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  1. API test kit rant

    Wow those are some low levels considering the salt you are using... Precipitation? Red Sea have very stringent mixing instructions for Coral Pro salt. Successful reefing is a combination of good observation but with limited intervention in my (limited) experience.
  2. Lost my first fish & others not looking good

    Ah I definitely will do that! I've been battling algae of some kind perhaps GHA variant or a Bryopsis (not the fan style one typically seen) and I had been trying manual removal here and there but if I went at it with a toothbrush (which is effective) the fish would hate it and looks stressed for the next day or so, so I never wanted to do that. Plucking it only did so much and even with my nutrients very low and phosphate starting the tank it would still spread. Long story short I think I'll take this opportunity to try and get my algae under control and hopefully wipe it out completely since I won't have to be feeding the tank and I can go nuts with manual removal. Even the tiniest of bright sided is still something to this horror.
  3. Lost my first fish & others not looking good

    Thanks this was helpful. I definitely don't need any more reasons to use a QT from now on...
  4. Lost my first fish & others not looking good

    What about the sunken stomachs? One of my clowns was fighting an illness prior to this all happening and for about two weeks prior to the new tank inhabitant. He was not interested in food at all and only after a large water change would he try to eat (and not very successfully at that). He was breathing a bit heavier but was always near the bottom of the tank. He was the first to go 48 hrs ago and all fish have no died within 24h after that.
  5. Lost my first fish & others not looking good

    Thanks. Pretty sure it isn't ich as there was no symptoms of it and it moved incredibly fast. Thanks. Also two of the fish has significantly sunken stomachs and one of the clowns looked bad for a few weeks prior to the new addition coming in. See pics below. Thanks. QT is crucially important however in not positive it was the culprit here.
  6. Lost my first fish & others not looking good

    Thanks. Expensive and heartbreaking lessons (are always the most impactful). Thanks. So it will die off on its own without fish hosts if empty for 2+ months? Nothing else needs to be done?
  7. Lost my first fish & others not looking good

    Thanks i absolutely will.
  8. Lost my first fish & others not looking good

    Thanks for commenting. I'm going to setup up a QT and see what I can do regardless.
  9. Lost my first fish & others not looking good

    Any ideas on what I can do to try and save my remaining fish? I can setup a QT today but I don't know what to treat for or which medication to use...
  10. Lost my first fish & others not looking good

    Yes. Unquarantined lawnmower Blenny 10 days ago. Upon inspection (of dead fish) the LM Blenny has a significantly sunken stomach and the clown appears to maybe have something around the gills. Only Bengaii Cardinalfish and YW Goby remain and they do not look well. Whatever this is, it moves FAST.
  11. Lost my first fish & others not looking good

    Right now the surface is very agitated as I pointed my return upwards (but I only did that yesterday). I have an ammonia alert on the tank and also tested it. I don't have a nitrite test kit ATM. Nitrate was reading 5-10 ppm for the last month on API tests but I recently got a RS nitrate pro kit which says 0.75 ppm. God...just arrived home for lunch and Blenny and other clown look dead... All inverts are fine. Has to be a sickness? So angry.............
  12. Lost my first fish & others not looking good

    I woke up early this morning to check on one of my clowns and sadly he was being eaten by hermits. He had been looking bad for about 2 weeks and I didn't act fast enough to diagnose and QT/medicate (which is what I think could have saved him). Now my other fish are showing signs of stress (heavier breathing, no interest in food and bottom dwelling) as of yesterday. Two days ago I did a 20% WC and it seemed to worsen the symptoms on the now deceased clown. Yesterday I did another 40% WC grasping at straws and the wisdom of "when in doubt = WC". Something must be in the water or parasites or something... Any ideas?? I've never lost a fish before and this was troubling. Parameters have been stable. Temp 79 Salinity 1.025 Alk 9.8 Ca 450 Mg 1400 Things I suspected and could have been an issue before but shouldn't be now Ammonia Nitrite Oxygen level Possible bacterial blooms/nopox or lack of flow (compared to previously) plus the addition of a fish could have lowered dissolved oxygen I guess. I since stopped dosing and added a powerhead. Considering dropping the temp a bit. My inverts seem fine and corals look fine too. Could have something gotten into the water be causing this? My Bengaii Cardinalfish has always been pretty bulletproof and goes after mysis and this morning zero interest when I put a few morsels in. I mean he was 'fine' yesterday eating well. How could a 40% water change not help is it's something in the water? I'm fairly confident in my WC water and mixing instruments... Any help would be appreciated........
  13. How long do you store rodi

    With a sealed food grade container, I can't think of any issues with storing water for extended periods. I keep a large Rubbermaid in the garage with a circulating pump during cold spells.
  14. Corals for Shaded Areas

    Thanks all. Looks like I'm going to try and find a nice Leptiseris piece!
  15. Corals for Shaded Areas

    Geez, its amazing the sea isn't only mushrooms with how Hardy they are! Maze brains is Platygyra correct?