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  1. ditto travis. guess ihave the best of both worlds wrx = awd + turbo + 4 doors @ 25-27mpg. power is nothing without control
  2. ish

    you have no idea how much i miss this car.
  3. pretty inspiring. good work. two different color bulbs? left side looks like it is lit by a lower Kelvin temp bulb
  4. trying to sell the 240 at the moment. wont do much of anything to the s2k until the payments are gone or really low. thanks for the compliments everyone yes, it does lack torque in the lower rpms, which is why forced induction is on the list of things to do. cpvince- yes, i own an sr20det powered 240sx also, which im trying to sell for $5000 obo.
  5. sold. 8700
  6. new riiiiiiiide
  7. i see 350 fwhp... very very good danielson. 1/4 mile? 0-60?
  8. turbo delsol!!!! nice. want to race? just sold my turbo gsr but maybe we could have a run with my sr20 powered 240? :-D how much whp are you laying down? pm me
  9. wont last long! bay area location
  10. im not tang police but something to consider is that yellow tangs, tangs in general do best in 5-6 ft of horisontally oriented tanks. without this space they wont live nearly as long, be subject to head and lateral line erosion, starvation from stress, stress caused by bumping into everything. tangs are stupid, but they know what they want, and if you can provide them with a tank and varied aquascape, they will forget what they have seen annd just keep on swimming, otherwise they realize that they are stuck (much like living your life in a well lit closet). I used to work at an LFS for four years, and 90% of the people that kept tangs before we advised them knew nothing about their requirements, and kept them in 10-29 gallon tanks. I hope you are getting at least a 75G-100G for your future tank if you plan on keeping him.
  11. wow 120$ that is insane! I worked at the most expensive aquarium in the bay and we only wanted $27, but I guess thats just how west coast prices are being as LAX is just a few hours away
  12. woop woop tang police are here. zebrasoma tangs (yellow tang) need at least 6 feet of swimming space to be truly happy and so lateral line erosion possibilities are cut down. Keeping it in there is like keeping you in a closet, and sprinkling in food through the little door slots. what pet shop sold you a yellow tang for such a small tank!?@?!?#! life expectancy in the wild=26 years, youll be lucky to keep it 6 months in there.
  13. kill that aiptasia!!!! Beautiful tank almost makes em want to get back into it
  14. GSP

    nice macro shot e_d