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  1. Jesse's 30 gallon reef - new fish!!!

    My params are fine, the only thing that might not be 100% stable is the salinity in the qt as I have to manually top up and that thing has a surprising amount of evaporation. My fish, besides one who jumped all died from ich which was introduced from a new fish hence why I have the qt now. The only invert I've lost has been the emerald crab and some snails which have been killed eaten by the hitchhiker crab. If it was a parameter issue like salinity or alk I think I would see my corals or the shrimp go down hill first. Water changes I aim for every week but I do miss occasionally.
  2. Jesse's 30 gallon reef - new fish!!!

    Sorry I haven't been updating this, it's just that nothing noteworthy has really happened lately. The baby clown has been giving me issues however, it has somehow finally started showing signs of what seem to be internal parasites after being treated with prazi multiple times? The little guy also hasn't eaten in like a week. I'm very nervous as prazi isn't seeming to have any effect. Also I just came so close to getting my hands on that damn crab tonight. I waited until it fully exposed itself and went after it with the tongs. I must've grabbed it by the legs because as I was pulling it out it fell and some legs came off and before I could react the thing disappeared. I'm pissed beyond belief that I messed that up but I'm surprised that I was even able to get a chance at it as the crab is very elusive and quick. I hope the things dies from its wound but I doubt I'll be that lucky.
  3. Yay the dottybacks sound promising so far, if all works out with yours I think I'll try the same in my tank. Also I wouldn't trust the pygmy hawk with the little blenny until it's bigger, their mouths are huge plus they just have that shifty look Sucks about the enchinata and the clowns though, at least they seem to have achieved some kind of balance between the three though.
  4. I'm excited to see how the babies will turn out when they start to color up
  5. My pygmy hawk actually bullied the dottyback! And ooo exciting, keep us updated.
  6. Should I try two orchid dottybacks in a RSR 170?

    I already chimed in on your tank thread but I'll say it here again I definitely think it's possible but I think it would mostly come down to the personality of the dottys themselves a/ it seems their temperaments can vary. I think they'll be fine with your clowns. My female clown was absolutely fascinated with mine and followed him everywhere.
  7. The baby orchid I had was actually picked on by my geometric pygmy hawkfish which I believe stressed him out and then caused my ich outbreak. Mine was the exact same, very personable and inquisitive which quickly caused me to fall in love with it. As for pairing I was thinking about trying it out myself and think it could be possible based on what I've read, I remember on one of the breeding sites someone saying they kept a pair in a 10 gallon. As for how to pair them exactly I haven't gotten a straight answer, not sure if it's better to start out with two babies or a larger one and a smaller one. Take what I say with a grain of salt though since I only had mine for a short period of time, but I can say I have done relatively extensive research on these guys scouring every forum I could find
  8. Oooooo, very exciting LA order, I loved my orchid dotty while I had it. Also curious to see whether your blenny keeps it color, fingers crossed 🤞🏻
  9. royal Gramma behaviors changed

    The hardest part for royal grammas seems to be getting them established and over the initial shyness. Mine was incredibly shy at first but over time become pretty bold, inquisitive, and quite pushy with my clowns but sadly he ended up carpet surfing. I would recommend using a QT next time. side note: mine did not seem to like higher flow at all, it always seeked out lower flow areas to hang out and became much more active around the tank when pumps were off for feeding or water changes.
  10. Jesse's 30 gallon reef - new fish!!!

    The crab switches rocks/holes every once in a while, I took a stab at it the other night at now it's gone into incognito mode. I would rather not pull out the rocks if I have to as they're imbedded into the sand bed. I tried the jar style trap already but just ended up catching my hermit over and over again, I'm going to try a bottle trap next.
  11. Jesse's 30 gallon reef - new fish!!!

    Sorry for not updating in forever, there hasn't really been anything update worthy. The weird bio film/slime issue i used to have has returned and I have some cyano and some other stuff popping up but i think that's due to a lack of TLC and the thinning out of my CUC due to the crab that's lurking in my tank. Speaking of said evil crab, I have a dilemma. Little oreo has been in QT for 6 weeks and has showed no signs of ich and has been through prazi which makes me feel like he's ready to go in the display. However, with the crab lurking about I'm worried for his safety since he's so small and the crab is now a decent size. Do you think it'd be safe to add oreo since clowns are more open water swimmers?
  12. Jackal's Biocube 16 - Clowning around

    looking good
  13. Hydroids on zoas?

    When I have the time I'll mess with them to see if they retract into a tube or not, that seems to be a key distinction between aiptasia and hyrdroids. If it's aiptasia I think it'd be a nice excuse to get one of those ORA filefish If they're hydroids I might try my hand at super gluing over them.
  14. Hydroids on zoas?

    If they're hydroid is there a way I can manually remove them or do I have to wait for them to eventually dissapear?
  15. Lula Mae's "Make a Wish" 15 long

    Woah the tank looks super deep in the picture, those dimensions are awesome!