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  1. Weird slime coral emits during feeding?

    Yes that is a normal response to feeding. Euphyllias in particular are known for having long sweeper tentacles.
  2. Oceanboy's 15g Mini Cove

    I think your Torch is a Frogspawn or Octospawn.
  3. Hitchhiker's Cove - What's next?

    It is quite amazing she was hidden from sight for so many months. Did you ever have any livestock go missing unexplained? I mean, what's she been eating?!
  4. Hitchhiker's Cove - What's next?

    wow! incredible!
  5. Hitchhiker's Cove - What's next?

    is that a mantis?!
  6. Dang I've searched all my life for a shark tooth, no luck. I only lived in FL for 12 years though, and I was born there so obviously too young to go shark tooth hunting... but I visit 2-3 times a year since then (gulf side), spend all my time beach combing.
  7. Can I give you my GSP for free? I have two frags, big ones. They are from Legendary which called them "Teal GSP" but they are brown, in my tank anyway.
  8. What beach did you find a juvenile Megladon tooth?!
  9. Hitchhiker's Cove - What's next?

    Neat picture of the pods! Do they really look that yellow in real life though? What kind of microscope lens are you using? I got a cheap one for like $6 on amazon that works great.
  10. Harmless sponge, or what?

    very cool!
  11. What tank should I buy?

    Def 30L. The dimensions are better, but I just love long and shallow. Another thing to consider is what you want to be spending on lighting. Lighting for a long tank like the 30L which is 36" can get pretty steep fast. I decided on the Nanobox Quad (I got a great deal on it but they are not cheap). Light for the 20 would be much cheaper. I still recommend the 30L
  12. Haley's IM 10 Nuvo Black

    Glad I could help
  13. Nuvo Fusion 30L Build with Custom Stand

    How's this tank coming along?
  14. Cloudy water from live sand

    No, and even if it did it wouldn't really matter because your tank has already established a healthy bacteria population if it's been running for a few months. Rinsing with tap water doesn't cause serious die off, think of it like washing your hands without soap, it does nothing to clean your hands free of bacteria. If you don't rinse it, it will be cloudy for days after you add it, and every time you disturb the sand bed even a little bit there will be a dust/silt storm. I didn't rinse my live sand, and I really regret it.