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  1. I will be keeping majority of the corals in the center of the tank. I have a current usa satellite led bar. Its decently bright and will allow me to put some easy corals along the sides. But even then i wouldnt have alot along the sides as i dont like a crammed look and it makes it easier for cleaning I was thinking about it but my mom doesnt want holes in her ceiling. She is not gonna let me get it
  2. So i am turning my 36 gallon bowfront aquarium into a saltwater tank. I will be adding a 20 gallon sump to it as well. The lights i want to use are the ai prime hd because i already have one. My problem is where to attach the light to. This is the top of my 36 gallon tank and i feel like the support bar down the middle might be a problem for me. What would you guys recommend i do???
  3. If noise wasnt a problem which would you recommend
  4. Which pump would you recommend out of the two for my red sea reefer 170
  5. Okay thank you. That is a good skimmer, however i cannot find it on any canadian sites and i know my lfs doesnt have it. Any other good skimmers?
  6. Okay thank you! I already have a tunze auto top of. Didnt want to take a chance with the one that came with the tank. Ill get the hanna phosphate checker. Just looking at a reactor for my sump to use only when needed. If i have the room for one i will purchase one but only use it as necessary. What skimmer would you recommend that is generally small and leaves room in the sump
  7. Okay thats awesome. So you have an external reactor it looks like for bio pellets? A pump to collect the water then just a tube to return the water? What skimmer is that as well? and out of curiousity what is the cup with the green stuff in it. Im assuming some type of refergium? Final question is there any other filter media you have in here or did i get everything
  8. If anyone is farmiliar with this sump, what would you recommend for using in this sump? As far as socks to gather debris. A pump for returning water to the aquarium. A skimmer. Filter media etc. If it is possible, would i be able to get a reactor in there too? Ideally i would like a sump with a skimmer, reactor and a place for probes
  9. Found it. Awesome. Thank you very much
  10. Where would i find this screen online?
  11. What should i put in my sump if my reefer 170?? I would like more than just a protein skimmer if possible but space is limited with that sump. Price does not matter. What would you guys recommend?
  12. What are people using for a lid for their Red Sea Reefer 170 as i dont want a tank without one. Price does not matter.
  13. No ive been busy with diplomas. I will once diplomas are done. Yeah i hate hearing about dosing. Just seems like more of a regular cost that i have to do. I did dosing in my planted tank and hated it because its an ongoing cost. Mag is most likely wrong because it just doesnt seem right. If i did dose calcium wouldnt it bring alkalinity down?
  14. Thank you i will try it out oh nice ill try that one out and aqjust as needed. Yeah i wish i started ramping up early. Without knowning alot about brighten i went straight to ai's recommended settings and of course it was to bright to start with. Within a day of that schedule i got diatoms everywhere hahaha. Learnt my lesson there
  15. Okay thanks ill do that. How long do you have thhe lights on and whats your ramp time?Also if i did this way would it work on my 20 gallon high with the light about 8.5" above the water level? I do not have facebook