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  1. FS: 70w MH retro

    Payment Sent. Thank you! Can hardly wait.
  2. How Did You Discover Nano Reef Keeping?

    Worked at an LFS for 4 years and gradually went fromFW to SW FTO, then reef. Marks, how about we see some more technical questions on the main page? These = zzz.
  3. PM if interested. Will do my best to get pics up tomorrow. I have approximately 175 lbs of cured liverock that I am letting go for $2.50 per lb. I am located in Pacheco, CA, (bay area) and am looking to sell locally. Willing to deliver to nearby cities (san francisco, danville, san rafael, etc) for a fee. Prefer local pickup. This liverock has been in a tank for 7 years, and a recent move is causing me to sell it all off. It has coraline growth, and very good sponge growth as well. I have small, medium, and large pieces. Sorry, I will not ship--too much hassle. I will offer price cuts if you're interested in 50 or more pounds. PM is key Thanks, Nick ssmangrove
  4. 07 Mustang GT

    ditto travis. guess ihave the best of both worlds wrx = awd + turbo + 4 doors @ 25-27mpg. power is nothing without control
  5. Bi-Color Angelfish okay in a 20H gallon?

    get something small. no angels; they can destroy your reef anyways. firefish, royal gramma, royal dottyback, shrimp goby, those are all fine choices, but please, NO ANGELS!
  6. Perfect Tank

    revive this thread! iut's been nearly 2 yrs!
  7. My tank is HOT! And I don't mean dead sexy.

    Thanks reefdan and others, I moved out some rocks that were pinning my heater down and out of view, and whaddya know? The light is on and it's producing heat. Meanwhile, the aquarium thermometer was reading 85 degrees. BINGO! Heater = the suck. I turned it down to 75 before I left town. I get back tomorrow, and i'll let y'all know what it's at. Thanks all
  8. My thoughts on the community

    I agree. All too often, the fragile spirit of an aspiring reefkeeper is shattered by a so-called "expert" slamming them for their "newbie" question. This doesn't need to happen! Inform, don't insult! I used to belong to several automotive threads, which shall remain nameless. Put simply, new people on those forums with their novice questions are about as welcome as a clump of hair algae in a million dollar reef. It's a shame that so many people are turned away because their honest, sincere questions don't coincide with the egocentrism and bigotry of many veteran posters on those threads. While it's not quite as intense on this thread as it is over there, it's still prevalent.
  9. who likes my aquascaping

    The real question is, do you like it?
  10. Do Crabs eat coral?

    well put.
  11. My tank is HOT! And I don't mean dead sexy.

    Thanks, I will try that. I'll turn down the temp and compare the lows and highs of the day. I haven't ran the lights in a couple of days. The T5's generate little heat, but the distance will ultimately be +/- 4" No fans, the lights are not enclosed, (and they aren't on), so the small amount of heat they will produce won't make much of a difference. The rio is brand new, but i will try unplugging that if the heater method doesn't work, so I know where the problem is, if it's one of the two. PROFLATLANDER15: Currently, just 2x14w T5's, i have 2x55w PC's on the way, as well as a 24" Coralife actinic over a 29. None of these lights have been used in the last 24-48 hrs, though.
  12. Bi-Color Angelfish okay in a 20H gallon?

    Agreed. Taking a fish out of the ocean and putting it in the confines of an aquarium is bad enough, but to put it in a 20g, especially a vertically oriented one, is just torture. Call me pygmy angel police, call me animal rights person, or whatever, but I know myself that I wouldn't want to live my entire life in my 10x10 room. The contrasting colors on the bicolor angel truly are stunning, but there are smaller, reef safe fish with vibrant, contrasting colors that won't be as negatively affected by sticking them in a 20g. Bottom line, respect the fish's requirements; it's the least the people in this hobby can do. I used to work at a LFS, and all too often, people bought fish on appearance or behavior and ignored their basic survival needs. Emperor angels in 10 gallons, arowanas in 40 gallons, etc.. The outcome is never good, and it's cruel to the fish. Our policy was to not sell them fish if they couldn't meet the fish's requirements, but that never stopped people from lying to us, or shopping elsewhere. With the way the fish industry is going, we need to be more responsible with the lives of the fish we buy, not compromise them. This will only extend the hobby and prevent a negative impact on the trade and the population. Not much of a positive post, but I felt it needed to be said.
  13. House temperature: 71 degrees Aquarium temperature: 84 degrees. Equipment: 200w ebo jager heater. Filstar Xp3 Canister (don't ask), 1 powerhead (rio 400) Tank size: 29 gallons Lights: 2x14w T5 for now, but they WERE NOT TURNED ON ALL DAY Why is my tank so freakin' hot? The house is not hot, the equipment generates tiny amounts of heat (as far as I know), yet my tank is near lethal temperature. It's a new tank, so there's only liverock in it right now. It's well covered on top, with only a 2"x6" gap that exposes the water. Any ideas??
  14. SSMANGROVE is back! 50 Gallon reef (in wall? no!)

    Change is good, see the new thread here: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=102712