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  1. Wellsophyllia Care Tips

    Wow amazing. Thanks for the reply and information. I'll try to feed it once of twice a week and see how it goes I guess. You think the shrinking is normal and it's just adjusting?
  2. Wellsophyllia Care Tips

    Just got my first Wellsophyllia/ Brain coral which I acclimated Tuesday. Any tips for these guys? Is feeding mandatory, suggested or not required? It seems to be steadily shrinking in diameter since I got it. Too much flow? Perhaps it's slowly adjusting. I attempted to feed it this morning as I stayed up last night after lights out to see if it would put out feeders/sweepers but nothing happened. This morning I was able to get a decent feeding response from it and it successfully swallowed 1 single Mysis into one of it's 5 mouths.
  3. Water Parameters Vs. Stability

    This make sense. I know everyone is on the "no more water changes!" bandwagon but we have nano tanks often without good export and I don't mind WC. Exactly this. I feel I tinker too much. Basically too many attempts at feeding corals and too many water changes to counter my obsessive feeding/algae purging. (Probably NO3 and PO4 are seesawing a bit between testings). Basically Acans. I love my Acans and almost loss them at first due to lack of feeding and ever since I overcompensate probably. I was having a lot of difficulty finding appropriate flow pattern/strength and recently (1 month ago) I just said nevermind picking a thing and leaving it as it. I try to keep my water clean and stable however I think I'm interacting with the aquarium too much... At least I'm starting to be okay with algae growth with more of a "it's my display refugium! It's helping lower nutrients!" attitude.
  4. Water Parameters Vs. Stability

    I feel like we emphasize water parameters above all else, first thing we ask when someone has a problem "water parameters?" I'm just wondering if an equivalently valid first question would be "how often do you mess with the tank?" I'm very green in the hobby so this is actually a question, not an assertion. If you can only pick one, parameters or stability?
  5. burtbollinger's Red Sea Reefer 170

    You're giving Acans another chance!
  6. Torch killing another Torch?

    I'm going to move the torch and see. Iodine dip in transit a good idea?
  7. Is AI Prime HD enough?

    Cool scape! Just needs a giant ape to dub it Kong Island! I thought the Prime was marketed as covering 18x18?
  8. Torch killing another Torch?

    Yes the left torch is very nice and the aggressor. Yes there is sliminess on the receeded torch. I assumed it was "melted" flesh. So it's dead already and I should remove the dead head? Not just move it elsewhere and hope the "dead" head recovers? Thanks for replying all.
  9. Torch killing another Torch?

    One head on one of my torches has been receeded for 24h and I suspect the neighboring torch is responsible (he stung a Duncan's near him a few days ago and has gotten huge in the last month...) Can anyone confirm they can and will fight other torches? I was aware that they would attack other Euphyllia but I was under the impression torches we're okay with each other.
  10. 3.7g Pico instead

    Lots of good information here. I would the Mosaic works sounds like a neat concept. Sometimes corals like a particular area and when placed in another area they can decline. Hopefully the zoas can grow and make an interesting mosaic.
  11. Bottom-up flow with MP10

    I haven't been at this very long but I did experiment a lot with flow in my 32g cube. I feel that in a small tank, heavy flow by definition might be direct flow. Heavy indirect flow can be challenging regardless of PH placement but it will depend greatly on your scape and which corals you have. I tried bottom up flow but due to my scape my Euphyllia didn't like it.
  12. Time for my first inhabitants :)

    I've heard some horror stories and anecdotes, I however have never had one so I can't speak too strongly about them.
  13. Petco

    I don't think there are Petcos in Canada, definitely not in the Atlantic provinces, it is equivalent to Petsmart? Sorry I don't mean to derail I'm just curious.
  14. Reefer Dave's Happy Hippie hangout

    Looks good and that was a good deal on the cube with stand included. I have the same tank and I do run a tunze 9001 which I find very useful (other will say nanos don't need skimmers however a 32g is arguably not a nano). Depends on your feeding though, based on your current coral list, you can get away with just feeding fish which won't pollute the water too much if you're reasonable with feedings. My 2 cents but don't buy designer/expensive Zoas/Palys until you get into the groove of reefing, your tank matures (6 months +) and you've developed a good maintenance routine. Up to you though but I wasted a few $ on zoas I wasn't prepared to care for properly. The nicer they are the more difficult they seem to be to keep. Be sure to fine-tune your automatic feeder of you're determined to use one. Euphyllia (Hammer/Torch/Frogspawn) are great corals just be sure the flow is moderate but indirect or you could strip/kill them. Definitely just add CUC as needed. Don't get caught up in all the hype of feeling like you need x/gallon of critters or anything like that. Eager to see this develop!!
  15. Time for my first inhabitants :)

    Awesome sounds like a good plan. Research and confirm you want to add the dottyback or basslet as they could be regretted later and difficult to remove.