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  1. jesseatam

    Here's my invert stocking plan! How's it look?

    If youre gonna do nps/gorgs might as well throw in a porcelain crab too as it’s a filter feeder. I have a caribbean one and it’s a great inhabitant they just need their own little space, all my inhabitants learned to steer clear pretty quick lol.
  2. jesseatam

    Dither fishes?

    A gramma would be very territorial in a 10.
  3. jesseatam

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED - 1 Year Update

    Don’t mean to derail the thread but you’re putting a starfish in your 10?
  4. jesseatam

    Jesse's 30 gallon reef - Reefapolooza pick ups

    Heres the tank after the macro harvest, there’s a lot more grape caulerpa than it looks like in that little container. I didn’t really mess with the bubble algae because by the time I trimmed all the macro back I was just kind of done with having my hands in the tank. I did however make some interesting observations regarding my GSP and orange clove polyps. Theres a small bush of gracilaria that grows directly next to the branching GSP and they grew together a bit. After I trimmed the macro down to nothing I noticed a few little pieces that the GSP grew around which I though was pretty cool, I wonder if the gracilaria will grow from this little pieces as well as the base. The clove polyps as you can see have almost completely cleared off the plug. I’m not sure if it died off or what as I wasn’t home to witness but I believe whatever it was was caused by it being shaded by the massive bush of grape caulerpa. You can see what I mean in the FTS I posted yesterday. In general though those two corals plus the “giraffe” gorgonian as I’m calling it are the only corals that seem to be doing just as well as they were before they left, everything else definitely has taken a hit.
  5. jesseatam

    Input for 30G stock

    My blenny is pretty active all over, they appreciate something like a barnacle cluster though to be able to hang out in or retreat back to if spooked.
  6. jesseatam

    Unusual inverts for 10 gallon

    Porcelain crabs are incredibly cool, everyone who sees mine comments on it. There's also many other types of true crabs that people get as hitchhikers and such but many have questionable "reef-safeness" and are opportunistic. In your original post you pretty much listed off most of the types of inverts commonly kept in aquariums besides like worms, cephalopods (incredibly advanced), and bivalves lol.
  7. jesseatam

    Input for 30G stock

    A lot of people might have strong opinions on you trying a mandarin, but if you're going to be culturing your own pods and set up a nice fuge in the sump I don't see why it wouldn't be possible but then again I've never kept one so I can't really give good input. Currently in my 30 I have a clown pair and a blackline blenny (fang) and they're all great fish. If you're trying to make you're tank feel more "alive" though without too heavily impacting your bioload I recommend stocking a nice variety of inverts, one of the coolest things by far in my tank is my porcelain crab.
  8. jesseatam

    Jesse's 30 gallon reef - Reefapolooza pick ups

    Well here’s what we’re looking at LOL, definitely gonna be a whole day of work if I’m gonna do a deep clean on this bad boy.
  9. jesseatam

    Jesse's 30 gallon reef - Reefapolooza pick ups

    Just got back a bit ago and here’s the first look, it’s a mess and some corals are MIA but I missed this thing and all my babies inside. I’ll give you guys all the good dirty photos tomorrow once the lights are on.
  10. jesseatam

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED - 1 Year Update

    I had a similar experience with my tank, had a crash and then slowly over time things recovered and are now better then ever. Just give it time, it seems that after the first year is when things really begin to stabilize and take off.
  11. jesseatam

    Final Stocking List - Thoughts?

    I would def drop the tang plus I also feel like you're underestimating the size those chromis can grow to, there are some monsters out there. Also I understand that you would be willing to keep up with the water changes and whatever maintenance required but consider the economic factor of all the salt you’d be going through with the water changes needed to keep your water quality up. Lastly this is unrelated really but what exactly are you running for filtration? I know you said it’s enough for a 150 but that can be subjective.
  12. jesseatam

    Jesse's 30 gallon reef - Reefapolooza pick ups

    I’m doing freshwater, mainly due to the fact that I also have a betta at home who’s currently in just a 2ish gallon container and I can’t justify to myself doing a whole new setup for other fish while he’s still in that tiny container. Also want to limit my expenses at this point so I didn’t want to have to deal with buying an ato, salt, and distilled water. I also want to keep it as low maintenance as possible and I felt salt would be a little more demanding from me, plus I want to try out a freshwater planted tank anyway as my reef is basically half macro at this point 😂. I’m actually using my qt tank for this set up since I don’t plan on adding other fish to the reef maybe besides a molly or two which I don’t think I’d need to qt anyway.
  13. jesseatam

    Jesse's 30 gallon reef - Reefapolooza pick ups

    sorry no updates guys but I will be heading home this weekend, can’t wait to how overrun my tank is with bubble algae and trap caulerpa LOL. Also wanted to share news on the dorm tank, sadly I will not be doing a reef but I am doing a low tech planted set up! I can delve into details in another post if you’d like for but now I’ll just leave it here 😁
  14. jesseatam

    Final Stocking List - Thoughts?

    I understand the use of grow out tanks, I’m just saying buying a fish just to rehome it later on because it outgrows your set up when you knew it would is just something I don’t like personally. I don’t doubt your ability to take wonderful care of the fish at all I just don’t understand why people do that myself.
  15. jesseatam

    Final Stocking List - Thoughts?

    Seems like a very heavy bioload to me, what’s the filtration looking like? Also not sure about both a kole and foxface in that space let alone one really, but I haven’t owned those fish myself so I can’t say much really. Even if they’re “temporary” inhabitants I never understood that logic myself, why purchase a pet that you’ll get attached to just to rehome it later down the line because the environment you provided was never really suitable in the first place. Not trying to be negative or anything just stating my opinion.