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  1. SeaFurn

    Iremía - cocodriz’s first pico jar

    Looks good. Since you purchased live rock you might not even have a cycle since it should already have all the bacteria established. If the rock was out of the water for any length of time there may be a little bit of die off and that may cause a little bit of ammonia but the bacteria should deal with that quickly. Definitely don’t dose any ammonia.
  2. SeaFurn

    Desktop Micro Reef

    Don’t they have an optional heater you can purchase with it? I thought I saw that.
  3. SeaFurn

    Desktop Micro Reef

    Very cool! The company that makes those tanks are blowing up IG these days. Good luck! I’ll be following along! https://www.instagram.com/minicompletetank
  4. You’d be fine with 3 times a week with those. I feed my brand newest ones daily but only the super small ones. I’ll go to every other day in a week or two. Again, I only give them a tiny tiny amount until I see them close up. I actually think the amount of light they get each day is most important though.
  5. @tofer I literally scrape some frozen mysis from a cube and mix with a dropper of water in a medicine cup. Then I suck it all up into a pipette and squeeze it forcibly back into the cup over and over until it’s just a cloudy water mixture. I’m basically just pulverizing it a little more by doing this. You don’t need much food/water at all. Or you can do the same with some coral powdered food. Then just gently spot feed them. You’ll see them close up to eat it.
  6. Congrats on the babies! They really aren’t in that bad of locations. Spot feeding them will help the most. Once they are a bit bigger you can move them from where they are.
  7. SeaFurn


    I bet that RFA made quick work of that bristle worm! Mine sure do!
  8. My nems were at it again last night! And yes, I busted out the turkey baster and spread the love!
  9. @Opotter I’m right there with @seabass. I think it’s a really cool nem and the tank is just fine for it.
  10. SeaFurn

    Stiffen up nanobox gooseneck?

    I’ve used a stiff coat hanger and twisted it around a goose neck where it was weak to strengthen it. That may work for you.
  11. This is cool! Thanks for sharing.
  12. SeaFurn

    Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    Glad you’re a sucker because I’m sure this one will eventually be as beautiful as all your others I’ve seen!
  13. SeaFurn


    I’d suspect with the Prime and water change you’ll be fine. I wouldn’t think there is any issue with your existing biological filter but it is weird considering what you’ve experienced in the past without these results. I admit, I do dose several drops of MB7 after each weekly water change. Probably unnecessary but I did see some benefit doing that with my previous 14g tank so have kept it up with this bigger one.
  14. SeaFurn

    New Community Sponsor Reefsmart!

    What do you use for water movement/flow in the Picopro? An air pump? I see some bubbles in video but not much water movement in general.
  15. SeaFurn


    ?️ Yeah...I’m obsessed. ?️