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  1. Jesse's 30 gallon reef - new fish!!!

    Well more sad news, came home to the empty carapace of my emerald crab Emmie She was the first livestock I ever bought for the tank. Whats upsetting though is that I found her cleaned out husk outside of where the suspicious hitchhiker crab has made his home, I can't help but think this crab murdered and ate Emmie. On the bright side however, Oreo appears to be doing very well I'm just going to put in a second round of prazi after he eats just to clear anything out.
  2. kinetic RSR 170 - geo hawkfish added!

    My geo hawk never took prepared foods, I'm glad yours isn't giving you trouble. They're such an interesting fish.
  3. Jesse's 30 gallon reef - new fish!!!

    Well Alfie the talbot's damsel passed away, I think it must've been something bacterial or fungal that wiped him out since the prazi had no effect. On the bright side though Oreo the baby clown is becoming more and more of a pig today, I just hope he doesn't get whatever Aflie had.
  4. Woah that sea spider is crazy, lgood luck catching it.
  5. Jesse's 30 gallon reef - new fish!!!

    Mini update: the Talbot's isn't looking too good and is refusing food but at least the clown is. I've decided to dose some prazi pro in hopes that might help with what's affecting the Talbot's. Also I've named the both of them, the Talbot's is Alfie and the baby clown will be known as Oreo until i get another for it to pair with and see who becomes the dominant female .
  6. What's on my damsels tail?

    things aren't looking too hot
  7. Jesse's 30 gallon reef - new fish!!!

    something's wrong with the talbots damsel, his behavior is very off. I'll try to get a link to a vid up shortly. Edit: https://youtu.be/uJqyVEx9CMc
  8. My orchid dottyback was an angel for the short amount of time I had him but he was a tiny baby. It comes down to the fishes individual personality, your best bet would be a tiny baby and if it's housed with others the one that is at the bottom of the pecking order. Even then though as it matured and got established it would probably push the other fish around a bit. Just do lots of research, some other species that are known to be more peaceful are springeri, elongate, and striped dottybacks. The ORA website is a great resource to check out.
  9. Jackal's Biocube 16 - 1st additions

    Be careful with a gramma in that size tank with other fish, even in my 30 gallon mine was pretty territorial with my clowns but mine was the first fish added so that could've been a factor.
  10. Jackal's Biocube 16 - 1st additions

    If you want to get hermits I would say don'y put more than like 2 in your tank size, as for the emerald crab mine was the first livestock I bought for my tank and she's been a model citizen so far but that's because my live rock has lots of different macros on it for her to munch on. If you're going to order CUC online I %100 recommend reef cleaners. Also, I'm kind of curious as to what kind of fish you're thinking about stocking.
  11. What's on my damsels tail?

    Don't think its raised but I'll check again tomorrow, he was getting bullied by another damsel at the store so it could be a mark from that.
  12. Jesse's 30 gallon reef - new fish!!!

    I got you, I forgot how hard it was to take pics of these guys with all their constant swimming! Ft. Mr Talbot's lurking and watching from squidwards window and the new frag under actinics with pedro hanging in the back
  13. Jesse's 30 gallon reef - new fish!!!

    Alright I have no self control, saw baby black and white occellaris clowns for sale and I couldn't not get one, I also grabbed a nice looking candy cane frag. If the talbots even dares to look at this baby clown the wrong way he's gone, this little clown is too precious and I already love it
  14. What's on my damsels tail?

    It's just a dark spot on the upper area of its tail, I'm probably worrying over nothing but I just want to be super careful since I'm coming off of a tank wipe-out from ich.
  15. Hooligan's Clownfish Breeding Thread

    I find breeding super interesting, followed