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  1. Kids have always been great when I travel. Once they figure out you're different they want to come up to you and talk and touch you. At least groups of kids do. Very cool you got to experience that also. I'm kind of mesmerized watching him. All he's doing is rocking back and forth but now that I think a molt is coming up I want to see it.
  2. 6 weeks? Woof, that seems like a long time. Btw I like your icon.Thank you for serving.
  3. Good, he definitely doesn't look happy so I'm glad that could be the explanation. I wonder how long it'll take. Hope so! I want him around, I've grown kind of attached. lol
  4. My emerald crab is sitting with its head down, standing on its hairy legs, with what looks like the other legs up in the water behind him all mixed up together. He's also waving back in forth a lot. Is he sick? Here's a short video if you can see what's happening: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7HbI3aJuSVYU1o3Xy1OaElKYXM
  5. . As far as the bubble algae goes, I've got a couple crabs on the job. There was a ton of it and they've gone through maybe 90% of it so far. No fluctuation in temp that I'm aware of, and I've got the thermometer right by my computer here (the tank is on my desk) and I would probably notice if I was around. It's about midway up the tank with fairly bright lights. I can't give you specs on them but they do light up the place. I moved it up from the floor but that was over a month ago. It was so strange to see. Normally it shrinks down to an amazingly small size (for me anyway) every night.
  6. . Well that's good to hear. It looked like it was going to burst. Crazy!
  7. So this morning when the light switched on in my 13 gallon (coral and crabs only) tank I was surprised to see my hairy mushroom inflated like a balloon with its "tentacles"(don't know if that's the right word) sticking straight out. It's slowly coming back to normal but around its mouth it is still inflated. I had some green hair algae so I got a couple emerald crabs who are almost done with it. I did have three fish in there but after 2 weeks they started dying about 6-7 days apart. Did my testing kit and took water to my lfs and it tested clean there as well. So as a possibility he sold me some PraziPro in case it's worms. I dosed about 7 days ago. Calcium 500 KH 8 Phosphate 0 Nitrate 0 Salinity 28 ppt Temp 79 F Any ideas? Is this normal and I've just missed it on Google and the forums?
  8. Well there you go. Thanks. It was the lack of the line that confused me. Royal gramma it is.
  9. I was originally told this was a Dottyback and then I thought Royal Gamma but there's no stripe through the eye. Now I think Brazilian Gamma. Is that right? (I call him Lucky because of the lines on his face that look like scars.)
  10. Yeah it's soft and pulls off easily. I'll look for one of those snails on line. My lfs only has what they call, "ordinary snails." ;-)
  11. What eats this stuff? I've heard hermit crabs will but they'll also mess with the snail I've got in there is what I've seen people say.
  12. "The OP's joined date was fairly new, so a new tank without a ton of food would be a potential stressor." That's right. My tank isn't more than four months old so yeah there's not much food yet. I'll take slow-poke out as he hasn't moved in a day now. I expect he's dead or dying. Thanks for the info!
  13. I've got this stuff growing all over my dead rock (I'm trying to get it to go live). At first I thought it was something like coralline but now I'm not so sure. What is this stuff?
  14. Well that is indeed sad. :`-( I'll take your advice, though, because I don't want a rotting snail in there.
  15. I took it out and smelled it and I put it back. It's been in that same place since yesterday. He may be gone. Too bad, he was my favorite one. :-(