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  1. jesseatam

    Green clown goby died

    Ideally you’re not supposed to add anything at all but during my fallow period I added inverts and corals without issue so if you’re really lacking life in your tank maybe look into some interesting shrimp or crabs.
  2. jesseatam

    Green clown goby died

    While the spots could have beensand they also could’ve been ich or velvet, I’d go fallow just in case.
  3. jesseatam

    show off your hitchhikers

    Feather dusters, multiple species of macro including shaving brush, a curlique anemone, and some other undentified coral/anemone. This is the unidentifed coral, you can also spot the curlique in the back.
  4. jesseatam

    Fish for 30L help decide- take 2, midas blenny

    Love my fang blenny, incredibly underrated fish. ORA breeds them too, got mine from their section on LiveAquaria.
  5. jesseatam

    Worm in substrate? Pics!

    There are many worms that live in my sand bed. Most are small eunice worms I believe, sometimes you can see their little tunnels poking through the sureface of the sand and sometimes they even build huge mounds. A lot of eunice works are just detritivores, most people probably have them but don’t know it as they can be pretty secretive.
  6. So good news, clowns are in the display tank!!! The misbar took a floor dive while trying to net him but he’s no worse for wear. There hasn’t been any aggression between the fish that I’ve seen yet, they’re all just a little unsure of each other so far. Now to the bad news, I’ve spotted the illusive gorilla crab menace again. He rotates burrows every once in a while and has again. When I spotted him I took a stab at him with the tweezers but I had no luck. Once schools over and I have more free time I’ll start trying to set traps again but with volleyball, AP exam week, and senior final exams coming up I’m not sure how much time I’ll have in the near future. I managed to snap a pic of the crab though, for reference the emerald crab pictured is like quarter to dollar coin size. The gorilla crab also took a jab at the emerald crab when it got too close, that might explain some of the damage and missing legs on the smaller emerald crabs... Excuse the quality of the pics, the moonlights were on and I snapped them quickly in case it decided to hide again quickly.
  7. Mine was very shy and picky at first too when I had it. I had to start by turning of all flow and dropped single mysis shrimp over his hideout one at a time. Overtime he got more and more bold and then eventually got him switched over to 1mm spectrum pellets. If the gramma is spitting out the pellets its only a matter of time before it starts actually eating them, or it could just be full but soaking them to soften them up a bit could help too.
  8. Those shrimp are an awsome find! I love pistol shrimp.
  9. jesseatam

    Ocell Clown and Royal Gramma in 10g

    Grammas can be pushy, mine became pretty territorial in my 30 when I had it. They can get pretty beefy too, just something to keep in mind.
  10. You could consider yourself fully stocked honestly, if you’re going to add another fish though you need to be conscious of its pod hunting habits as you don’t want anything outcompeting your mandarin. I’d say a buddy for your current clown or something like an assessor.
  11. I hope they do too but yeah I'm definitely going to have to take out a bunch manually I've just been lazy 😅 And yes I start college in August, I ended up deciding to go to stony brook which is in Long Island and is closer to home. Sadly I wont be able to take my current setup with me as they have a 10 gallon limit at the school but that just means I'll have to start a new tank in the dorm 😁. I plan on keeping this tank running while at school though and since I wont be too far I can come back to do maintenance.
  12. So I made some purchases today, got two more emerald crabs, a green hammer coral that my dad liked, a green ricordia, and a peppermint shrimp. I’m a little iffy on the peppermint shrimp but I figure if if doesn’t pick at anything it’ll make a great scavenger .
  13. I actually haven’t seen the gorilla crab in a while, if it shows its face again though I’ll definitely resume the hunt. Anyway sorry for the lack of updates, there hasn’t been much happening in the tank things are just chugging along which is actually great. Corals are getting healthier and healthier by the day, the only thing that hasn’t opened back up is the branching GSP which I don’t even know if it’s alive at this point but it hasn’t melted away or anything. The clowns are doing excellent in QT and I think I might put them in next week, I’m just a bit worried about the bioload imcease since everything has been going so smoothly. The only real negative thing happening is that I’m having bubble algae growth, the 2 emerald crabs I have don’t seem to touch the stuff so I might try to pick up 2 more. I’d rather deal with bubble algae though than the cyano/dinos I had anyday. All the fish and inverts in the display are healthy too, the porcelain crab and the cleaner shrimp have molted for me multiple times now, the goby seems to be sustaining itself well and is maintaining its weight, and the blenny is a little pig. The blenny still ocassionally flashes but I never spot anything on him and appears healthy otherwise so I’m not worried.
  14. jesseatam

    Protein skimmer on softie dominated tank

    If your system is doing fine without a skimmer why add one and possibly disrupt a balance? If you’re trying to make things easier on the waterchanges side why not try to make that system more efficient and easier on yourself? I used to have a reef octopus HOB skimmer on my 30 gallon and then it overflowed which as you can imagine caused my ATO so go off as well, luckily I caught it early enough and no livestock was lost but the clean up was not fun. The skimmer pulled nice skimmate but always threw micro bubbles in the display and caused a lot of salt creep and cleaning the cup out is another maintenance task. Since not running it I haven’t really noticed any major adverse effects, maybe just some more film algae on the glass.
  15. jesseatam

    What's the name of this fish

    The one coming out of the rocks? looks like a blue gudgeon dartfish.