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  1. I see..thanks guys!
  2. Hey guys, I just started cycling my Reefer 170 for about 1 week. I initially dosed dr tim's bacteria and then have been dosing microbacter7 daily. I have a skimmer and doing fishless cycle so I dosed dr tim's ammonia. Question is do I have add more ammonia to continue this cycling process and do my parameters look like I'm on track? Help will be much appreciated! Ammonia = 0.5-1.0 Nitrite = 5.0 Nitrate = 40 PH = 7.8 (this is lower than I'd like, I ordered Seachem Reef Buffer to bring it up so I don't have to do a water change which could stall the cycle)
  3. Price dropped!
  4. I have a Fluval Evo 12 that I'm selling because I upgraded to a Red Sea. Everything is still new in box. I never even put fish in there. I tore it down right after I decided to upgrade. Still have receipt, bought in December. Local pick up or I can ship. I'm in SoCal.
  5. Does mixing 2 brands of bacteria yield better results?
  6. I've looked at some top choices like Seachem Stability, Prodibio, and Red Sea Mature Kit. Starting a Reefer 170 soon and need suggestions for the fastest cycle. Thanks!
  7. I've seen a restaurant I grew up eating, they were good but not major successful. They moved to a new location that left their old customer base 20 miles away so they had to start over. They built a 100 gallon Arowana tank and people have been flocking in that shop ever since lol. Its an Asian Arowana by the way, red body with gold tails, highly expensive and hard to find. Its a symbol of prosperity in Asia and they call it dragon fish.
  8. Hey I'm looking at the AI Prime HD model, one step lower than the Hydra 26. Cost difference is 124 dollars and the Prime HD says it has a spread of 24x24 and a depth of 24 inches. Isn't this enough for the Reefer 170?
  9. Completely agree..some of them look like they have fin rot or some disease. I prefer the classic bright orange or black and white ones.
  10. ORA has some badass clowns too.
  11. LOL yea there is a definite fine line, but for the most part most places in your house you can place a tank without negative energy, only the bedroom and the kitchen being no-no's. But certain areas of the house do activate certain energies whatever you're looking for. Living room location is the best as long its against a wall and not dead center. We actually hired a very highly rated feng shui consultant in LA to design a good feel to our house so I learned a lot. Having 8 or 9 fishes is the perfect amount, those two numbers are considered luckiest numbers for prosperity (lucky number in Chinese culture is 8). And always have 1 black fish, which in my case would be a black ocellaris clown to pair with a normal orange one. The consultant said the black fish is your "bad luck absorber" and whenever a black fish dies for no reason in your tank it absorbed bad energy or luck that was coming your way, thereby saving you some trouble. Black fishes are like your shield. Interesting stuff lol. Feng Shui has been around since 2500 BC. Ancient Chinese and Japs kept goldfish in this type of setup..8 goldfish and 1 black..
  12. Yea the tank should bring good energy into the home if placed correctly and the inhabitants are happy. You can do a google search about the feng shui benefits of aquariums if you want. I've personally seen some people's businesses skyrocket after they placed an aquarium in their restaurants or offices. Aquarium in the bedroom is bad tho.
  13. Is there something in the Tropic Eden sand that caused the diatom bloom?
  14. @Lawn Deluxe edition comes with AI Hydra 26 HD and the mounting arm so it looks flush with the Reefer 170 @Solitude127 I'm living in Los Angeles at the moment but will move into the new house in Anaheim near Disneyland..glad to see other local hobby guys! Are Vortech MP10 pumps worth the money?
  15. Everyone I've spoken to and BRS has recommended the Sicce 2.0 pump..were you using a Tunze version that was more generic? I like the Eheim 2000 too. Now another dilemma on which pump to pick..