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  1. jesseatam

    PLEASE Help me save my euphyllias

    Sorry that you lost those pieces. I had a frogspawn and octo make it through a chemiclean crash, I'm surprised yours didn't pull through.
  2. jesseatam

    Purple Pseudochromis and Sixline Wrasse

    Dottyback generally don’t like wrasse due to them being predators of their eggs. From what you’ve described it seems like the dottyback claimed the rock work for itself. Both of these fish are known to be aggressive/territorial and your tank size only emphasizes this, I would keep your favorite of the two and try to return the other.
  3. jesseatam

    Jesse's 30 gallon reef - Reefapolooza pick ups

    Sorry for sparse updates, there’s been some stuff that I haven’t mentioned like another reef cleaners order a while back and just a LOT of macro algae trimming. But anyways the gorg I mentioned previously actually become dislodged from the super glue it was mounted with, I believe the porcelain crab is to blame as he would always push against it to get in the flow. Also there is sad news, as of typing this the links goby appears to be on his way out, ever since going in the display the little guy has slowly lost weight. Having the other fish made it more difficult to spot feed him too, I believe that if I would’ve kept him in a super simple bare bottom set up like the QT where I could just dump food in for him to eat at his leisure that I would’ve been able to keep this fish long term for sure. Anyway not sure if I’ll add anymore fish at this point now since I move into college the 24th and I don’t feel like I could do a proper QT. If I did though I’d probably just do like a pair of mollies or some other easy hardy fish.
  4. jesseatam

    Chalk Bass, what have people experienced

    Seems like you have a good number of fish already, don’t know your filtration though. Also need to look at what available territory is left.
  5. jesseatam

    Stocking List Okay?

    Wouldn’t go with more than two, maybe three depending on the fish and your filtration. A clown pair is enough for a 10 by themselves, they can get sizeable and are a bit messy.
  6. jesseatam

    What’s on my clown?

    I have my clowns in since may after going through qt where I did just did observation + prazi no copper. I’ve always suspected something made it through but have never been sure, low and behold today I spot this on what I believe is the female. I’m not very experienced with IDing diseases so I’m not sure if this is something to even be worried about but after having my previous stock wiped out by ich I’m nervous. What aim refering to btw is whatever is on the gill, also excuse the glass not being the cleanest.
  7. jesseatam

    Yellow clown goby

    If you’re going to do I singular fish I would go for something more bold or aggressive like a dottyback that would be interesting to watch as opposed to something more cryptic, especially if it’s your only tank. That’s just my preference though.
  8. jesseatam

    Same clownfish morph or two different ones?

    Personally I think they look more cohesive as a pair when they look similar. My first clowns were both wyoming whites, the pair I have now are both “mocha” colored but one is a misbar and one is a davinci and I think they go together pretty well. In the end it’s whatever you prefer though as it’s your tank. A really cool contrasting pair I think would be a midnight and a wyoming white.
  9. jesseatam

    Clowns in heat?

    If there’s no visual damage I’d say you’re fine, also if everyone in the tank is getting along well and your nutrients are fine I wouldn’t try to remove anyone as it would just cause unnecessary stress.
  10. jesseatam

    Fire fish missing end of tail

    Mind if I ask how big the tank is?
  11. jesseatam

    Jesse's 30 gallon reef - Reefapolooza pick ups

    So I just returned from my first vacation longer than a weekend from the tank and everything made it!!! Some corals got displaced so they’re a bit upset (one of the gorgs is now bent?), the grape caulerpa is now VERY overgrown, and the links gobys tail looks a bit beat up on but besides that everything is fine. Also in good news the branching GSP now has a nub and it’s noticeably bigger than it was before I left!!! overgrown caulerpa GSP branch gorg that got bent over
  12. jesseatam

    Recommended tank mates for fire fish

    Other fang blennies? In a small system, no. With something like a tail spot? Maybe, haven’t done it myself though. If you were going to try it I’d recommend getting two barnacle clusters and placing them on opposite sides of the tank giving them there own little hidey holes away from eachother. Either way I recommend getting a barnacle cluster though, my blackline blenny absolutely loves his.
  13. jesseatam

    Recommended tank mates for fire fish

    A fang blenny could be a good choice.
  14. jesseatam

    how soon should my new fish be eating?

    It depends, I've had fish eat directly after getting shipped to me and some can take about a week or even longer.
  15. jesseatam

    Slight confusion with stocking levels

    I have 4 fish in my 30 no problem running just a hob filter, but I have also have some macro growing in my system as well. The fish I have are a pair of clowns, a blackline blenny, and a link’s goby. They all get along really well. edit: also I wouldn’t trust those inch per gallon rules or whatever, every system is different with what bioload it can handle depending on equipment, maturity, etc.