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  1. Clowns - Bonded Pair?

    As far as I know bonded means means that the pair has established who is male and female, mated means that they have spawned. A bonded pair of lightning maroons would be pricey as they are a nice designer morph and maroons are known as the hardest species of clown to pair up due to their aggression.
  2. Jesse's 30 gallon reef - new direction?

    General Updates: Corals seems to be doing alright, the zoas are doing their thing, the rock flower anemone is well... rock solid the only concerning thing is that my euphyllia are just bleh. They're not extending nearly as much as they used to, the only thing I can think of that could be causing them issues is my salt mix. I've used the red sea coral pro salt since I started my tank and I've had both of the frags since June which makes me wonder why they only seem to be reacting negatively now. Side note my water has also been quite cloudy lately and I'm not sure why, maybe it's due the absence of a skimmer? I'm not sure but it doesn't really bother me much. The main two inhabitants now, Pedro (blue leg hermit) and Larry (fire shrimp) are doing well. These guys make quite the dynamic duo, it's funny to watch them interact when food is in the tank. With the absence of fish in the tank recently Larry has become increasing bold, I can understand why some people don't like shrimp. I could definitely see him trampling lots of coral if the tank was fully stocked and he always seems to have an insatiable appetite. I'm not really quite sure how much I'm supposed to be actually feeding but he appears healthy regardless and has molted multiple times. I've grown quite fond of Larry as well as he has tons of personality. Also in the absence of fish the micro fauna population appears to have boomed, there's a notable increase in pods especially. There's a TON of worms in this tank also, particularly spaghetti worms and I actually spotted a super tiny eunice worm. I haven't spotted the larger eunice in a while but I assume it's still lurking somewhere. I've also had a crusade against a possibly harmful crab, there's a thread about it in the ID section. Finally I caught my first glimpse of at least one of the hitch hiker pistol shrimps which is super exciting!!! Sadly I only got a single low quality pic of his claw so far but i'll keep trying to get better ones. I love the sound of the snaps pistol shrimp make. The one I saw was quite small and when I saw him snap at some debris the sound was pretty quiet which makes me believe there might be another bigger one somewhere as there are some pretty loud snaps that come from the tank that can be heard from my bedroom which is next door. Genreal thoughts: I've thought a lot about the direction I want to take this tank and I'm honestly not sure what I want to do. Ever since I started this tank it's always screamed carribean biotope to me and it actually kind of unintentionally started out as that before I added my first coral and the clowns. I always kind of felt going that way would be limiting however in what I could stock with. I know this isn't really true but if I wanted to go this way at this point it would mean I'd have to rehome possibly all my coral and Larry the fire shrimp which I don't know if I would want to do. I've also considered depending if the euphyllia bounce back or not is making this just a full softy tank. Finally I could continue with what I was originally doing and just stock with whatever catches catches my eye and is at least somewhat simple to keep. If anyone reading this has any interesting ideas for this tank please post them For fish stocking plans I want to try not to get any fish I've already had since as someone starting out new with saltwater I want to get experience with as many different fish as possible but depending on what direction I go I may just end up getting another pair of clowns, there's just something about them Now for just some other general fish ideas. -Radial Filefish: I was thinking either a single one or a pair if I decide to go the soft coral tank route and move my zoas and use the rock they're on as a xenia island for the filefish. -Group of sankeyi dottybacks: I've read that these live in colonies in the wild and I've always thought it'd be an interesting species tank but I'm not sure if I could do this in a 30 gallon. -Springers dottyback or elongate dottyback -Black cap basslet or chalk bass -Banggai cardinal or some other species: My only concern would be these not taking pellets. -Damsel: I was thinking a more peaceful species like springers, however I've seen some species that are captive bred like azure and talbots which have caught my attention. I always would rather a captive bred fish vs wild caught -any type of assessor -some type of blenny I'm really open to keeping any fish really as long as I would be able to get them onto pellets as that's what i primarily feed. I'll try to get some more pics up soon, its just that the cloudy water doesn't make for the most flattering pictures
  3. tiny crab id

    Skewer seems like a valid tactic to me if it has potential to harm livestock, I still don't have a positive ID on this guy so in not out for blood yet. If I'm able to catch it I'll probably keep it in a container in the tank until I'm able to ID it.
  4. tiny crab id

    Was able to snag two more decent pics of him. This whole time I've just been assuming it's been a type of xanthid crab since it's too hairy to be a clown crab, any other ideas besides that?
  5. octo/frogspawn pooping or expelling zooxanthellae?

    I think the free shipping threshold was like $350 so wayyy out of my price range. I check out tidal gardens quite often actually and I'm subbed to their youtube channel too
  6. octo/frogspawn pooping or expelling zooxanthellae?

    Frogspawn is $40 and they want $50 for shipping, figures since they're in Cali and I'm in NY but I don't think I can let myself pay more for the shipping than the coral itself
  7. octo/frogspawn pooping or expelling zooxanthellae?

    I'm dying to order it but it's always hard to justify shipping costs, might have to throw an extra frag or two in there if I decide to order it
  8. octo/frogspawn pooping or expelling zooxanthellae?

    Oh wow, I was curious because legendary corals has what's listed as "rare blue tipped frogspawn" for around the same price and I was thinking about pulling the trigger on it. I'll attach a copy of a pic of the frag.
  9. tiny crab id

    Mission Failed: the little guy is surprising quick and bolted under the rock real fast. He hasn't done any actual damage yet so I'm not sure if it's even worth the effort to try to trap him.
  10. tiny crab id

    Another pic of the crab, gonna just try to flush him out and manually remove him during tonight's water change so wish me luck!!
  11. octo/frogspawn pooping or expelling zooxanthellae?

    Wow beautiful, mind if I ask how much you paid for a frag?
  12. octo/frogspawn pooping or expelling zooxanthellae?

    Woahhhh is that a blue tipped frogspawn?
  13. The growth on the torch could be a type of anemone maybe, look up majano anemones and aiptasia to compare pics.
  14. Quarantine Questions

    I have some from my current filter thats unused so I'll put that in too, thanks for the help!
  15. Quarantine Questions

    Another question is the bio media that comes with the AC hob filters suitable or is there a certain brand or type that you'd recommend?