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  1. the Darwin sect has an interesting tank for jellyfish that seems kind of similar.
  2. Gahhh!! its too cool! I wonder what scuba diving inside a giant one would feel like... the pressure might be different? ugh, now I have to do math... So I think the pressure would be the same if the container did not have an opening at the bottom as the top is closed, but if the seal is ever broken, watch out for spills!
  3. The first thought that came to mind was salsa sombrero tank .
  4. well,there's a bright side, even if the whole piece goes, You'll probably wind up with a whole bunch of little ones popping up. Hope it gets better!
  5. Algae reactor mush problem

    you might have just run out of nitrates for the algae. if it does spore, then it usually happens at night.
  6. Anyone heard of the Somatic UF-1 ?

    I'm thinking about using it as a chaeto reactor, been wanting to try algal filtration.
  7. Algae reactor mush problem

    There is "sexual reproduction" of macroalgae, where it dissolves into a sort of spore. In reality it's not that bad, or I never experienced any adverse affects from calupera "going sexual". It could be a lack of nutrients, a lack of iron or iodine. light scheduling can affect macroalgae behavior too. if the grape calupera is fine, but not growing as fast, it could be a lack of nutrients. Did it go white first?
  8. Hello! I was at Reefapalooza and they were handing out these Somatic UF-1 Universal Media filters , and I can't find any info about them. It seems like a division of Vertex. Does anyone use or have one?
  9. Reef-A-Palooza California 2017


    This will be my first reefing event! looking forward to it for sure, should be going Saturday or Sunday.
  10. Anyone here with a xenia garden?

    mine sends out little stalks everywhere. the current blows them around so there's no way to control it. I've got 17- 23 little colonies scattered around my 10 gallon. If you poke at em or trim them they grow really aggressively, but only if they are well established. mine also moves around and leaves little foot pads on each "step" that grow out.
  11. Bioluminescent Brittlestars?

    That's some crazy coloring, and surprisingly mobile on land
  12. Hey reefers! I've been wondering if anyone has ever seen any of their brittle stars flash green or blue when disturbed. There are a few species in the Caribbean and I know of one found near southern California (Ophiopsila californica) that really glows intensely in response to any sort of contact or threat. According to Wikipedia there are over 60 species that do this. If anyone has an odd species and/or have seen them glow, please post about it!
  13. Identify this frag

    looks like silver xenia to me, cool coral but they have been known to take over, mine sends out little arms that colonize the rest of the tank. its a great beginner coral, just be careful.