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  1. Probably will but they have been together for awhile and no issues yet. They actually swim together and seem to even school together. It is very weird. They are in a 29 gallon biocube and are the only fish on it. Think I will keep an eye on them and see how it goes.
  2. So I was always told that Clownfish would not host a Condy but see my picture below. I got this Red Sea Misbar clown and he loves it! I was going to get him a BTA but it looks like he likes this one. Anyone see this before? I know clowns will host weird things but I thought the Condy sting would be too bad for him.
  3. I have a 29 gallon biocube and not much in the way of corals in it right now so I guess I will leave then. Thanks!
  4. So leave it in the tank or take them out? I have a bunch of little ones and this monster?
  5. Moved some live rock in my tank and this crawled out. Could not believe how big he was. Guessing it is a bristle worm.
  6. Well, the top that came with mine (used) was hacked up so I bought the light to replace it. I was going to ditch the lid anyway as I heard (here in TX) that it could cause temp issues. I got the light second hand but for a good price. I had the condy with the old lid and lights and he did fine. One thing with the condy though. they are pretty but pack a good sting.
  7. I have a biocube 29 that I run topless with a Coralife t5 high output light. I have a pair of Wyoming white clowns and a Red Sea mis bar. For an anemone, I have a condy and it does great on top of my rock work. Here is a bad pic from the side. Will try to take a few shots of it later when I get home. It has been a breeze to run and pretty hands off.
  8. Where did you get them? And do you mind if I ask how much they were?
  9. Lol, nope I didn't but I really like the quirky nature of anemone. They are an interesting creature!
  10. This is what I am hoping for!
  11. Everything is stable. Since it started looking like this, I am testing every day. Nothing is changing. Gave him some chopped up krill yesterday and he is looking a little better. I feed him 2-3 times a week so not sure. Maybe he is just being finicky. We will see
  12. Here are two pictures of what he looked like about a month ago
  13. Feed him mysis shrimp and pieces of silversides as well. Phytoplankton was the last thing (food) I put in the tank though.
  14. Salinity is 1.026 with a refractometer. Tank is about 8 months old and was started with live rock and water from another established tank. He was perfect yesterday when I fed some phytoplankton. Not sure what is up with him. Will keep an eye on him.
  15. Hey all, I have had this anemone for a little while and all was well until this morning. I got up and it looked like this. Any ideas? No new additions to the tank. It has digested before and I know what that looks like. Just not sure about this look. Tank parameters salinity 1.026, zero nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia. Calcium 360, KH 161.1 and zero phosphates.