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  1. Ok, I have some extra purigen so I will just run it and the chemipure blue and call it good. Thanks again! On a separate note, do I need a light for my chaeto in the fuge basket in chamber 2? I am running this light on the tank and didn't know if I needed another light for the chaeto? I want to get pods going in the tank (hence the fuge basket).
  2. For a biocube 29, will this light be too much? Just have a Haitian anemone right now, but would like to put some other anemones and some coral later.
  3. Thanks anyway StevieT. So I am going to put filter floss in top of media basket, then chemipure blue in second chamber and was thinking about these (picture below) for the bottom chamber. I am running the fuge basket beside it. Think this will help or will it just be a collector for nitrates?
  4. this is the link. It looks like a bunch of links on that thread are dead.
  5. It was actually in the all in one forum in a topic called biocube resource guide.
  6. Thanks for the update and the links! Will get on there this weekend and order some Chemipure Blue!
  7. So I got the correct inTank media basket (Thanks StevieT) and have been running filter floss in top, chemipure elite in middle, and activated carbon in bottom. Someone said I should replace the activated carbon with purigen. I tried to check the Biocube section under filtration but the page is gone. what do most people run in their media basket in a biocube 29? I bought some of the filters (biocube filter cartridge) that go in the first chamber as well. Does anyone use the Chemipure Blue and would it be a replacement for Chemipure Elite? TIA. right now all I have in the tank are a cleanup crew (snails), a cleaner shrimp, and 2 camel shrimp. Will put fish in later after it is better established.
  8. Here is a better picture of the first one showing the pronounced Dorsal fin.
  9. So I have two Clowns that I am trying to ID. I was told both were Ocellaris but they came from two places. First one was a private sale and second was from a LFS. They are about the same size. The first one has a real dark black tail bar and the second has almost no black tail bar. Also, the first one has a quite pronounced dorsal fin but the second one has an almost flat dorsal fin. They are getting along great. Since I am new to clowns, wasn't sure if they were a different species and would end up fighting. Anyone know of a good book on clowns so I can do some more research? TIA.
  10. Makes sense. I guess I will hold off then. Thanks
  11. Tank is about a month old. Live rock and live sand from an established tank I had. Water parameters are good. I am just interested since he is just a juvenile and just kind of swims around near the powerhead. He loves to chase the two tiny domino damsels I have in there with him though! I just want to make sure he (the clown) is happy. Right now he appears to be but he loves to chase the two tiny domino damsels in the tank. Do I need to get another clown for him or are they good by themselves?
  12. Hey all, I have a new clown and was wondering about a good anenome to get for him. Any ideas?
  13. Perfect! Thanks!
  14. So it appears that the media basket I have is not for the Oceanic 29 gallon, I am guessing I will just buy the correct inTank basket and fuge basket for it. Any idea where I can get them?