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  1. what kind of hermits are they?
  2. Creating rock structures for the 30L - ahh the possibilities are endless! Anyone feel free to let me know what you think of these and how to make them better.... I've spent so much time looking at them I don't know what to think anymore. The final and most difficult task will be fitting them all together in a seamless natural ocean reef like way... Or this...
  3. ^ That is simply amazing.
  4. Can you post a pic for us?
  5. Love the six line photobombing the second pic! Also, tank is looking beautiful. You planning to sell those zoo frags? Or do you just really really like them?
  6. Sexy Shrimp hangin on a monti frag. Unknown frag. ID, anyone?
  7. When you figure out how to mount that Pro, please give the rest of us detailed instruction with photos!
  8. Nice tank! 10 blue leg hermits?! Is that the secret to keeping a pristinely clean tank? Do you feed them?
  9. I absolutely LOVE that stand!
  10. Do you have a build thread for your 30L?
  11. Here is an awesome video I just found on youtube of Eric Borneman demonstrating how to frag many many kinds of corals. It's very long but I enjoyed every second and it's been the most helpful by FAR of all the videos I've seen about fragging (and I've seen a lot....)
  12. My emerald crab is kinda crazy. If he's awake and sees my hand or anything moving near his abode, he waves his arms around and attempts to grab at it, even if I'm far far out of reach. When I feed him with tongs, he grabs the tongs (not the food...) and holds on for dear life. He holds on so tight I could probably pull him out with them if I tried, ha. Luckily he never leaves the shadows of his den amongst the rocks, and I've never seen him bothering my corals.
  13. Woah! You may want to up the snail count. How large are the Ceriths? How many gallons is that tank? Looks like 20-30? Perhaps get a couple more Ceriths. Or a couple of Trochus snails, they are awesome at devouring algae.
  14. Nudibranchs are the coolest sea creatures!