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  1. Bleached or not?

    Did you get it from Petco? Reason I ask, is that I bought a Haitian anemone from a local petco and it looked like that. I took some extra time acclimating it and now it looks great. I have seen other LTAs at the same Petco and they look very similar. Wondering if the lights they use may cause it?
  2. t5 question

    I have a biocube 29 that I run top off because the lid was all hacked up. I have tried several T5 lights but recently bought a Current Orbit LED and absolutely love it! Here are some pictures. Got it on Amazon. It has built in timers that you can adjust as well.
  3. Biocube 29 gallon

    I have the same tank but I run Chemipure Blue in the second chamber of the media basket instead of Carbon. I run filter floss in the top chamber of the media basket. Hair algae can get bad if lights are on too long or an old bulb. I had it bad in a FOWLR only tank so I just left the lights off for 5 days. Boom, it is gone. Not really an option though for a tank with corals. What lights are you using for the tank?
  4. Aqua Clear Fluval 30

    Yeah, I like the seachem filters better but this filter came with it. Thinking about drilling it (in the future) and running a sump. Water parameters are great for a 3 month old tank but the RHA bugs me. May have to bump up the water changes and get some more red legged and blue legged hermits. Just have to find big ones because my green leopard puffer likes to snack on the little ones.
  5. Aqua Clear Fluval 30

    Anyone run one of these? I have a fowlr 30 gallon tank with caribesea live sand and 20 lbs of live rock. Fish are three small false perc clowns and a small green leopard puffer. I am running chemipure blue and a filter sponge. Do I need to run anything else? I am noticing some red hair algae. Parameters in tank are good. 30% water change every other week. Tank is 3 months old.
  6. Long tentacle anemone

    Yeah, I saw that on live aquaria. Was wondering if anyone had them in their tanks and how they did. Here is a picture of him this morning. He looks GREAT!
  7. Long tentacle anemone

    So I rescued a long tentacle anemone today from someone who was shutting down their tank. He looks really good and I have a great sand bed place in my tank for him. I drip acclimated him and I dug a spot out down to the glass and placed him in it. Do I need to do anything else? Should I leave the lights on or shut them off to allow it to adjust? He just is leaning and was wondering if I should just leave him and see where he settles in? Thanks!
  8. Brand New Biocube 29

    I have an Oceanic Biocube 29 that I run top off. I have a heater in chamber 1. I don't run the carbon filters in Chamber 1. They just collected debris and had to be changed too often. I have an inTank media basket (Filter floss in top chamber and Chemipure blue in middle chamber and nothing in bottom chamber in chamber 2. I also have an inTank Media Basket in chamber 2 with Chaeto. In chamber three, I am running an upgraded return pump which houses a Camel shrimp. It got back there and is a pain to get out so I just feed him back there. I have about 25 lbs of live rock and 20 lbs of live sand. Only 4 fish (two Wyoming white clowns, a Red Sea Misbnar clown, and a Mandarin. I run my water to bottom of first chamber of the media basket. Only thing to worry about with water is if it is too full and the power goes out.
  9. Condy anenome and a Red Sea Misbar clown

    Probably will but they have been together for awhile and no issues yet. They actually swim together and seem to even school together. It is very weird. They are in a 29 gallon biocube and are the only fish on it. Think I will keep an eye on them and see how it goes.
  10. So I was always told that Clownfish would not host a Condy but see my picture below. I got this Red Sea Misbar clown and he loves it! I was going to get him a BTA but it looks like he likes this one. Anyone see this before? I know clowns will host weird things but I thought the Condy sting would be too bad for him.
  11. Look at the size of this worm!

    I have a 29 gallon biocube and not much in the way of corals in it right now so I guess I will leave then. Thanks!
  12. Look at the size of this worm!

    So leave it in the tank or take them out? I have a bunch of little ones and this monster?
  13. Moved some live rock in my tank and this crawled out. Could not believe how big he was. Guessing it is a bristle worm.
  14. Biocube 32 (LED) vs JBJ 28?

    Well, the top that came with mine (used) was hacked up so I bought the light to replace it. I was going to ditch the lid anyway as I heard (here in TX) that it could cause temp issues. I got the light second hand but for a good price. I had the condy with the old lid and lights and he did fine. One thing with the condy though. they are pretty but pack a good sting.
  15. Biocube 32 (LED) vs JBJ 28?

    I have a biocube 29 that I run topless with a Coralife t5 high output light. I have a pair of Wyoming white clowns and a Red Sea mis bar. For an anemone, I have a condy and it does great on top of my rock work. Here is a bad pic from the side. Will try to take a few shots of it later when I get home. It has been a breeze to run and pretty hands off.