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  1. I got the same tank as a Christmas present! It's really cool. Looking forward to seeing yours get going and progress. I haven't decided exactly what I want to do with mine yet but hope to have it running sometime this year!
  2. The only way to know for sure is to see the males releasing the sperm or see the females having the babies. But...I also think the females will put their tentacles in their mouths after they catch sperm - just my observation. I've got one or two that I'm pretty sure are females not because I've seen them have babies but because they have a bunch a babies under their skirts - I'm talking 7-10 so it's not likely they came from another nem.
  3. I have a mix of smooth tentacled and ridged tentacled RFAs. Mine coexist peacefully. Some people think the difference in tentacles might determine the sex of the RFA but it doesn’t. I hope you figure out what’s causing your losses or at the very least somehow keep the others away from the troublemaker! Keep us posted.
  4. I really have learned a lot from all the great people on this site when I stop and think about it. I like all the pics of tanks/reefs on Instagram but there's no substitute for coming here and reading about people's experiences and what they have done to be successful or guidance from others about their issues.
  5. @seabass @BulkRate @Got Corals - any ideas on this? My thought is there's some kind of pest in the tank because I have never seen the same type RFA stinging each other. Reefish's experience is so similar to my fireworm situation. After I got rid of that damn thing, it stopped.
  6. I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was young. Still kicking myself for not pursuing it. Oh well. Tank looks good and simple! I think that’s a 30w light. Do you think it’s got enough PAR if your emphasis is on SPS in your soon to be mixed reef? I’ll be following along to see how it works!
  7. I’m curious about this sting. Try putting your finger on the one that stings and see if it’s stronger than touching a normal one - (which just feels like it’s sticky to me)
  8. I was just so frustrated when I started losing mine and it seemed so random. One day they’d be fine and look healthy and then a day or so later they’d detach and the mouth would gape open. Yeah those look look like typical bristle worms. I’m just thinking there may be some something else going on and especially thinking that if the ones on your rack away from the others and off the rocks have all been fine. It could be a pest of some sort. May need to set some traps....
  9. My nems eat bristle worms if they get too close! And I know the bristle worms don’t bother the babies either. I’m just thinking there’s something else happening to Reeffish’s nems.
  10. Thought I’d share this with my N-R friends too - posted this on IG today. There are 10 pics on the post. The last one shows all the babies I have in the nem box.
  11. I’m so sorry you’re having so much trouble. I remember when I lost 8 over the course of a few weeks and I was devastated. As it turns out, I had a fire worm in my tank and it was wreaking havoc. Could there possibly be be something else going on in your tank like that? Mine succumbed quickly like yours in the same fashion. It just doesn’t make sense. Like you, every picture I’ve ever seen has them huddled together. All of mine are that way. I know several of yours are larger than mine and that those are the stinging ones so I suppose it’s a possibility but I just think you should investigate other possibilities.
  12. It will probably just spit it out if it can’t take the whole piece in. Either way I think the RFA will be fine.
  13. Doubt it. Did it get all retracted up from getting stung by the frogspawn/hammer when it landed on it? If not, and it’s open and it simply ate the coral it will be fine.
  14. And welcome back! I had a jar in the past. They are really cool! Check out the pico jar contest page/s and you’ll see lots of cool ideas. Your son is going to love it!