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  1. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    It does drop fit right into the IM25 without the brackets. Here's my unboxing video of it if you're curious of how it looks. I just got it last week so it's still breaking in but i'll do an update video on it in a few weeks. If you check out my instagram pics ( @mightynanotank ) I've posted pics of it skimming during the break in period so far. @nickyJ hey - does your skimmer make a low helicopter'ish sound? I've had that happen to me a few times. I had to turn it off and blow into the air intake and it seemed to have fix it, but will make that helicopter'ish sound every now and again.
  2. Nart's - IM 25 Lagoon

    I was able to put would shimmies right below my wood top which filled the space. Why not just cut a black yoga mat to size and lay it underneath? That should help fill the space as you fill the tank.
  3. Nart's - IM 25 Lagoon

    @thebig053 LMAO... Success!
  4. Nart's - IM 25 Lagoon

    GoPro Hero6 in the tank! What??
  5. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    I picked up Icecap's K1 nano skimmers too. I hope it works well.
  6. How much dkh drop warrants dosing?

    Everyone runs their tanks differently with great success. I personally believe in keeping Alk as humanly stable as you can with either hand dosing or utilizing dosers. So, say in Scenario 1-3, the Alk is 7.7 any fluctuation day to day is unacceptable for me, therefore I would dose in all 3 scenarios.
  7. Back at it 10 Gal AIO setup advice

    Awesome job! How are you cleaning your acrylic tank? Looks spotless
  8. ATO nano suggestions

    Smart Micro ATO. Hands down the best for nano tanks.
  9. Yeah... I only made it to adding up tank, heater, and lights.... then decided to stop lol. I think I could've leased a Porsche 911 turbo by now.
  10. Nart's - IM 25 Lagoon

    @805NanoReef I was using the Custom AB+ setting that BRStv did a video on. Off the top of my head... it was something like UV, V, = 85% .... RB = 79% , B = 80%.... G/R = 4%.... W = 16% 1 hour ramp up and 1 hour ramp down, 8 hour day. Keep in mind though, I started off very conservatively and slowly worked my way up increasing just by 2% each week. So if you have low light corals you might want to half the UV,V,RB,B channels to begin with and work your way up.
  11. Nart's - IM 25 Lagoon

    You are going to be in loveeeeee with your tank. I was using a single AI Prime HD, then added a second one. Decided to go overkill so I have Radion XR30W Pro Gen4 over it now.
  12. Jebao SW-2

    Exactly what I did over the weekend. Tossed out my SW-2 and upgraded to a MP10QD. Loving it. World of a difference in variation of flow.
  13. That is one bright evo kit lol. Probably one of the fanciest looking Evo's
  14. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    It did annoy me at first, but now I just leave it. I utilize the right chamber 1 & 2 with bio-media, so I just let it get dirty and do it's thing. I've never had any issues with excess nutrients or algae. Tank has been up for about a year now.
  15. Zoa ID

    Have you tried asking the original seller?