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  1. Hey guys, I have a war coral that i decided to remove off the frag. The removal process worked out better than I thought, for some reason I couldn't get a solid attachment. Eventually it was enough I guess...at least until a massive snail wants to suck the life out of it lol. My concern is while attaching the rag I messed up and a little of the glue onto the actual coral, like the flesh/mouth part 😢 Do you think this will harm the coral? Is there anything I can do to remedy this and get this guy happy and healthy again?it was a reef save glue called. FWIW I took these pics moments ago...it is 1:08am and quite dark except a low intensity blue led in the bathroom. So is it ruined after that or is there something I can do to help? Thanks guys. Love it here. 🙂 it was definitely more green and red 😕 I'm really hoping it can pull through this.
  2. I'd be interested in seeing which other probes are compatible with the Apex for sure! I don't know if I would get an Ammonia one though. I finished cycling about 2 months ago and the tank has been stable so far...every few weeks i will test manually for ammonia but its usually .25 or less
  3. I just got a nice big ritter anemone for my tank for my clown's and he is doing well. I was curious if there is any concern with him being close to my green star polyp coral. I noticed it's polyps have been retracted for the past couple days. I looked around online but couldn't find anything definitive. Would really appreciate any info. Thanks!
  4. Thought I would give a quick update on how the aquarium is going. All the water parameters are good. I've added the wave maker and an eshoppe protein skimmer. I also ditched the media basket HOB filter and replaced it with my protein skimmer. All the live rock and sand has done a great job of filtration. It's stocked with a hairy mushroom, goniopora, palythoa, green star polyp, lord scan, a really beautiful black and white brittle star, a fire shrimp that has already molted, a pair of platinum clowns, a bi colored blenny and a green clown goby. I would love any feedback on coral placements or any ideas on improvements. a few more pics
  5. Thanks guys. I think you are right, the first is a green hairy mushroom and the second is a Long tentacle Anenome. I can't find anything that might match them better.
  6. I'm pretty sure the second is a long tentacle anemone after several people identified it. I'm still not sure about the first one though. I can't find anything similar online.
  7. @RIP Sebastian Thanks for helping me identify the second one. The first one is about 2-3 inches and the LTA it depends on how spread out it is. It also moves around a bit. In the day it fans out and at night it attaches to the back of the rock and closes up a little. I don't know what the heck the first pic is though. In the light it changes shape a little and it starts to look like its spreading out. It's small, circular, and its a fairly bright green with tannish hairs sticking out. Thanks for all the help identifying these guys.
  8. Can someone help me identify these 2 pieces? I really like them but don't know the names. Thanks!!
  9. Thanks guys! The plan for the next few weeks is definitely in researching and figuring out a game plan. Since the cycle process takes a while I just wanted to get a jump start on that part so I have some time. I got the rest of the water today and have both pumps and the filter operating well. I'm going to order a small heater and the floss in the meantime. @Clown79 Its Live Rock and live sand and 20G of purified ocean water. I attached a photo of the tank nice and full with both pumps running. Can't wait for it to clear up so I can see the rocks!
  10. Thanks StevieT. Will do. I'll upload some pics as soon as i get it setup. @RJWalters Thanks for the tip! You are absolutely right, I have A LOT to learn. Makes it all the more fun Starting an aquarium especially a reef aquarium as been on my mind for a few years now. I figured I would start with something that was "simple" and included everything I needed, so I went with the nano cube 28g. I am already thinking about my next tank. I do a TON of SCUBA diving and really love coral and tropical fish so it gives me incentive to invest in this as a hobby. I found nano-reef.com tonight while i was googling for some answers and so far this community has been amazing. Everyone seems to have a real passion for Aquaculture here and have been nothing but really helpful and super friendly. I'm going to update my post with pics as I go and would love any feedback. Thanks for all your help so far everyone. I probably would have ended up filling the rest of the tank with just RO water and mess up the salinity.
  11. Thanks StevieT . I've removed the sponge from the basket as well as the bag of bio balls. I'll let the tank run for a few weeks with just the pump sponges then remove those as well. Tomorrow will get a little heater and a better basket This is exciting! I can't wait to have everything setup properly.
  12. I'll pick up a small heater tomorrow when I grab the rest of the water. I'm in Los Angeles so its usually pretty warm but better to play it safe. Which ones are the bioballs? is it the white ceramic things? The aquarium near my house is pretty solid so they should be able to get me what I need tomorrow. Is the sponge in the media basket or are you talking about the 2 sponges that sit next to the pumps? Sorry for my ignorance. I have never setup an aquarium before but really want to do it the right way and build my own after I get my bearings.
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