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  1. can we see some pics?? (i nano-reef on my mobile only so i can't see if you have links to this tank in your sig or not) since my IM10 has seemed to settle in nicely (almost a year) i've been thinking about starting a 5 gal RFA tank for while now...
  2. 🔥🔥🔥 Lawnman's Lounge 🔥🔥🔥

    science teacher who doesn't "believe in" dinosaurs...not exactly a school i would want my kid (if i had one) to be participating in. i'm new to the Lounge, but i just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving all. i'm drunk, my gf is officially sleeping now, and i'm still overly full and awake so here i am. maybe just ONE more beer before bed. WWC and LC live sale when i wake up, i only have to be up for that tomorrow!

    5 days is a little early. if you can add ammonia or fish food and have no ammonia or nitrites present the next day, then i would add a CUC and maybe a small fish. regardless if your cycle is complete or not, you will only lower your nitRATES by doing a large WC. if you are producing nitrates, then that means you are processing ammonia. if you are going to add a clown now without being sure your cycle is complete, then do a large water change first and monitor/test for ammonia at least twice a day, and have something like Seachem Prime ready. like already said, 5 days is probably too early, but your tank could very well be cycled. if it is, a big WC and a CUC or fish needs to be the next step. be certain first
  4. Maroon Clownish has a bite in his tail

    i'm actually surprised that maroon isn't taking bites of the puffer! in my experience, maroon clowns are the kings of the tank, no matter what size the tank and who is joining them! obviously keep an eye on them both and feed good foods to both and it'll grow back. if it comes down to it you can always segregate them to allow the healing process. beautiful lighting btw, but once it grows larger it will be an asshole if it isn't already! happy thanksgiving! side note: i don't know if it's coincidence or not, but i soak all my food in Selcon whenever there is damage to fins or scales, etc...it could do nothing, but ime fish heal faster when fed well and with supplements like Selcon. the faster the healing the better!
  5. Les Bon Tanks Roule - Lobo's & Millennials

    Dendro looks great! damn do i want one, just don't know if it will 'fit' in my tank.
  6. Les Bon Tanks Roule - Lobo's & Millennials

    OP likes words
  7. Surveyman's NUVO 10 Build

    haha the upgrade contemplation is almost inevitable the 25 lagoon is one of my favorite size tanks some things will transfer over but it'll be a decent chunk of change to get it going...tank, light, and more rock being the big ones
  8. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - November FTS

    yeah peppermints make nervous
  9. great write up! wow that's some dark skim after 2 days. i bet it smells wonderful
  10. Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    well i got my RFG in and installed it. it doesn't look too bad, it is a little big...but with my Sicce 0.5 it has hardly any flow throughout the tank. so as i expected, i will have to either get the Sicce 1.0 or sell the RFG. they do. you need to get the adapter in 16 mm or 19 mm drop. it slides right on the stock fitting that the nozzle is connected to.
  11. Stocking a 60 gallon

    wow what an unusual tank!! loving the fish choices too. valentini puffers are awesome i'll be following along, this could turn out very cool
  12. mandarin goby + 20 gallon =?

    imo you should listen to these 2 posts, they are pretty spot on. you have enough fish in there currently
  13. Great Barrier Reef slide Show

    diving the GBR is on my bucket list...and i feel like i should make it happen sooner than later
  14. Is AI Prime HD enough?

    just wanted to say i love this scape