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  1. I was happy with 20 but 45 and maybe more I’m amazed and excited and nervous ! They seem to be doing well and most on the rock work which I’m happy about .
  2. After really taking the time to look over the tank this morning I have now counted about 45 new babies up fro the 20 new ones I thought I had . Some spots there are 4 grouped together. Also so one of the ones from last batch of babied
  3. I have a Prime Hd and is a great light have only had for 10 day but like what i see . I joined the Ai users group on Facebook the have a lot of presets . Im running the Pirates of the Caribbean preset and I like as do my corals .
  4. @burtbollinger Thanks will do think I've got a perfect spot .
  5. Notice this last night trying to figure out . I have recently changed from stock light to ai prime hd . I’m using the Pirates Of The Caribbean preset on acclamation mode . Param dkh 9.6 Hanna mag 1325 salifret cal 420 salifret nitrates 5 phosphate not sure as waiting on Hanna checker . im thinking it’s a light issue as I recently changed. It seems to only be center that tentacles are whiter .
  6. Today found this little guy under the one female . I did also notice most of the babies are now on the rock or attached to the back wall at sand level so that is a plus
  7. Not the greatest of pictures but here are a few of the new babies ,and one from the last babies that was the same size as the new ones
  8. Before my water change last night I found about 20 new babies they are very small . A good amount of them are on rock or very close to the rock . There was some in back chamber of the tank was able to get a couple out and on rock . It was a pleasant surprise as I did not know they spawned again. If i counted right Im up to 28 babies from both spawning events .
  9. I bought the prime hd came yesterday set up . I downloaded 2 of the signature series presets. I’m trying to acclimate the tank to the new light does the acclamation mode work for those as well ? iwould also like to know if you can bring down intensity the signature preset equally with on slider or do to have to do each point 1 at a time
  10. I came home from work to find kinda of a snow globe in my tank . I figured out my media bag must not have been tied tightly and purigen got out and into tank . I used a fine mesh net and turkey Baster to suck out any in back chambers . There is still some in water colum and in nooks and crannies of rock . Is this going to harm fish , corals , invertebrates?
  11. You can grow on t a wall . I wanted to have my back wall of BioCube covered with GSP . What I did was clipped off the stem of frag plug and glued the disk to the back wall. Right now it is still just growing out on the disk but filling in . That’s how I’m doing it .
  12. This is what I started with
  13. It does take some time but depends the conditions in your tank . if I remember correctly like 2 to 3 weeks before you will see what looks like a head with tentacles. This is what mine looks like as of 9/28/18
  14. @Noobreefer90 looks like it could be .
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