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  1. Sorry to hear about your gramma, mine passed away recently too. My George had so much personality once he became comfortable and ate NLS like a champ. I wouldn't call them peaceful though, more semi-aggressive in my opinion.
  2. Thank you all! Is there anyway i should remove the bio film or should it just disappear on its own Yeah I used to have one of these on a freshwater tank I used to have and I never had this happen. Maybe it's from the lack of weight since I'm not using the little ceramic bits for biological filtration that come with it?
  3. I only left the sponge in there cause it came with it and I didn't have any other kind of mechanical filtration on hand. Also what brand of filter floss do you use and where do you but it?
  4. I have a problem where the media rack keeps floating up and then when i push it down and disturb the media this weird "slime" come out and then gets stuck on my rock, sand, coral, algae, and equipment. Does anyone know any solutions to this problem and what the "slime" is and how I can get rid of it?
  5. I like either 1 or 2, besides room for the scraper try to make sure you have room for your siphon to fit too.
  6. Thank you, I never thought he'd actually jump since he'd always retreat to his burrow when scared. I have not tried soaking it in garlic, definitely will next time though.
  7. Alright sad-ish update, my gramma George went carpet surfing yesterday. It hit me hard since he was my first saltwater fish, he had a great personality and was getting super comfortable. I'm going to miss him lots, even if he was a bit fiesty with the clowns. On the bright side however the pygmy hawkfish arrived alive and well and seems much more comfortable since George's passing and has even taken up residence in his old burrow. However, it still hasn't eaten anything I've offered (NLS 1mm pellets and mysis) which is a bit concerning since I've had him over a week as of today but he doesn't seem to be losing weight as far as i can tell. Any advice? I assume he's huntimg some type of micro fauna to sustain himself but I'm not sure how sustainable my population is. I do have some Pods+ coming in my next reef cleaners order however, so hopefully that should help.
  8. Ah okay, I'm just a little worried because some of the smaller heads looked a bit crushed from shipping. Also it doesn't help that my first zoa I bought opened immediately so my expectations were high but I think that's because I bought it locally plus it was already kept under LEDs.
  9. So these guys came in on tuesday looking a bit beat up, I know it can talk a while for them to open up but something just doesn't look right to me. I'm a big newbie when it comes to corals so any help is appreciated . This first pic is of the day they arrived while I was dipping them. These other two pics are from today.
  10. This looks like it's going to be super cool.
  11. I think it's the radial filefish in particular that have a fondness for xenia, ORA also produces bristail and white spotted pygmy filefish as well.
  12. My geometric pygmy hawkfish that I ordered from divers den just came today. It's super interesting little fish, not sure if it would be safe with sexy shrimp though. Possum and pygmy wrasses are super cool fish too, you should look into those if you haven't already. The firefish should not have a problem with the clown goby as it's a dartfish and not actually a goby. Also I don't think a type of shrimp goby would have a problem with a clown goby.
  13. Yeah divers den usually gets them in.
  14. I LOVE fang blennies, I totally would've gotten one it's just I've only ever seen them once locally at a petco and they looked pretty beaten up, and also divers den usually only sells the captive bred ones in trios which I wouldn't have room for. If I ever decide to try to push the bioload with a 5th fish it will 99% be a fang blenny. My only concern with the assessor would've been compatibility with the gramma, although behavior wise they seem to be different enough that there wouldn't be too many issues.
  15. Alright so I ended going with something a bit out of left field, I saw this little geometric pygmy hawkfish on divers den and decided I needed to have him!