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  1. Definitely enough light and I don’t think you’re going to miss the lack of 420nm diodes.
  2. I blasted mine with boiling hot RODI water and lemon juice using a syringe/needle. I only had 2 and they never returned so I guess that worked for me.
  3. Congratulations one 1 year! I think the tank looks great despite the issues. We all deal with them and it’s just part of the hobby. Love the sun corals! Maybe I’ll be brave enough to get one of those I the future.
  4. Glad that you’ve turned the corner. So what do you do about the stylo that lost those lower branches? Leave them be? That loakni is awesome - looks like velvet! How much time do you spend day to day keeping tabs on your tank? I’m sure it’s obviously more when know something is off or you go to war on Xenia!
  5. This the best thing ever!! I love mine! Just pop it in the aquarium itself....give it a little shake to make sure there are no bubbles on the contacts and then give it a few seconds. I usually rinse mine off in rodi after I've used it. I know you'll love it too.
  6. Just wanted to say thanks for making this videa! I think it's going to be so helpful for me. It was also awesome to see your fish room. I've often wondered what it looked like. I want one - just don't have the room in my townhouse! I think the last cuts you do in the video are what I'm going to need to do to my top. How hard are you pushing down when you score the glass? It doesn't appear that you're putting much pressure on it.
  7. You definitely are in the early lead for the Worst Infestation bonus award! 😂
  8. You know...the more I looked at that I was thinking I acutally had one of those...that top tray caught the skimmate....it was removable to clean it. It used a wood airstone in the middle of the filter. Total old school....
  9. Wow! I thought my HOB was a beast. That one is big. Yeah, I concur with Salty - that one's not going to be allowed....but you could use and participate in the non-conforming tanks category...
  10. Cool! I haven’t read that anyone is doing that yet so bonus!
  11. I hope we do! I’m trying to be patient. I may tinker around with it a bit this weekend. Need to consult with @Got Corals on the NOTORIOUS plan! At least yours is wet and has a cool scape that’s the talk of the town already!
  12. Cool! Is it a janky tank? Glad you are joining the fun!
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