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  1. Should I worry about my Ca level?

    Wait what? I've used CA test kits from both Salifert and API. It's far from a few PPM from each other. API's CA test kits are in increments of 20's, so 380, 400, 420 PPM etc... Whereas, Salifert's CA test kits are in increments of 10's, so 380, 390, 400, 410 PPM etc... Then if you factor in the margin of +/- in accuracy. So with API's CA test, you have a ball park of where you are at, either lower or higher end. Whereas, Salifert's it's more precise, like am I in the lower, mid, or higher end? I guess it depends on what your application is with the test kits in relations to your tank. But I personally would not recommend API's test kits to beginners.
  2. I'll keep 'Global Warming' discussion out of this. But I do agree whole heartedly on the ban. I rather support aqua-cultured/captive bred than wild-caught.
  3. Hybrid T5 and LED lighting would be the perfect lighting. Paired with the ability to dim the lights. Wifi and Bluetooth enabled. Lastly, a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth PAR meter that works with the lighting. You can set various values of max and minimum with the PAR reader that will control the intensity of the light. Please. No storm or lightning effect. Ever.
  4. Should I worry about my Ca level?

    $13 Salifert test kits on BRS and Marine Depot. You can buy it and test it till your heart's content
  5. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    @Corey01 is your MJ1200 by Marineland or Cobalt? that might make a difference. I run the Colbalt MJ1200 in mine and it is quiettttt the light fan is louder than my pump. With that said though, I'm going with the 2 smaller pumps for the return just to create a redundancy and jic.
  6. Should I worry about my Ca level?

    It's very hard to tell with API's test kit. I use Salifert and would recommend it.
  7. Anemone help please

    Hmmmm... I really have no other clue. How long has this tank been up? I think we ask because your rocks look so clean. What's the temperature of the tank? and during water changes, I am assuming you match the water change? From the looks of it though. It looks like it's trying to hide from your lights. I'm unsure, but did you change your lights recently? Anyway to dial down the intensity to get it to come back out? Like what Dreichler said, how are your other corals doing? Give us a front tank shot to see if we can help spot if anything looks wrong in the tank. It just might be the BTA isn't acclimating well in your tank.
  8. Anemone help please

    Of course. What are you using to measure your salinity? Looking at your tests. Is your tank completely cycled? It's hard to tell from the picture, but does your Ammonia test match the 0 PPM color chart? You said it was fine at first? So you've had the BTA for 1 month? and this just started happening a week ago? Have you changed anything? Typically if it's hiding like that, it's trying to get away from the direct lighting. I found that the RBTAs that I have don't like lots of light as listed on lots of website. To put it into perspective, my RBTAs don't hang out where my SPS hangs out at 225+ PAR. They seem to enjoy just a little bit above my LPS corals, around 110-120 PAR. Have you been feeding the BTA? If you are, what have you been feeding it? and how often? How is the BTA looking today?
  9. NanoBox IM10 Office Tank

    I found that my emerald crab cleaned up the bryopsis for me. I had a lot of it on a frag that was given to me. I stuck it in my frag tank and saw my emerald crab go to town on the bryposis. Next morning the bryopsis was all gone off the frag and haven't seen it back on the frag since.
  10. Ruby red dragonet starvation

    I personally think they can be saved. Only if you ensure that it is eating high fat and high protein food. One thing I learned from Paul B (an expert reefer) is that you can feed them white worms to help plump them up. During my time of keeping a spotted Mandarin in a nano... I was culturing pods and feeding the tank, hatching baby brine shrimp twice a day and loading a feeding device, and feeding it white worms. I was able to plump up the spotted Mandarin, but in the end, it was too much work for me, so I ended up giving it away. Old setup of my tank. Off to the left was my baby brine shrimp feeder device. I would shoot down the baby brine in the tube. And the little pod hotel I had behind the rock. You can also try this method with a glass jar. Looks like Melev wraps an acrylic piece to it.
  11. Nart's - IM 25 Lagoon

    @ronix I used the two-part epoxy by Two Little Fishies along with some super glue gel to help bond. Here's my fish corner. Currently in the process of setting up the IM10 too.
  12. NanoBox IM10 Office Tank

    Too darn neat! I love the simplicity of it. I am in the process of setting up a IM10 as well.
  13. Anemone help please

    Can you provide some more information? I am assuming it's a Bubble Tip Anemone? What are your water parameters? Salinity level? what are you using to measure your salinity? What lights are you using? What kind of pumps/power-heads are you using? What size tank do you have? and how much water do you change each week?
  14. ADA 60f sps tank

    Return pumps: Either Eheim or Sicce pumps are great. Quality, reliable, and quiet. Fuge lighting: I use the hydroponic lights bought off Amazon. Works great for me growing chaeto in the back of my IM25. It's around $20.
  15. Kent Marine dKh buffer?

    Eric - remember the issue I had with my salinity and magnesium? Try getting a reefer close to you to double/triple check your salinity. I found that even though refractometers are accurate, they can be very inaccurate as well depending on the calibration method, tempature, etc... I'm free this weekend too if you want to drop by my place and bring your water. Also, drop by to pick up the Sunny D frag Any who, if you do discover that Fritz is truly having issues, contact them directly, they'll make it right for you. My fresh batch of Fritz mix at 1.025 gives me an Alk of 8.0 ish.