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  1. I have a 20L with a hob filter and hob skimmer. The filter is not detrimental at all, provided you preform proper routine maintenance. It's far from useless. I have filter floss, carbon and purigen in mine and although I've never attempted to run the tank without the filter, I assume the tank wouldn't do as well as it is now. It also provides flow, and increases the total tank volume a bit (if you have a large one like ac110) which is helpful for stability.
  2. Gorgeous! I love cup corals. They look especially incredible under actnics. I have two that hitchhiked on my live rock and they're my absolute favorite of all my corals. And they were free! I'm transferring to a new tank with dry rock soon, and honestly I'm more worried about how to get the cup corals transferred than anything else. I think I'm going to try to break off the piece of live rock they are on and hope they survive.
  3. Price drop! (includes shipping) Current Orbit Marine 24-36” - $80 Adjustable Tank Mount Bracket - $25 Light + Mount Combo - $100 OBO.
  4. Pics of the WP-25?
  5. I've said it before and I'll say it again.... simply BEAUTIFUL. You got this contest in the bag
  6. Mine stretches like that when it's not getting enough light.
  7. This is true. I just like dark stuff in general. The back of the tank is black too, and I plan on adding lots of deeper more boldly colored corals - purple, magenta, maroon, gold. Less neon colors. The exact opposite goal for most reef hobbyists. Unusual I know, but it's what I like!
  8. Great question! I haven't given too much thought about acquiring inverts. Because, as far as I know, it's wild inverts or nothing for the most part. I plan to look into this a bit more. If captive bred is an option of course I prefer that, but I'm not at all opposed to the idea of acquiring wild specimens. I want certain inverts bad enough to care less... I feel selfish/guilty just saying that haha. Yeah! Well, I won't even consider it until I have a massive healthy pod population. We'll see.
  9. NEW TANK IDEAS! I am thinking about going with a Sulewsi Indonesia theme. Specifically the Lembeh Strait. Many scientists consider it one of the most biologically diverse areas of the ocean, and it certainly includes some of the strangest creatures that exist. Substrate: Keeping with the Lembeh theme, the black/mucky substrate is Lembeh's most defining feature (scuba-divers call it "Muck Diving") and it's definitely essential if I want to realistically recreate the place. Most reefers disagree, but I happen to love the look of dark sand. I think I'll go for it. Still not 100% sure. Fish: The Angler/Frogfish is one of Lembeh's super weird creatures, and it's my absolute favorite fish. I'm not a huge fan on the thought of keeping fish. Also really not a fan of collecting wild caught fish. So, if at all possible, I want captive bred fish. That leaves very limited options, and obviously... no Frogfish. I remain undecided on that for now. Corals: (most importantly) Aquacultured corals only. NO exceptions! Unless I will literally die if I can't have a certain wild coral, and I definitely don't see that happening. (Go ahead and call me a treehugger for being kind of semi-anti-wild-collection). Now on to the photos....
  10. Survival of the fittest. Don't want to see it unfold in your tank? Only get species that don't prey on each other. It's that simple. Before you make a purchase, read up and find out if they are crab and snail safe. When you get carnivorous or omnivorous species, be sure you keep them well fed (although this doesn't guarantee they won't eat your other livestock, it helps). Why don't you return it?
  11. Thanks for that. I should have said... *I think maybe* it's a pineapple sponge *but I really have no idea what I'm talking about*. It did cross my mind that they look more yellow in color than a pineapple sponge does, and also have more than one breathing hole unlike the pineapple sponges I've seen. Yeah, I called them "breathing holes"... That's how knowledgeable I am when it comes to sponges.
  12. I'm willing to let this go for REALLY CHEAP. Seriously. Make an offer. I want it sold asap! It's a great light, way underrated imo.
  13. Who here has used black sand? Particularly either of these types: Caribsea Hawaiian Black (0.25 - 3.0 mm) Caribsea Indo-pacific Black (0.25 - 5.0 mm) Nature's Ocean Bio-Activ Live Aragonite (What's the grain size?) I am thinking about creating a tank with a Lembah Strait/Sulewsi Indonesia theme. The sand there is mucky, black and made up of volcanic matter. I know the main issues with black sand are the lack of buffering abilities, as they are not calcium based. Has anyone every tried mixing it with some calcium based substrate? I was thinking about mixing it with some of the Caribsea Special Grade Reef Sand, to provide some calcium buffering. Apparently, Nature's Ocean Bio-Activ Live Aragonite provides adequate buffering abilities. Can anyone confirm this is true? Another issue is the grain size which has a wide range, up to 5.0 mm which is much too large. Could I use a strainer to sort out the extra large grains? If you have used black sand in your tank, POST A PIC! I want to see what it actually looks like in real life.
  14. Those are pineapple sponges. Harmless filter feeders.
  15. You're onto something here. I think it looks great, the design and the idea!