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  1. CUC wise I'd be cautious when it comes to hermits, I had a blue leg hitchhike in with my nassarius snails and so far it has proceeded to kill the two of them so just make sure you have plenty of spare shells because mine likes to constantly switch. I do enjoy him though, I love to watch him crawl around and do his thing.
  2. An assessor might dig that overhang, I don't really have any rock caves in my scape too but my royal gramma didn't have a problem with this just dug his own little burrow but I have sand... There's always the basic clowns and chromis as options too or even a blenny which would look cool perching on the rocks since you have a very vertical scale. If you're looking for something more unique ORA breeds those nifty little file fish, although they may not be reef safe.
  3. Wow that's super cool, one of my nerites has barnacles on it but i've never seen a snail with a feather duster on it.
  4. Yeah I've heard a lot of bad things about those, purples, purples stripes, neons, and sunrises. However I've read a lot of good things on orchids, springers, and striped dottys so this is were my curiosity about this fish comes in. I might just steer clear of this fish though since there doesn't seem to be a definitive max size for this fish and I don't want to end up with a possibly 6 inch killing machine in my 30 gallon if that's how it's temperament turns out
  5. what species did you have if you don't mind me asking
  6. Was thinking about getting this as a first fish for my 30 gallon but have read a lot of mixed info on these guys regarding size and temperament. I became interested in this fish after seeing it multiple times on Divers Den and now recently my LFS has one which seems to be a big scaredy cat. I know dottybacks aren't the best first fish in a tank due to territorial issues but this guy seemed really shy, especially compared to the neon dottybacks I've seen which came right up to glass but I'm just looking for your guys opinions and/or experiences with this fish.
  7. wow that painting looks amazing!
  8. Wow those BTAs are amazing, and definitely let us know if the breeder you got your clowns from makes a website because I know I would be interested in a nice pair if i decide to get clowns for my tank
  9. and just found another even smaller one too...
  10. So I just added an emerald crab today and while scanning the tank I spotted what looks to be a nudibranch on the glass. I was able to get pictures with both my phone and an actual camera so hopefully the quality is decent enough, you never realize how shaky you really are until you try to photograph something this small hmm well it's not letting me upload the camera pics because they are too large, any ideas?
  11. What kind of clowns do you have in there?
  12. Anyone have any experience with these? I'm pretty sure I have at least two of these as hitch hikers on my rock and want to know whether they're good inhabitants or if I should remove them immediately.
  13. @yungKitten I've been planning on starting one but haven't gotten around to it yet, I'll definitely try to start one this weekend if I remember
  14. Update: 99% sure the creator of the tunnels is a pistol shrimp, I was able to catch a glimpse of him by shining a flashlight into one of the tunnel entrances on the left side of the rock. Not sure what species it is however, I'm doubtful that it's one of the species that will pair with a shrimp goby however since I got the rock from Atlantic Reef Conservation which is based in Florida and from what I've read its mostly Pacific pistol species that pair with gobies, any confirmation on this would be great. An interesting thing I saw though is one if the brittle stars running away from the burrow and it seemed to be scared of either the shrimp or some other tentacle that looked like it belonged to another brittle star that seemed to follow it but I'm not sure as it was never fully exposed. Also about the anemone, after checking the hitchhiker area of ARC's website it appears the anemone may be a Bartholomea annulata or corkscrew anemone and I have also found another smaller one since, does anyone have experience with this kind of anemone?
  15. Now after looking back in the tank after typing all that the large "aiptasia" appears to have moved and I have no clue where it went. And the picture below is of the rock with the "burrows".