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  1. It usually occurs around this time not necessarily on the day so I would just let it be. (I say that as mine just hit it right on the day) If you happen to catch it happening you can turn off the filtration and just leave the flow pumps on for a bit. Or better yet use a turkey baster and target the females if you know which is which.
  2. That’s interesting. Any idea how old that male is? Or how long have you had it?
  3. Hope so! I’ve got my eye on my tank hoping mine get their act in gear!
  4. SeaFurn

    Jake's 3G Desk Pico

    I assume you're using Red Sea blue bucket salt? I'm guessing the recent LFS store test was incorrect so I'd be careful with your dosing until your own test kits get there. It was definitely wise to get your own test kits. Just be careful not to raise the dKH too quickly. I think the suggestion is around no more than 1.4 dKH change per day.
  5. SeaFurn

    NanoBox Mini Basic : On/Off Nano/Pico Light

    Here's a pic the on/off quad Dave made for me. I really like the way it looks.
  6. Trying to figure out what these delicate filter feeders are. They break if you just touch the tube. They are growing all over the back of this rock. Any ideas? (Baby RFA on the top right of the pic btw. Just noticed that!)
  7. SeaFurn

    Overflow for AquaMaxx 2.6 Gallon

    I don’t think you could go wrong with that one. And it would look super clean - as I know that’s how your builds are! Keep us posted!
  8. SeaFurn

    Overflow for AquaMaxx 2.6 Gallon

    Yeah, you’d need to run it like a durso and it would be pretty quiet otherwise it would gurgle. The eshopps overflow box would probably be a little quieter as one of the drains would be full siphon-but it’s just so big for the tank.
  9. SeaFurn

    Overflow for AquaMaxx 2.6 Gallon

    I almost think you could use a standard bulkhead covered by this siliconed to the tank. It would be a pretty cheap solution. https://intankaquatics.com/intank-universal-surface-skimmer/
  10. SeaFurn

    Overflow for AquaMaxx 2.6 Gallon

    How about a Glass Holes nano overflow kit? (glass-holes.com)
  11. That’s pretty typical after a big feeding. It will go back to normal. I like ones with all white tentacles like that!
  12. I feed them a variety of things depending on their size - powdered coral food, decapsulated brine shrimp eggs, mysis shrimp particles. I’ve found that shaving frozen mysis shrimp cubes and mixing it rigorously with tank water makes tiny tiny particles and has worked great. The baby nems can grab the tiny particles and then when the pumps come on it blows what they don’t take around the tank for the others. It does’t take much to feed the babies (2ml in my case) so I’m not loading the tank with too many nutrients. No, I don’t do anything to get them to spawn. They will do it several times per year at various intervals. I’ve been trying to figure out when it’s going to happen and what triggers it. I take a lot of notes. Haha! Yeah I’ve spoken to Bulkrate. He’s given me a lot of tips to help get the “Flower Farm” set-up for baby rearing!
  13. Very cool! I recently found 14 new babies. I wasn’t expecting any for another couple of weeks so I’m keeping my eye open for more. Last year I probably had around 80 babies, not all at once, and was able to keep 30 of them alive. That took a lot daily effort keeping track of them and feeding them. This was in a 14 gallon. I’ve now got a 45g shallow set-up for the sole purpose of breeding them.
  14. SeaFurn

    Drilled Pico Jar - Par16 LED Mod

    @seabass drilled the jar he used in the pico contest earlier this year. He even posted a video on how to do it. Just do a search. You wouldn’t need a bulkhead if you drill it near the rim (above the water line obviously) and are just running the airline tubing through the hole. As as far as those jars go I like the last one although I didn’t check the dimensions. The others are a little narrow for my liking and may make scaping it difficult.