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  1. Also bonus picture of the porcelain crab
  2. My snails came in yesterday, the bags were cold but most everything seems to have recovered. The most eventful things that happened yesterday however is that last night I noticed my rock flower anemone was spawning! It’s a male, but since it’s by itself no chance for babies . I tried to get some video of it but it’s not too great. Also during and after the spawning there were these little worms swimming around, I’ve seen them before but never swimming freely like this. Finally added some empty barnacle clusters or whatever they’re called to the tank. I figured they’d make a good hiding spot for the blenny and maybe I’d even be able to mount the euphyllia in the holes since they’re on frag plugs. Rock Flower Spawning: Worms:
  3. Stocking suggestion

    I’ve really wanted to try a splendid dottyback out as well. There’s not a whole lot of info around on them though, well at least last time I was researching them. They can grow to a decent size so any small shrimp would almost definitely be gone, a large established shrimp might be okay though. From what I’ve read sunrise dottybacks seem to be hit or miss. I used to have a pair of wyoming whites myself, added a baby orchid dottyback with them with no issues. The female was fascinated with him and always follow the little guy around. However the dottyback brought ich in and wiped my tank, so whatever new fish you get please QT it first For the short period I had the orchid however he was an angel, I can’t say anything about a mature estbalished one though.
  4. kinetic Red Sea Reefer 170

    Damn I’m sorry you lost all your SPS, how exactly did the dinoflagellates kill them? Good to see that everything seems to be improving though.
  5. Hmmm, looks I have to do more research. I definitely want to try out AlgaeBarn as I’ve heard nothing but great things about them. Wow I’m sorry that your snails didn’t seem to last long, personally I haven’t had any luck with nassarius snails and then the nerites started to slowly drop after like 4 months but I’ve had great success with all the others, I even had some baby ceriths born in the tank grow into adults.
  6. Hmmmm... Well, I definitely have enough money saved to get a decent RO/DI unit I’d just need to think about where I’d set it up if I decide to purchase one. In other new I just put in a reef cleaners order! Getting a bunch of different snails and some pods. I looked into algae barn but the pricing reef cleaners has is hard to beat (plus I had a discount code too ).
  7. I never really looked into it actually, I’m not sure if my parents would let have another tank though to be able to do it. Another issue for me would be getting my hands on enough water since I’ve been using distilled water and don’t have an RODI system.
  8. Alright spotted a small white dot on the edge of the gobies left pectoral fin, and there’s some opaqueness in his tail too. Definitely no fish going in the display now this weekend which is a major bummer but I had a gut feeling something was going to happen. If this turns out to be ich I’m going with copper immediately. No playing around this time, I’ve seen what it can do. Plus I’ve become attached to these little guys, even if they aren’t named yet but I’m working on that
  9. The choice between live and dry rock depends what your overall goal for the tank is. Dry rock gives you complete control over what you introduce into your tank, any pests that end up in your system come down to you. Live rock is amazing because of the amount of diversity it brings into your system, however it also has the potential to bring in bad organisms as well as good. My first tank is about a year old now and I went with live rock when I set it up. The diversity was amazing, so many different types of worms and macro on it. However the die off I had caused me to start off with very high nutrients (I’m talking phosphates higher than 1.0) and over time I’ve had to deal with algae’s, cyano, and some pesky hitchhikers (although most I had were neutral or beneficial). I’d say go for dry rock if you want a smoother start and if you want more control over what goes into your tank. However, don’t overlook good quality live rock as it’s almost impossible to replicate the diversity of life it brings. Note: I ordered my rock from atlantic reef conservation and I would definitely recommend them. Rock was shipped in a box with multiple layers of garbage bags and then a moist towel to cover the rock itself. It also comes with some nice instructions and my order even came with gloves to handle the rocks with.
  10. I’m thinking the fish are about done with qt. I’ve done a single round of prazi, I still think there’s a little bit of flashing happening but I’m not worried. I’m just very eager to actually have fish in the display again, but I’m still cautious as to if there’s any residule toxins from the chemiclean.
  11. Madcat's Fluval Evo 13.5 - new shrimpy

    Don’t worry if your tank doesn’t look as nice as you like, this hobby has lots of highs and lows. Plus your tank is still maturing too, my tank is about a year old now and still looks terrible
  12. Pistol shrimp....reef safe..correct?

    Reef safeness varies with the species. I had a small caribbean hitchhiker pistol shrimp that shared his home with two brittle stars before my tank meltdown, he was a secretive little guy and stayed out of trouble. I also wouldn’t classify tigers as 100% reef safe as I’ve read about them going on murder sprees quite a few times.
  13. I'm pretty sure I was sold empty snail shells... Probably going to try to just stick to reef cleaners from now on if possible. Everything else I bought is doing well though. However, I feel like the mushroom might be losing a bit of color but it is also expanding more.
  14. Question about Basslets

    I remember reading a while back when I was doing my own research on basslets about someone keeping like 3 royal grammas and 2 black caps in a 40B with almost like a rock wall type scape to mimic their natural habitat. It could be done but thats if you want to risk the lives of $70 black caps if all doesn’t work out, the royal gramma harem is probably your safest option.
  15. Question about Basslets

    Are you talking about mixing species or like keeping a harem of Royal Grammas or something?