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  1. gone_PHiSHin

    Tunze Nano 3152 ATO - issues with slight overfilling

    that’s because the 3152 is a giant liability waiting to happen. there are a TON of ‘bad controllers’ on these and the company knows about it. mine flooded my IM10 a few months after buying it. throw that crap in the trash and buy the Smart Micro ATO.
  2. the tunze nano 3152 is junk. it has happened many times to other people and happened to me as well. overflowed my tank, and ended up killing a couple of my corals. tunze is aware of it, something about a bad controller. they’ll replace it for you, but you have to find a receipt and pay to send it back. i threw mine in the closet and bought a Smart Micro ATO over a year ago and haven’t looked back
  3. gone_PHiSHin

    Tailspot Blenny

    the one i had since the beginning of my IM10 just died a couple weeks ago. I'm still a little bummed about him not being in there when i watch the tank. they are great fish.
  4. gone_PHiSHin

    How much dkh drop warrants dosing?

    i think the first post hit the nail on the head. ive learned over the years that alk is one of, if not the most important thing to keep stable, especially in nanos. my current 10 gal mixed reef absolutely looks it's best when my alk is as stable as i can get it.
  5. gone_PHiSHin

    Possibly scammed by Adamhicks1988

    sorry dude, hopefully it is just a mix up somehow now if he doesn't respond to your FB message or denies it or whatever...then we unleash the hounds!
  6. gone_PHiSHin

    Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    if you get the spinstream or RFG, i would definitely get the 1.0. i was highly unimpressed with the 0.5 and the RFG, so i got the 1.0. still unimpressed, so the RFG sits in my closet, until maybe when i get a new larger tank without either of these, the 0.5 is a good upgrade for this tank. it's much quieter than the stock pump, and runs cooler. i mostly wish i could just use loc line on the IM10 to split the flow without having to 'mod' anything...or if IM made a splitter that fit. plus, loc line is much better quality plastic than the IM parts.
  7. gone_PHiSHin

    Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    i run a 1.0 on my mixed reef and it is just fine. i had the RFG on it too, but it cuts back the flow way too much for me. i like lots of flow without additional powerheads in the display. i have a 0.5 as a backup but now it just mixes my water change water. the 1.0 is perfect for my tank.
  8. gone_PHiSHin

    how long have you kept a tailspot blenny?

    that's the thing, i never had any problems with him eating since day one. in fact, he would eat anything i put in there, but my routine was to feed the herbivore pellets first for him, and while he's eating those, i would throw in some PE mysis pellets or something like that for the clown. i always made sure he 'got his veggies' before putting in the carnivore food. he never ate much in one setting until the clown went in.
  9. i just posted this at another forum and would like to post the same here so i woke up to my tailspot blenny stuck to my overflow i've had him since the very beginning of the tank, which is an IM10. i had him in there for about 1 year and 3 months. upon getting him, i remember reading people having problems keeping them long term, and that a lot of that could be attributed to feeding a carnivore based diet. so, since the beginning i fed him herbivore based food (hikari seaweed extreme), with the occasional frozen foods (rod's herbivore). he also always grazed at he live rock, back wall, and glass for any algae that developed, although this tank has never really had any algae. in the past few months i noticed his belly has seemed much more bloated than normal. this happened to coincide with when i added a clownfish, and i attributed it to the TSB 'competing' and trying to eat more/get bigger...he got very territorial and never liked the clown, and since the clown was very small when added he bullied him and kept him in his place. however in the past month or so, they seem to have found a balance, and rarely had any conflict.i don't know what caused his death. params are normal, all corals look great, he was eating, going about his business as usual, no signs of damage or unusual behavior other than the fatter belly. so this got me to wondering, how long have you had a TSB for? many people have told me that they just don't live long in home aquaria but i'd like more feedback.
  10. gone_PHiSHin

    Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    what parts did you use for this? the loc line parts i bought don't fit without drilling out the hole bigger
  11. gone_PHiSHin

    TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - September FTS

    teenyreef did you ever get the diffuser for this tank/the Mini Tide? this post might be long-winded, and i'll probably ask Dave Fason too. i know his settings for his tank/light combo, but i'm not sure the same translates for the IM10/Tide i know i've asked you this at least once or twice before, but are you still running the same lighting schedule and intensity that you were months ago? even after having this light for over a year, i'm still not sure if i need more or less intensity, more or less peak duration, more or less white spectrum...i'm ALWAYS wondering if i should push the light a little more, or as Dave says, just leave it alone! a long time ago i certainly realized i was fading some of my corals by trying to up the whites. the whites are very powerful on this light and i saw negative effects at the 30% range. over time i have slowly backed away from that spectrum and used more blues, but now i'm thinking i may have made my corals lose some of there colors and 'pop' by cutting the whites down to the 19-20% area. ive also always wondered if it is ideal to have a longer, medium intensity peak, or if i should have a shorter, higher intensity peak. have you learned anything new that you can share about this light over this tank?
  12. gone_PHiSHin

    Do clown fish need a friend?

    i have a tailspot and a clown in my 10g. the TSB was in there first, and i added the clown after, i don't know 6 months, thinking the clown would be more aggressive. i even chose a tiny one, hoping they would grow into each other's company and the TSB would welcome a new companion. well, the clown has been in there for about 4 months and the TSB hates him still. he bullies the hell out of him, keeps him away from the rock work for most of the day, stuff like that. however the clown has gotten much bigger and is learning that he doesn't have to submit anymore haha, and he certainly doesn't put up with the TSB's crap during feeding time anymore. oh well, no one is getting hurt, maybe one day they'll be buds. i'm very interested to see how they react when the green banded goby goes in!
  13. gone_PHiSHin

    Urbanek's ADA Trio

    years?!? interesting approach
  14. gone_PHiSHin

    Urbanek's ADA Trio

    i find it pretty strange that there haven't been any updates still! does anyone know the OP in real life? is he ok? one of the best builds ever on NR and no updates!
  15. gone_PHiSHin

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    that carpet nem is badass. huch did you pay for it, if you don't mind me asking?