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  1. I came home from work to find kinda of a snow globe in my tank . I figured out my media bag must not have been tied tightly and purigen got out and into tank . I used a fine mesh net and turkey Baster to suck out any in back chambers . There is still some in water colum and in nooks and crannies of rock . Is this going to harm fish , corals , invertebrates?
  2. tofer

    Questions about GSP and Xenia.

    You can grow on t a wall . I wanted to have my back wall of BioCube covered with GSP . What I did was clipped off the stem of frag plug and glued the disk to the back wall. Right now it is still just growing out on the disk but filling in . That’s how I’m doing it .
  3. tofer

    Duncan coral growth

    This is what I started with
  4. tofer

    Duncan coral growth

    It does take some time but depends the conditions in your tank . if I remember correctly like 2 to 3 weeks before you will see what looks like a head with tentacles. This is what mine looks like as of 9/28/18
  5. tofer

    Duncan coral growth

    @Noobreefer90 looks like it could be .
  6. tofer

    Duncan coral growth

    When I first started my tank I lost 3 fish to ick . I left the tank fish less for 3 months to break the cycle and quarantined the new fish .
  7. I have not looked at them close up with the actinic lights . Will have to do that tomorrow night .
  8. This is how 2 of the babies are looking the are 2 others that are similar .
  9. Found these in my tank was looking for a confirmation on them . I believe they are ball anemone. Not the greatest pics but think that will do.The one showe what it looks Ike with the moonlight on .
  10. The big one in the background looks like 1 I have which is a female .
  11. @SeaFurn it did open back up . It was freaky as never closed up to that extent before that I’ve seen .
  12. Came home from work to this . tested all parameters are the same as they were Saturday . Looking for ideas .
  13. tofer

    How big are your water changes?

    I change 5 Gallons every week . Vacuum out back chambers 2 every other change .
  14. @holy carp not good eyes used black light to find and magnify app on phone . as far colors go hopefully some cool ones .
  15. After checking the tank last night up to 13 Babies. Spot feeding them 3 times a week when I feed the tank with frozen mysis or LRS .