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  1. Muffin's 2.5 Pico

    all those diatoms eating the delicious silica! it's progressing well!
  2. Injecting oxygen into a reef?

    good point on the Photosynthetic C02 dependence! corals may get their o2 from their symbiotic algae as well as outside sources. My understanding is that Ozone is charged and tends to be unstable, enough so that it won't last very long, as well as the O2 being split through electrolysis without any of the nitric acid that is formed through ozone generators. Is the idea behind ozone generators to destroy organic compounds in order to improve water clarity? I know that ozone will react to form some potentially nasty compounds. In all honesty It isn't exactly to eliminate flow, more as a supplement. corals would probably have bleaching issues if exposed to pure oxygen over too long a time period. Don't the corals expel the algae because it begins to emit toxic gasses? I can't remember...
  3. Upside Down Pico Reef - A very Pico Christmas!

    Huh, I wondered what would happen if I put my light on the other side of the tank... Really interesting, Keep it going!
  4. Hello Everyone, I've been working on a little project and wanted to know your opinions and thoughts. In our tanks, water movement is essential for a healthy system. The air being mixed into our waters by surface movement and protein skimmers and the like is used by our coral, fish and inverts, but what would happen if instead of water movement, we used pure oxygen? Or some kind of SCUBA breathing gas like trimex? I know its much more practical and probably more natural to use flow, but just for the sake of curiosity I'd love to see. If one used a water splitter to get hydrogen and oxygen gas and injected the 02 into the water, I wonder if the oxygen would allow the polyps to grow larger, much like insects in a more oxygen rich atmosphere. The limiting factor concerning insect size is the ability to move gasses throughout their systems, and that's why they're much smaller today, does that apply to all invertebrates that rely on ambient gasses to breathe?
  5. I'm at the point where I don't really feel like using the sand anymore, just going to finish taking it out,dry it out for now. I've got some better sand now of a larger grain so the current can't blow it away for the new tank.
  6. It got so bad for me that I'm now switching tanks and removing all of my sand. It would cover all my rocks and sand with this thick sludge, I'd remove it and it would be back the next day, for a year and a half I battled it. I later found that a magnet had been rusting and releasing iron, silica and nasty heavy metals, causing an almost constant dino bloom. It almost drove me out of the hobby, but It'll be wonderful to get a fresh start. I'm sure there was something else causing it as well, still kind of a newbie after 3 years. (I sucked out most of the sand and did some major deep cleaning of everything after the magnet disintegrated inside when I found it, so far, things are happy)
  7. make little algae trolls. You can clean and scrub as much as you like, but In the end we rely upon some pretty dirty organisms to make the whole thing work (not to say I don't love a clean reef)
  8. You Should Be Jelly

    Travis Brandwood has a excellent blog on keeping jellyfish, He went through a lot of troubles and managed to fix most of em. I found it helpful. water changes should be enough to perk these guys up though
  9. What type of Torch is this?

    I hope this morph becomes more common
  10. What type of Torch is this?

    I know It's prettier than mine! looks like a rainbow to me, but I've never seen one with that sort of color scheme.
  11. Magnet decompsition danger?

    lucky I only have 1 running *I've since found that somebody else had this issue on Nano reef, and that the magnets very likely contain Zinc and other heavy metals. *Hydor Korralia's customer service says that they've not seen this issue before on the new pumps, only ones that were discontinued more than 8 years ago. I bought this one recently however, and other people have been having issues as well.
  12. Magnet decompsition danger?

    I think it was just a single failure, the seal holding the magnet to the suction cup was broken, it was also next to the heater so expansion and contraction over time may have been a contributor. I ran a big neodymium magnet through the sand, got some little pieces and some iron dust. I'm moving to a 20 gallon soon anyway so it doesn't really matter, I hope the rocks haven't absorbed anything.
  13. Magnet decompsition danger?

    Hydor korralia. I'm putting some carbon in, the xenia won't like it but It's safest. I did a 70% water change
  14. Magnet decompsition danger?

    Update: All my corals actually went back to normal after I removed a lot of my sand, I think I'll take this as an opportunity to try bare bottom. The magnet is all rusty so I'm wondering if I was accidentally iron dosing.
  15. You Should Be Jelly

    That's awesome! BTW, If you see any little polyp like things, try to save them and see what they do . You might have gotten lucky with a male and female. * they could also be hydroids, which is less than ideal.