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  1. No ive been busy with diplomas. I will once diplomas are done. Yeah i hate hearing about dosing. Just seems like more of a regular cost that i have to do. I did dosing in my planted tank and hated it because its an ongoing cost. Mag is most likely wrong because it just doesnt seem right. If i did dose calcium wouldnt it bring alkalinity down?
  2. Thank you i will try it out oh nice ill try that one out and aqjust as needed. Yeah i wish i started ramping up early. Without knowning alot about brighten i went straight to ai's recommended settings and of course it was to bright to start with. Within a day of that schedule i got diatoms everywhere hahaha. Learnt my lesson there
  3. Okay thanks ill do that. How long do you have thhe lights on and whats your ramp time?Also if i did this way would it work on my 20 gallon high with the light about 8.5" above the water level? I do not have facebook
  4. Thats could be why i did it without the cap. Okay i will retest everything to see and post what my water is at
  5. Just want to know why my magnesium is so high and calcium is so low. And wht i can do about it I use instant ocean reef crystals. And okay what can i do about my calcium? And if you have experience with the red sea test kit, could you tell me when you fill up the chemical is the syringe, do you take the cap off the syringe or leave it on because i tried both and a different amount of chemicals were added into the syringe each time.
  6. So i have a 20 gallon high tank ive been running for a month or so. Ive been keeping my salinity at 1.026. Now that im considering adding corals, i tested my alkalinity, magnesium and calcium with the red sea test kit. This is what i got Alkalinity:11.2dkm Calcium:320ppm Magnesium:over 1600ppm Very confused so if anybody could explain this that would help
  7. Update: My pictures are a bit blurry as im still working on how to post photos on here so i apologize for the terrible quality. But i got more equipment!! I got my al prime in the mail and i absolutly love it!!! Hard to figure out but once i get it going it will make things alot easier. I also got the hydor controller that controls my pumps. I have the pumps set to pump one for a minute and the other for a minute after that.. and so on.. Along with that i got coral dip and some other cleaning accesories. I started getting my clean up crew that is doing a great job! And soon i think i will add my first coral or my third and probally last fish. Ive decided on a royal gramma for my third fish as i love the colores. I will update more once i get more livestock in the tank.
  8. So i recently got my al prime today. Very nice light but since im new to corals and what not i have no idea how bright i need the lights and what colores to use. Just very confusing to me if somebody could help me with this. My tank is a 20 gallon high.. i can send a list of my corals i will be getting if that helps but idk
  9. Update: I got a bit more equipment including another hydor wave maker and a refractometer! I tested all my water and my tank is cycled!! All my parameters are on point. So i got a pair of clownfish yesterday and I absolutely love them! I drip acclimated them and they are very healthy eating well. Also i got to order my light and coral dip so that should be here by friday! Here is a picture of the clownfish.
  10. Thank you!
  11. I Have a tank very close to being cycled.. i have been ghost feeding it every once in awhile. When i first started i would ghost feed it every day and i slowed that down over time. Now i havent ghost fed the tank in id say 4-5 days. I went through the ammonia stage and my nitrite stage is just finishing up.im not adding fish for a bit and when i do its only a pair of clownfish. My question is should i keep ghost feeding it or let the tank sit until there is no nitrites and only nitrates left
  12. Update: So i am very OCD.. and i went out and got alot of items to organize my cabinet. Got a bunch of lights so i am able to see. And got a bunch of cable managment items to organize my cables. I will definitly need more as i get more equipment but it is a start. Also i was able to get my test kits. I went with the api test kit for phosphates and nitrates because i dont wanna spend another 80$ for just those two. But i did get the red sea test kit for alkalinity, calcium and magnesium. Currently my tank has ammonia in it. I didnt bother testing all the parameters. I basically just tested alkalinity to get used to it. And my alkalinity was at 11.35dkm. But since im using a hydrometer my salinity very well could be inaccurate which could play a role in my other readings. So i will hold off on testing these until i get my refractometer.
  13. So i finally was able to get some equipment today.. i got the stand, the aquaclear 70 filter, media for the aquaclear, a marineland 50 watt heater, and one of the two hydor pumps. I will be getting the lights, refractometer,and coral dip on february 8th. I will hopefully get all my testing equipment apart from the ones i have now. Then if my water tests good i will be able to start adding fish.
  14. Just a livestock update... So i decided i am going to go with a pair of percula clownfish. Gonna try to look for a unique pair. Also i am going to add a blenny fish as well. I am going to do this over a long period of time. Once my tank is cycled i will add the clownfish first.. i will then wait a week or two and add the blenny. If all goes well i will keep those fish in the tank for a couple weeks before i start adding my clean up crew. Either i will wait a week or two after all my fish are added or once i see some type of algae growth starting. For a clean up crew i am starting small and will add more as my tank progresses. To start im gonna add three snails... •one nassarius snail •2 Trochus I will also add one or two hermit crabs. While in the proccess of adding fish i will still continue to get equipment slowly and hopefully a couple months after the fish are in, i will be able to start adding corals.
  15. Yeah after discussing it with burt im gonna manually top it off until i can afford the tunze auto top off setup. It comes with everything as well so that helps. And burt reccomended that one. After thinking about it im gonna go with the tunze one. It just has a better reputation even though its quit a bit more money. It comes with a pump and plumbing so thats a benifit. And i have a couple other tanks in here where water flow is all i can hear. So sound isnt a problem.