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  1. I'm sure it was because that stock filter media. I just run a little floss and change weekly with water changes. Netting came in for the lid today, so no more snails on the floor or random stuff covering the top.
  2. Thanks! The pump chamber is about the only chamber I have with space and it seems to keep things fairly level. End chamber has skimmer, refugium return, and heater in it, so not much room. Middle chamber has bio rock stuff, charcoal, and last chamber has display pump, refugium pump, and now ato. I ditched pretty much all the factory fluval filtration.
  3. Forgot to explain the random jug picture. Waterproof cereal container from target, aka ato reservoir. They're kinda proud of it at 14 bucks, but it does work perfect and it was there when I happened to be thinking about the need. Lol
  4. So things seem to be running well so far. Clean up crew arrived from reef cleaners. Always more than expected, so, sweet! With that being said, trying to keep snails off the floor has been fun. So cut a frame for a lid today and netting is on the way from BRS. Skimmers chugging along. Added a couple fish, cleaner shrimp and emerald crab as well. Also tossed in a couple sexy shrimp. Also got this super small red star today. Hopefully have time to work on a 9 gallon stand soon. Will keep posted.
  5. With how quickly this thing has been losing water, ato was a must. So I picked up a smart ATO today.
  6. So, first $10 China skimmer showed up cracked and too big too fit... so they offered to ship me a new one and keep the old one. So...now it fits. Loo
  7. So far I'm loving it and the adjustability of it. Doing a large water change and starting the cycle today. I will keep this thread posted.
  8. AI Prime HD came in last night. :)
  9. Thanks! Cant wait to get the new light here and kick off the cycle on this one. Wanted to give the rock wall a few days to off-gas just in case before I drained and filled again and added cycle booster.
  10. Well it's been awhile after some circumstances led to my last tank "disappearing", but starting up again. Got a fluval flex 9 with a hydor 425. Running a cobalt 1200 for return pump. Eheim 25 watt heater. Running a small hob refugium using the stock fluval pump to feed the hob. Picked up a used AI prime HD that will be here soon. Made a little rock wall for the back. Will post updates as I go.
  11. Chambers in the bucket is genius.... now Im going to have to do this. Clear 5 gallon buckets are available as well. And quick release fittings sure would make the change easy.
  12. Pretty sweet! I wonder if you could use it as a fuge if you tossed some waterproof leds in there.
  13. Probably just shy. Mine will try and eat out of my hand while I melt down frozen food in front of the power heads.
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