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  1. Lighting suggestions for 20g hex

    I like the Aquamaxx. It's nice and low profile. That might be second on my considerations list after DIY. I might end up getting one if it ends up being that much cheaper for me.
  2. Just completed DIY led light for frag tank

    Me too Thanks for the input here. I think A DIY very similar to yours is the way I'm going to go.
  3. Just completed DIY led light for frag tank

    Wow, Thank you for taking the time to write that! That's more help than I anticipated. Thanks for the tips, too; noted. I'm always building something. I like dealing with small electronics, so this project is right up my ally. I have some of the parts listed. Should save me a little money. Can I ask how much dim control you have over the LEDs, and your PAR readings? I have a PAR meter also that could help with the project.
  4. Lighting suggestions for 20g hex

    I've been looking at the Mars Aqua lights, but I read you can only dim them so much. I'm worried they will be too strong for my tank since I can't mount it very high above the water. The only lights they have (as far as I know) are the 165w ones.
  5. Just completed DIY led light for frag tank

    Something like this might be what I need for my tank here. Do you mind giving a parts and price list, and maybe a quick build run-through?
  6. Lighting suggestions for 20g hex

    $300 is a bit beyond my budget, though I may look into those when I get another tank going. The Tide Mini is a consideration, but still hoping to go lower on price if possible. I just want low-end but functional here. I'll spend more on my next tank. Will Par38s be bright enough for this tank?
  7. Lighting suggestions for 20g hex

    Oh, I know, trust me. I've invested thousands in the freshwater side. I breed, buy, and sell lots of plants and shrimp to make this hobby support itself. I'm low on stock right now, so sales and money are low. I'm not looking for the highest quality fixture around. I just want something simple, that works (and has moonlights). That's why I was eyeballing the MarsAqua lights. I'd get one of those, but I read you can only dim them so much. I don't want anything too powerful.
  8. Lighting suggestions for 20g hex

    Hex tanks aren't my favorite either, but I do like the challenge of aquascaping them. I'll use a better/easier size tank for saltwater someday, and will definitely move on to more advanced corals after I get the feel for things. I'm a big planted tank guy, and have a small fishroom setup with tanks of all shapes and sizes. This hex tank was a decent looking planted tank, but I decided to take it down to try something else with it. Reef tank it is! I checked out his website. Those are some really sleek lights for sale, but quite a bit more than I was hoping to pay for this.
  9. Hi all, I have a 20g hex that I recently turned into a salty tank. I have a 36w cf over it now, which seems to keep the couple corals I have alive, but I want to upgrade this eventually. I don't want to spend a ton of money on this, and likely won't try to grow any high-end corals. My preferred requirements are: - Something that will work well on soft and LPS corals. - Moonlight option - Hanging only - It needs to fit (of course). There's not a lot of room vertically or horizontally, so it needs a fairly low profile all around. - Cheap, Chinese lights are OK with me as long as they don't fail or burn the house down. The 165w MarsAqua lights look OK, I guess, but I'm worried that they're a little too long and a little too powerful for my needs. Any fixtures out there that are just a bit smaller and less powerful? I'd be willing to DIY something, but I'd want a similar plan to follow. I can upload pics and get some measurements of my current setup if it helps. Thoughts?
  10. Power compact lamp selection help

    I think it's a fun tank size too. Hex tanks are challenging to aquascape in general. That's part of the appeal for me. I had it looking great as a planted tank, and kind of regret taking it down. This one needed to be resealed, though, and one of my tanks had to go in favor of a salty tank. Hopefully I'll be happy with the results in a few+ months. Thanks for the suggestions. Lamp ordered.
  11. Power compact lamp selection help

    It's over a 20g hex tank, so I don't expect to get much out of it. I've been in the freshwater side of the hobby for a long time. I'm currently at 15 planted tanks; all using LEDs or T5HOs. It's been a very long time since I've delved into saltwater. I figure it's about time I took the plunge. Since I'm basically new to this area, I thought I'd start out with a tiny fish or two, and move on to more advanced corals in a bigger, better tank after I get the feel for it. I made this fixture about 10 years ago. I took down the tank it was over, and thought I'd try to repurpose it for saltwater. I'll invest in a better LED system when I have a better tank to use. Some of my rockwork will be fairly close to the light. It would be nice if I could grow something/anything, but I won't be too disappointed If I can't. I do have a PAR meter that might help determine what I can grow, but don't have a lamp yet to test this fixture.
  12. I need some help deciding which lamp I should use over my tank. I have a 32w PC fixture. The only options I see online are 10k/10k, 10k/420nm, and maybe 10k/460nm. I realize that I won't be able to grow much (zoas or polyps maybe?), but I'd like as many options as possible. I'd assume that the dual 10k would have a greater par value, but the actinics would look nicer, I think. What would you recommend?