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  1. I would love a tiny setup like this, I just don't have a source of rodi/distilled at school rn so that's something I need to figure out.
  2. I’ve never really considered a pico, but I might be able to kind of sneak something like that in. Definitely something I need to put more research into.
  3. I think I know what the plan is for the reef, I don’t want to break it down completely so I’m thinking about downsizing it to the 10 gallon QT. I’d transfer over all the remaining live stock, and throughly scrub whatever rock and other surfaces I transfer over keeping the old qt barebottom. It would probably just become a macro tank with whatever corals from the old tank make it. It’s really a shame that the tank didn’t do all that well in my absence, there’s still a lot I want to try with saltwater. I just really want to try some things that I haven’t seen anyone else really do a whole lot and set up like experimental systems where I could do different methods to compare or things like that. Sadly none of that is really possible for me at the moment. The little planted tank is chugging along well but my ludwigia isn’t really doing much, I think I need a new background plant of some kind. I’m going to try converting some water sprite back to its planting form rather than floating but it’s gonna be a pain to try to keep it down. The betta is also limiting what I can do with stocking, as much as I love my boy Ted I just don’t feel comfortable adding anything besides more cories in with him which is unfortunate as I want to try some kind of schooling fish.
  4. I’m back home for winter break, and the dorm tank successfully made the trip back. This little planted tank has been such a joy to have while away and really helps me to de-stress. The only issues I’m having are just my own learning curve with the plants, betta aggression with the cores, and my lights shitty mounting. The stringray light I have is great but the mounting blows, it’s so flimsy that if I nudge it while doing work on the tank that it can just fall in which it has for the 2nd time now... My long term goal for this tank however is to use it as an example to show people how easy an aquarium can be for the aquarium club I want to start up next year. At my school the only pet you’re allowed (besides an emotional support animal) are fish. A lot of people end up getting bettas but keep them in improper set ups to only have them die in a few months. People are always shocked when I tell them that my betta ted is going on 5 years old, I just really want to educate people on proper husbandry and possibly get others into the hobby too. Now for the saltwater tank at home. Since I was last home all the fish passed away. I’m really not sure whether it’s better to just shut the tank down. The only real way I feel to salvage the tank at this point is a complete deep clean and gutting of the system. The issue is that my father doesn’t want to deal with the maintenance while I’m away anymore. So unless I set up a completely self sufficient system that doesn’t require water changes or hire other people to maintain the tank for me there isn’t a point in keeping it running. Also lmk if you guys want pics of either of the tanks and I’ll take some for ya.
  5. jesseatam

    Strawberry psuedochromis with 2 clowns

    in that small of a tank I wouldn't mix any dottyback besides maybe a fridmani with any other fish. I'd say your stocked with just the clowns, they get big and are messy fish. Also the dottyback species you mentioned is known to be one of the most aggressive and would have a decent chance of eating your shrimp.
  6. Maybe, not sure if I would be allowed another tank in the dorm though.
  7. jesseatam

    Loosing fish, don't know why

    Internal parasites maybe
  8. jesseatam

    Final Fish?

    I would be careful mixing two wrasse that are known to be aggressive being your hogfish and a six line. I would leave stocking or add a fish that spends it time in open water more, maybe something along the lines of a clown or chromis of some kind.
  9. jesseatam

    Fang Blennies in 10 gal?

    You could probably do it, it just might be more shy if it’s own without any other fish to draw it out. If you do get one though definitely get a barnacle cluster for it.
  10. jesseatam

    Slow growing college reef

    The branching variety is nice too because it won’t spread horizontally as fast and regular gsp either, it seems to focus most mostly on vertical growth and branching. I also second Clown79s reccomendation on rock flower nems they’re super hardy and come in many beautiful variations, you might even get spawning action as well! I mainly went planted over another saltwater tank just due to not being sure about having access to “good” water and I wanted to give my 4 year old betta an upgrade. I never stop scheming though about another saltwater set up, thinking about doing something with macros and maybe some softies next if I can.
  11. jesseatam

    Slow growing college reef

    If you want a more programmable powerheads with more interesting options go for the jebao, the controller I have my my koralias only allows them to alternate but I bought this about two years ago now so I don’t know if there’s a different option available now. For corals I’d reccomend maybe some orange clove polyps, branching gsp, photosynthetic gorgonians, some euphyllia. Your tank looks really nice, I have a planted tank in my dorm right now but I really miss my reef which is at home.
  12. The tank honestly has that whole sick fish at a chain store vibe and it’s killing me to see it like this.
  13. I’m back home for thanksgiving but I have bad news, the tank just isn’t doing well. The tank is an algae mess which I expected but all my lps is dead and or dying, and the zoas and nems are closed up. The only coral that seems to actually be doing well is the branching gsp, the gorgs and clove polyps are surviving though. The worst thing for me though is that there’s something wrong with the fish and I have no idea what is could be. The clownfish have clamped fins and have that aimless erratic behavior and just look beat up while the blenny has lost a lot of weight, appears to have some sort of open wound on its head, and has lost all of its personality and just kind of floats in the back now. This has hit me pretty hard, not sure what the best course of action would be for the tank at this point
  14. jesseatam

    First Saltwater Tank

    Yes it will. Naturally over time your water will get a slight greenish tint but it doesn't affect viewing at least as far as I can tell, I've only noticed it in my water change bucket which is white. There's nothing wrong at all with running carbon, in fact in the early stages of your tank starting up I'd recommend it to help with any unexpected nutrient spikes but over time as your tank matures you probably won't find it necessary.
  15. jesseatam

    First Saltwater Tank

    My aquaclear 70 just circulates water on my 30 gallon in its current state. Many will probably tell you to ditch the sponge but It never caused me any problems while I had it in but I did eventually get rid of it. You can run carbon if you feel like you need to due to chemical warfare and I ran it for a while but imo it really isn't needed and can cause some degree of fluctuations in nutrients when you replace the exhausted carbon with a fresh batch. I personally don't see an issue with additional bio media as it just gives even more surface area for beneficial bacteria, it also provides another potential safe space and breeding area for pods and other organisms. Over filtration can definitely hurt, think of a reef like a rain forest and the nutrients in the soil of the forest like nutrients in the water column. The nutrients aren't low due to a lack of them, they're low simply due to the fact that the nutrient uptake is so incredibly high that it almost matches the intake.