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  1. samnaz

    Pal's 30l reboot

    smoking while testing? now that's multitasking talent! impressive.
  2. ”hoping for another derrick” so you’re hoping for another clueless newb and it’s doomed livestock to come looking for help on this forum only to be laughed at and bullied by you?
  3. blast the monti with a turkey baster once a day or so, until it's all gone. if that doesn't work, very gently brush the algae off with a soft toothbrush.
  4. samnaz

    30l Build

    very nice 30L! how are things going with the tank lately? any new additions? despite the fish losses I'd say you're off to a great start. fish are not exactly easy, can be risky, and high maintenance. Especially when compared to keeping corals, I consider them not worth the hassle buuuut that's just me! you're right in waiting for the uglies to pass, instead of trying to rid your tank as quick as possible. diatoms get so much hate in the reefing community but you know, we have them to thank for providing ~half the oxygen we humans breathe! if they wanna hang out in my tank, fine by me. perfectly natural.
  5. samnaz

    Jamie’s IM 30L (with new pictures)

    another one bites the dust....?
  6. samnaz

    Dprosser4’s Nuvo 30L Mixed Reef

    welcome to the 30L club. full disclosure, mine's not wet yet but I still consider myself part of da club. 🤓 @micoastreefing is right, he is / was like the only active one. I'm not really here anymore, kinda migrated to another forum, oops... but at least three new 30L's have popped up recently so that's exciting!
  7. samnaz

    LITTLE BLUE - IM Nuvo 30L

    very nice. welcome to the 30L club! 🤓
  8. pic heavy? pshhh. not pic heavy enough for my liking anyway, let's see/hear more. really dig the rockscape. did you create those unique shapes yourself or did they come already sculpted? they look handmade but natural.
  9. samnaz

    bhadtestmebih’s IM Nuvo 30L

    nice! I have a 30L too, lovely tanks they are. surely you've added some life to the tank by now eh? let's get an update
  10. samnaz

    Ecotech VorTech MP10ES - SOLD

    PMed ya
  11. samnaz

    MIcoast's IM30L - new pics 8/25

    did the quad survive the spill?
  12. samnaz

    MIcoast's IM30L - new pics 8/25

    dang! sorry to see much loved pieces suffer such an awful big loss. that blows, man. what happened?? things were smooth sailing last I checked in months ago... fingers crossed at least one of the survivors made it to today.
  13. samnaz

    Aqua One 35 Nano Tank

    would be much easier / faster to just attack the problem at the most likely source. the source water. i'm sure you're aware of this, as it's been said 12874 times already. what will it take for you to address that? the brown algae you describe is most likely dinos or cyano and it will keep getting worse over time, until you determine the cause and eliminate it. i'm not sure why you're chasing ultra low/zero nitrates so hard. nitrates are NOT the reason your corals are dying. I have had 15-20+ ppm and never lost a coral because of it. i'm not sure why your corals are dying but again, it's very very unlikely caused by nitrate at 5-10ppm. go to the store today and get DISTILLED water. use it for a couple weeks and see how things progress. if the algae decreases and the corals start looking better/not dying, you'll know you need a new water source. it's that simple, just give it a try.
  14. Plumbing attempt #276 with rigid PVC and a bunch of 45's....
  15. samnaz

    Polarcollision's Nuvo 24: Sept DSLR pix

    Lucky the tank/everyone survived! Any idea what kinda heater you'll be switching to? I have a Cobalt Neotherm 100 watt, have for nearly two years without issue, but this has got me thinking I might want to switch to something less likely to explode....