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  1. @seabass has. He posted this on my thread. Pretty amazing. I keep watching mine hoping to see it but haven't been so lucky.
  2. So something has been munching on one of my nems. I'm pissed...and having flashbacks to fireworms. I did see two tiny brisleworms come out from under the rock this nem is wedged on when I was target feeding a nearby baby today. I don't trust those things. I tried to pull up the rock to get at the worms but there are two other nems attached to it too and it wouldn't budge. I didn't want to pull so hard as to risk pulling the nems right off the glass and tear their foot. The ailing nem is using its tentacles as a bandage covering the raw white flesh. I actually surprised it's still opened up. It didn't eat yesterday when I offered it food.
  3. SeaFurn's Reef Bowl - Skeletal Erosion Band??

    Dipped the frags. They look fine. The question now is how do I get rid off this completely? There's not much information on that out on the web. If that's not possible then that doesn't leave much hope for being able to add acros back into the bowl.
  4. oogietank! ADA Cube Garden 45P

    Oogie - how's the tank doing?
  5. SeaFurn's Reef Bowl - Skeletal Erosion Band??

    You mean little nubs like this! Did that! I started to toss them but just couldn't bring myself to do it... I don't have any potassium based dip. I have iodine. Should I use that on the little nubs that don't seem affected?
  6. SeaFurn's Reef Bowl - Skeletal Erosion Band??

    Thanks to @Justind823 for this link (also posted above). https://reefbuilders.com/2012/07/24/halofolliculina-corallasia/ I had 3 pieces that looked pretty bad so I popped them out of the bowl tonight just to be safe. I debated dipping but don't think any type of dip would save them at this point. I then took a mix of peroxide and water and scrubbed the rock where they had encrusted. I have no idea if that will help anything but just seemed like the areas needed to be "sanitized". There's one more piece I'll keep my eye on as it looks like maybe the base of it has started to show signs of black spots. The other remaining piece doesn't seem infected at this point. Will have to do some research on this. I have no idea where it came from as I haven't added anything new since spring last year and it's only been recent that this showed up. I don't know how to get rid of it and I'm wondering if I'll be able to keep acros in the bowl or if I'm going to need to do a complete restart everything if I want to keep them again. So frustrated tonight.
  7. SeaFurn's Reef Bowl - Skeletal Erosion Band??

    After I toss the two pieces that seem really infected I have no idea how I'm going to keep it off the others. They've all encrusted so I'd have to break them off and dip them. Can you dip acros in Bayer?
  8. SeaFurn's Reef Bowl - Skeletal Erosion Band??

    Nope...I even tried scraping with tweezers. I was leaning towards chucking it. Ugh.... I think you're right. That's exactly what it looks like. Thanks for sending that.
  9. SeaFurn's Reef Bowl - Skeletal Erosion Band??

    A better pic with my daughter's phone. Clearly not algae. Any ideas what it is and what I should do.
  10. SeaFurn's Reef Bowl - Skeletal Erosion Band??

    No, I was crushing snails with the rock out of the water and then rinsing each spot I where i crushed them. So under regular lighting it looks like it might just be dark colored algae where the base has suddenly whitened. It's weird that that that acro's base had suddenly whitened on areas where it seemed to be getting enough light. Wish I had a better light...
  11. Time for some baby RFA photos! 5 babies here. There are around 10-11 on this rock alone. The clownfish is always checking on them. 5 more here. 1 in the sand, 2 on the rock on the left and another on the rock across from them. 2 here. It's amazing how they can be camouflaged in the sand. The white one here is only a few days old but one of the bigger ones. The red one has been in the tank for several weeks. 1 in the sand and 3 on the rock (there's a tiny one on the left near the point of that rock - kind of hard to see with these low quality photos.) 2 more in the sand. You can also see see that same tiny one on the point of that rock in the previous photo a little better in this shot. This one is going to be beautiful. The ugly duckling. 2 being watched over by the porcelain crab. Gives you a good idea of just how small some are. These are also new one in the last couple of days. This shows why it's so easy to siphon them up if you're not careful and don't remember where they are all attached. And a FTS with the blues on. The clowns love the GSP.
  12. New current Marine orbit 36-48"

    Does it come with the ramp timer?
  13. Dueling 80s

    Hope y'all are feeling better.
  14. Banshee is back - Red Sea Reefer 250

    Wow! Great looking flowers! VIP did you right. I'm glad to hear you don't feel concerned about them at this point. I like the placement of each too. Big day for you with all the new additions! The cat didn't sound happy though!
  15. SeaFurn's Reef Bowl - Skeletal Erosion Band??

    Yeah...the underside is completely white...and there's little black specs (at least they look black under the blue light) on it too. Looks worse today. It looks like it might be spreading to the frag right next to it. What do you think it is?