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  1. BRS security...

    OkYou told me off twice now... This wasn't a very serious post unlike you im sure you a very sensible, retired man. I am not how do even find fun ("fun as I do and want to contribute,") by telling people off on a public forum. So my dear, Sir I am very truely, deeply sorry if I have offended you I just wanted to get my opinion on you out there saying that you are a wrinkled, old arsehole This will probbly be my last post. bye! Fu*K you burtbollinger
  2. Led questions continued

    Evil I love your recommendation and will buy those LEDs soon I will post a picture of the led layout using those LEDs Thanks
  3. Tuffryu's IM Fusion 10: SPS McLovin

    Wow sick tank! U would have spent a small fortune on that.
  4. Your innovative Btw what do you have in the bucket is it filter stuff? And what light are you using its looks like it's doing the job?
  5. BRS security...

    I donno I've never actually. Brought from BRS they don't ship to where I live...So I thought they might be trying to get some stuff sold
  6. Fiji LR or Man Made LR

    No I said On the other hand meaning-(physacticly looking at the bright side of man made rock) (IMO) ... Most people use marine pure blocks even with normal harvested rock. If you use man made you would HAVE to use them blocks to house your benifical bacteria. Btw normal dry rock is actually my perferance
  7. Led questions continued

    Evil you recommended setup looks amazing although 26 LEDs are a bit much imo for a mainly softy Tank. Correct me if I'm wrong my opinion is backed by no experience... How about Driver 1- APC 3 neutral white 1 warm white 2 lime Driver 2-APC 5 Royal blue Driver 3-LPC 2 blue 2 violet Thanks for your input Very appericiated
  8. Biocube 16 lighting program.

    Around 6-7 hours for lps and softies Around 8 hours for sps
  9. Fiji LR or Man Made LR

    I would just go with LR rather than man made Because I like the all biodiversity and all the more holes/ surface area their is on Live rock On the other Hand man made has nice even costs of fake coralline paint..(Imo)... You would also have to place a couple of marine pure blocks in you sump
  10. BRS security...

    I believe this is due to cheap marketing techniques
  11. The Pastel Garden: Drop-Off

    That is the bestest looking drop off I've seen Very nice
  12. Supplemental Lighting

    I gess the only practical way is to replace your fixture altogether... The strip light you mentioned imo is too weak and it might look weird with one band of blue in the tank. I think your far better off spending a bit more like $60-$80 and replacing your fixture with a par38 or DIY led fixture or even buying a Aqua illumination prime for $199
  13. Supplemental Lighting

    I'm not sure about that strip i think its to weak What lighting do you already have?
  14. Looking for some lighting POP on Nano Cube 6

    I recommend a coral compulsion or Rapid led par38 bulb Or DIY LEDs