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  1. Reef Lighting

    I honestly can't believe you're still asking for this information months later, when you have literallly every single answer to every single question you could possibly ask, right at your finger tips.... Use them to ask google your questions. Then read, read and read some more until you find the answer to your questions. This hobby isn't easy. No one is going to do all the hard work for you. Good luck, hope you can sell the anemone and do your own research on BTAs before you buy one.
  2. IM 30l build (new fts)

    How's the tank? Did you get the nudi's under control?
  3. I do believe that would be the 1,200 gph model.
  4. I'll give my two cents... It's not solid black. You can see through it fairly easily, how much you can see through it really depends on the lighting outside, inside and around the tank. I have a few pics of the 30L on my thread (link in sig).
  5. Awesome! Gee, I hope the MM turns out as good as I expect to. I doubt it will disappoint. What model did you get, the 1200 gph? Did you get the uni-seals or bulkheads for drains? Mine's on its way now, can't wait to get it all set up.
  6. Can't wait to see the Black 30L on that APS stand. It's gunna look niiice.
  7. A few reasons: I read quite a few reviews of people complaining the Eclipse L external box bows. Also read complaints the lid warps. Modular Marine has virtually no chance of warping as the lids are made of polycarbonate. The box won't bow either. Modular marine comes with a lid for both internal and external boxes. It has a removable weir for easy cleaning. The internal box is 2.75" shorter. In the end, it was only $65 more and seems to be of greater quality, will last longer and comes with quite a few extras so I thought what the hell and went for it. We shall see. Do you have a build thread?
  8. Shell Less Trochus Snail!?

    Yes that looks like a Stomatella aka "paper shell snail". I does indeed have a shell.
  9. MIcoast's 34G

    I too enjoyed the Oberon salute. I'm a huge bells fan.
  10. Hmm just curious what you plan on fitting through that tiny hole?
  11. Orangutran's excuse to reef at work

    An excuse to reef at work! Brilliant. I think I may join this contest. Sure would make work more enjoyable to have a little reef on my desk....
  12. Reef Lighting

    Listen to Lula!
  13. The frogfish tank: Equipment ordered!

    Following. Anglers are my fav.
  14. Urbanek's ADA Trio

    Knew this tank was simply too good to be true
  15. And so this isn't just the worlds slowest most boring upgrade build ever, here are some photos of my Gold Hammer and fellow barnacle friend.