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  1. I would love to see some updates on this little reef. Very nice job thought !!!
  2. I just need to wait tell I can get back to the states mostly. Then I may start setting up my IM 30L EXT.
  3. Sorry to hear about the reboot @4x5! But the reboot looks like its coming along nicely cant wait to see this build unfold.
  4. The Lagoon looks good @Lulu_Lunette. I am totally jealous that your system/free price is up and running. I still have to wait some good little time to get my IM prize up and running. I am sorry I don't have many tips on the rations I wish I did.
  5. I won the IM 30L EXT tank , and I have thought about making my own sump as well with the @Oceanbox Designs kits as well. But I might be able to use the 20L sump kit. Good work the tank looks great !
  6. This build and tank look amazing, great job with this low boy I have always admired lagoon style tanks well done!
  7. Thank I am hoping maybe one day to afford one That trip looks amazing loved all the pictures;)
  8. Wow !!!!! ninjamyst you have a amazing build I am blown away by this tank 100% I just read through all the 101 pages and now I am dying to get myself a Kessil AP700 now for my standard 75g build that I am planning , which is nearly the same size as your tank. Do you recommend it, for me? Once again amazing build ninjamyst !!!! Breath taking in every way on this build I love it.
  9. Can't wait for more updates , this is going to be a amazing tank if it's anything like you last build ??
  10. Wow that looks amazing , my jaw just dropped looking at those tanks ???they look unbelievable and amazing !
  11. I have to say this is a beautiful little tank I love everything . Great build . This tank is making me really consider a CDA custom tank.. thank you for the amazing tank that you have Berlibee... amazing build.
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