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  1. Identify this frag

    looks like silver xenia to me, cool coral but they have been known to take over, mine sends out little arms that colonize the rest of the tank. its a great beginner coral, just be careful.
  2. Guess who's getting Weedy Sea Dragons again!

    I just found a great page on weedy sea dragon breeding at the aquarium of the pacific: http://fusedjaw.com/advancedcare/reproductive-husbandry-of-the-weedy-sea-dragon-phyllopteryx-taeniolatus-at-the-aquarium-of-the-pacific-in-long-beach-California/
  3. Guess who's getting Weedy Sea Dragons again!

    that's awesome, such neat animals. I'm curious if feeding the sea dragons larval (zebra) fish might be the key to breeding them, like comb jellyfish, nobody could breed more than one or two a batch and now Monterey Bay Aquarium can make them in the thousands. Horses might need a really big boost in energy to spawn.
  4. yeah,If they were sold at my lfs I'd buy them quick, such cool little hermits
  5. jellyfish on the way

    1. WV Reefer

      WV Reefer

      So, what's up with the jellyfish? 🙂

    2. Lypto


      turns out they aren't really in season for collecting. I was going to mess around with trying to grow them in petri dish or culture flask. Life is also in the way at the moment. I have to finish up with some robotics projects first as I'm working with a team

  6. He runs tidal gardens
  7. I don't think it's a gall crab, they encourages the coral to grow a skeleton around them after eating a polyp and living in the socket, it eventually grows so much around them that they can't leave. the favites hermit crabs that Than was talking about do something similar, as well as the Christmas tree worms that do that. This one just seems to be living inside the mouth, which hasn't retracted interestingly.It might be another species of favites hermit crab that live in the mouths?
  8. that is awesome, hope it doesn't hurt anything
  9. that's pretty weird, I don't think its a snail anymore lol. good call
  10. looks like a vermetid snail shell that some kind of small worm took over, I have the same things, they really don't pose much of an issue unless they spread like crazy, which they really don't tend to do, for me at least. the two antennae things sticking out might be a worms feelers.
  11. Nickname for this Palythoa

    ohh yay! drakon eyes! red eclipses! I think Weareallgonnadie orangutan and Orangesauce Creamsicles of Doom is better though lol
  12. Nickname for this Palythoa

    volcano sunbursts. is that a thing? pumpkin panic attacks?
  13. crazy aquaculture styles?

    Oh yeah, I remember that build! I really loved the DIY skimmer, and the swaying coral gardens are awesome.
  14. Show off you favorite/prized fish!

    that's awesome metrokat. LbulletM,does your other clown pick at his fins? I've been looking at a long fin for a while and they seem really cool
  15. Do You Jelly?

    I like this tank and am curious as to how effective this would be long term. good luck on the funding and I totally back the use of a jelly lab rather than the wild cought that is sometimes done, though moon jellyfish reproduce like mad. I hope that people will be able to keep the nutrients down as it looks like it has more room for filtration than most other jelly tanks.