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  1. Prime HD AI

    While the fog around my initial question remains, the clarity about you shined in nicely. I'll watch the video when I get home though!
  2. Prime HD AI

    Awesome that's helpful I'll check out those resources. Where did you come across the red and green dulling coral coloration? What ratio is suggested (like running red and green at 10% the intensity of blue (for example)? (e.g. blue @ 40% = red/green @ 4%)
  3. Prime HD AI

    I just got this light a few weeks ago and these are my settings. If anyone has suggestions I would be happy to hear them. So the up and down pattern above is solely to mimick cloud cover?
  4. And the winners are ...

    It's a good time to be a reefer nerd!
  5. Remember When?

    I completely agree. I use Aquarimate app and it's pretty awesome.
  6. Remember When?

    No, but some day! I find it heartening that I've yet to reach that moment, though the last few months or so my appreciation for the hobby has grown tenfold. The effort:success ratio of good husbandry is very rewarding. It has a grindy/gaming feel. Also, it tends to feel like a very productive hobby, akin to a job that you enjoy and take pride in doing. But the hobby kicks my ass every week. xD
  7. Help with Pocillopora SPS cant tell what's wrong

    Oh okay I wasn't familiar with that thread, and I could have sworn it was 1 capful, my bad!
  8. Help with Pocillopora SPS cant tell what's wrong

    Hope your coral is doing better. I feel like your description of the dipping process seemed a bit intense. I could be wrong but I think it's one capful of Coral RX per gallon and not 4? Also 25 mins seems like a lot. Hope it makes it!
  9. Polyp booster

    Reef Energy is an amino acids supplement (basically every company has a version of this and I personally find amino acids supplementing beneficial). Reef roids is coral food and certain corals certainly benefit from regular feedings.
  10. What size jebao wave maker do I need?

    I have a Biocube 32G and I completely agree with the above. I have two PP-4 and I still haven't figured out how to use two properly in this size aquarium.
  11. Zoa Pox? (Pics)

    Okay kewl. I'm acclimating with my new AI Prime but I feel like they were stretching before too. Hmm. Other things I never considered were that I changed my lighting period to curb algae woes, and also I have Kenya Tree higher up that perhaps could have been shadowing in the last couple of months (granted the LED Biocube hood I was using before has a pretty broad (but weak) dispersion.
  12. Zoa Pox? (Pics)

    Awesome well I dipped them yesterday with Revive but I also have Lugol's on order. Yeah it doesn't look like Zoa Pox to me. All my Zoas are under direct light more or less. Not in high PAR ranges (actually I just upgraded to an AI Prime last week!) but they aren't in shady areas, just lower on the rocks
  13. Zoa Pox? (Pics)

    Thanks Lula_Mae. Definitely worth a shot! I don't not have any Lugols but I'll try to get some. Is Revive, Coral RX or Furan2 worth dipping or just get some Lugols?
  14. Zoa Pox? (Pics)

    Thanks Minmay. We know so much about reefing. Except we don't! XD Reefing kind of does validate anecdotal evidence as valid learning material though...
  15. Zoa Pox? (Pics)

    These are pics of both failing frags. Does it look like zoa pox? The white striations don't seem like pustules to me and they are also tiny.