently found out that i need a PC to run all the software to set it up...i currently don't have a laptop, so looks like i'm still looking. i would love some more reviews of the Coral Box wifi dosing pump if anyone has been using one
  3. Ideal dosing pump for nano reef tanks

    the more i research dosers the more i realize i don't know anything about dosers i'll be following because i really want to automate my 2 part dosing but i haven't decided what would be the best route yet!
  4. Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    i have a Whisper 20 on my reef glass. it's definitely over powered and slightly too loud for my liking. does anyone have any tips or pointers on how to get the best skim from this? if you've had the skimmer for a long time what have you learned? i get very light green skimmate from this and always wonder if i could be getting better/darker ive messed with the height, the air valve, different air stones, and i always just get a very light green, slightly smelly skimmate.
  5. My dreams are too big for a pico

    i really like the IM25 Lagoon and it would work perfectly for your requirements. the dimensions are great. and even though i'm a little biased on Nanobox lights having a Mini Tide over my IM10, i think they look incredible over the IM tanks, like they were made for them.
  6. Living Room Nano Peninsula

    haha wait you probably can't figure that out because they aren't rock flower anemones! the third picture, bottom left, bright green. i thought those were rock flower anemones, but now i'm realizing it's probably an elegance coral?? sorry, browsing from my phone!
  7. Living Room Nano Peninsula

    looking good! this will be an awesome tank once things start to grow in didn't realize you had RFAs in there.
  8. Teenyreef's IM40 Not-So-Teeny Tank - February FTS

    haha exactly.
  9. Heater Suggestions

    i have always used Eheim Jager heaters with no problems. they are relatively really reliable from most reviews and have been around for a long time.
  10. Pom Pom Crab

    love Pom Pom crabs. i see mine every day, usually at 'dusk', but it's only a 10 gal. i can encourage him to come out during the day if i spot feed near his home, and actually i think since i've been giving him a little food from my feeder when i feed my corals he has gotten much less shy. mine lost its nems about 2-3 months after i got him, because my Tunze ATO failed. he has some unidentified polyps as nems now. however, i was just looking at my tank under the moonlights and noticed a fluorescent green thing in the shadows. it turns out it was my pom, holding a tiny piece of my green frogspawn i think about adding another one all the time in hopes they would share nems but i never see them locally, and don't know how my current pom would handle another.
  11. Welcome to the Jungle

    that urchin!
  12. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - February FTS

    yeah sorry to hear about the GBG! if it makes it any better, my 2 GBGs have been in QT for 1 month now and are doing great. your GBGs inspired me to finally get them and i can't wait to put them in the display. they are such amusing little fish, i'm really hoping they pair up 1 passed on, 2 reborn
  13. kinetic Red Sea Reefer 170

    thanks for the photography info. i have no problem buying a fellow nano-reefer's app for a few bucks! the whole reason i don't have a build thread is because i can't take a picture of my tank that is worth a damn. i'll get Manual Camera 2 and Priime later today and start playing with them. just know i'll probably be hitting you up with questions!
  14. Corals doing poorly

    yes, good call. drastic salinity changes definitely could cause these problems also, calibrate it with the calibration solution to 35 ppt. don't use RO water to zero it out, like i did at first long ago! i calibrate mine every time i use