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  1. I love my royal gramma he has excellent color, is super interesting to watch, and is very aware of what happens outside the tank. He can be a bit territorial however but only if my clowns get too close to his burrow or invade his personal space. Oh and he also eats NLS pellets like a champ
  2. Thank you for the ID on the mermaids cup, It's super cool looking. I also was thinking that the taller green algae could be bryopsis but I had some earlier on and it looked different to this stuff, are there different types of bryopsis?
  3. So I've had this forest growing on the left side of my tank for a while and haven't decided to mess with it too much since I thought some of the algaes looked cool, particularly the red stuff and the weird green little mushroom dudes. There appears to be two different kinds of red algae, thicker hair like stuff and then a thin branching feathery type. Personally I think they look pretty so I'm curious as to what they are, same goes for the little mushroom plate things. Apologies if the photo quality is off since I just snapped them on my phone real quick, I'll also be adding more pics in a minute due to the upload limit. Threw in a top down shot too since I thought it looked cool. Excuse the nosy clown, I had to turn the filter off to get a clear shot and he thought that meant it was feeding time.
  4. Fang blennies should be peaceful to everything except other fang blennies, and they should only bite in self defense so if you take the proper precautions there's no reason you should get bit. The only difficult thing I've heard about Canarys is getting them to eat but as far as I know that's mostly with wild caught specimens, places like ORA captive breeds them so I would see if you could get one from there if you decide on one.
  5. According to everything I've read they should get along fine, and I would totally order a trio but I think my 30 gallon would be overstocked with them plus 2 clowns and a gramma
  6. Wonder if I'd be able to get one on pellets, I've heard they have small mouths.
  7. There's no other place besides ORA that's breed them as far as I know and I think wild caught are crazy expensive and rare so that would make sense, but it's a shame that they aren't labeled. I'm also super jealous that your Petco has them, last time I went to the one near me all they had was some clowns, some skinny looking neon dottybacks, and a small royal gramma. I'm also super interested to see how your guy does, what have you been feeding it?
  8. I've been using distilled from the super market so far which seems to be working well enough but I do plan to make the switch to RODI eventually, and yeah my skimmer usually always produces some nice green skimmate. Yeah sounds like mine, post a pic in here if you'd like for comparison.
  9. CaribSea Ocean Direct I think it is, pretty sure mine also appeared after I introduced my first frag too. Before my phosphates were even higher and all I had was some algae growth but then after I added my zoas the cyano started to take over the sand bed. Also I just did my water change yesterday and I think I got most of the cyano out and when I checked this morning I didn't see any obvious growth but that was before lights on. It also seemed to be slowing down/disappearing anyway so I'm hoping it burned itself out.
  10. Tank was wet at the end of february I think and first fish was end of march to early april. The tank is 30 gallons and I've been doing 4 gallon water changes weekly, haven't thought of adding those supplements though so I'll have to look into that, my lighting schedule is lights on at 8 am (although there's sunlight in the room way earlier than that) and lights off at 6 pm with moonlights on until 10 pm, and i'm also running a hob skimmer. The only thing I'm really concerned that the cyano might mess with is a zoa frag in the sand bed which is the only coral I currently have in the tank atm.
  11. Woah I'm surprised to see this thread come back to life, I ended going to more safer royal gramma route for a first fish. I love him to bits but it saddens me because from everything I've read housing basslets and dottys together are a big no no, shame too because the store I got my clowns from had some nice sunrises, splendids, and an orchid. But then again the shop had all three of those species in one of the tanks so anything is possible I guess but not sure if its worth the risk to try to replicate at home.
  12. Thanks for tips I was planning on replacing the sponge with something else eventually but i wasn't sure what, and I'll be ordering new media and the bags tonight
  13. I've been vacuuming the sand bed since it's appeared which was only last week, I don't have floss I just use the sponge which squeeze and rinse out weekly, I also rinse out the carbon weekly but I'm not sure exactly how old it is but it definitely needs to be replaced soon.
  14. I would LOVE to find one of these at my LFS, they're one of my favorites. I've done a lot of research on these guys and I haven't read anything on them being aggressive and care wise they seem similar to Meiacanthus grammistes, the striped fang blenny which is another species that ORA produces. The best sources for basic info on these guys are ORA, LA, and that Reef Builders article. When I was looking into these guys I also had a hard time finding a lot of info on them.