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  1. After doing some researching, I've come to the conclusion the tiny shrimps were in fact Sexy Shrimp larve. Unfortunately, as I suspected, all are now dead and gone 24 hours later. A great deal of planning and lots of time and effort is absolutely required to successfully raise these shrimp. As soon as the holidays have passed and I have the new tank all set up, I'll finally have some free time and I'm gunna tackle sexy shrimp breeding. And I'm gunna keep at it until I'm successful and have too many sexies to know what to do with. Mark my words!
  2. Wave maker

    I can't speak for the RW but I have used a PP-4 for well over a year, it's going strong despite having never been cleaned (I should def do that soon) and I have no complaints. Can't do better as far as controllability and low price point. In fact, you can buy two and keep one as back up (just in case) and it's still cheaper than any other powerhead + controller.
  3. Dusted off the $7 microscope iphone lens. Managed to get a couple good photos of the tiny shrimp.
  4. Polarcollision's Nuvo 24: December FTS

    Where on earth did you find branching cyphastrea?
  5. Made a delightful discovery while observing the tank tonight - tons of tiny baby shrimp swimming about! Of course my first thought was sexy shrimp babies, but as far as know procreation among captive sexy shrimp is uncommon/unlikely. Maybe mysis? Gunna do some searching to figure out exactly what they are. In the mean time, trying to keep them all alive (turned off the skimmer and filter for the time being). Here's to hoping they can out complete the hydroids and vermetids *wishful thinking*....
  6. Yep, those guys. Do the ones that you have seem to be bothering or stinging any other creatures in your tank? I think you're onto something with the army of emerald crabs idea. The one I had would aggressively pick at anything in search of food (even metal tongs). Luckily he lived in a hole within an isolated rock with no corals, so his aggressive tendencies were never an issue. And he had his rock looking immaculate. Whereabouts in FL? I'm from Orlando. I'm headed to Palm Harbor, near Tampa. When I think of a white sand beach all I can picture is Clearwater beach, which isn't exactly my cup of tea. I enjoy the white sand but I don't enjoy an overcrowded beach. I prefer the untouched, rockier beaches like Honeymoon Island. I haven't explored many beaches in FL though, and I'm definitely all ears for some recommendations on the gulf coast. I will be spending most of my time beachcombing :-)
  7. the not so nano 80 gal

    Happy birthday!
  8. RKEv2

    do you have pics?
  9. Sharbuckles Low Boy Lagoon

    This should be insanely cool. Think of all the awesome top down viewing capabilities!
  10. Nobody ever wants yellow airline tubing. Aquamaxx obviously didn't get that memo.
  11. Shallow Reef Tank Pt.2

    25 gallons must last you forever!
  12. Thank you! I'm flattered you even took the time to browse through it... :-) I forced myself to put the new setup on hold until the new year, or I'm trying to anyway. I'm getting new carpet in a few weeks annnd just booked a two week long trip to florida for the holidays. Have to get my current tank under control and ready for my absence, which quite frankly terrifies me. On top of that, digitate hydroids are quickly multiplying and I'm seriously concerned they will completely take over my tank in the coming weeks. I think you mentioned you have a colonial hydroid problem, any plans for eradication? In the small amount of research I've done on hydroids, most people claim that populations die down on their own/for unknown reasons. I'm not sure I'm comfortable waiting to see what happens and hoping for the best. I'd rather take action now, before it's too late.
  13. Shallow Reef Tank Pt.2

    Absolutely love that starry blenny. If I ever get a fish, that'd be my first pick.
  14. Shallow Reef Tank Pt.2

    Hey there! Nice setup. Random question about red sea blue bucket salt, do you use a scale or other method of measuring?
  15. Das Limpet?

    I think I have these too. How big is it? At first I thought it was an Asterina star limb, hah.