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  1. will this work

    i bought this leds SYGAVLED 165W LED https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KJHWHYK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 the only problem is that the blues only dont look royal blue more like ligth blue and will they grow the corals in the tank i have leathers and hammers torches acans and zoas
  2. about leds dont know much

    i will thank you
  3. about leds dont know much

    18 x Cool white(10000-16000K), 6 x Neutral whites(6500-7500K), 2 x Green 520nm and 2 x Deep red 660nm14 x Royal Blue 450nm, 9 x Blue 470nm, 2 x Violet 420nm and 2 x UV 400nm are this good
  4. What is growing in the zoas

    thanks will take all the algae out` and dip the zoas today i also have a hammer that a bit of it i will dip it to
  5. Neomeris annulata overtaking my display

    how did u get rid of the Neomeris Annulata? i have a few of them and well u dont want my tank to grow them
  6. What is growing in the zoas

    as it spread to one of my other rocks full of mushrooms ' i just noticed
  7. What is growing in the zoas

    can i use any kind of hydrogen peroxide like from the dollar store .. and how can i dip it ? and is the Neomeris Annulata safe for my reef? and if not how can i remove it ? can i just plug it out ? hahah
  8. can i clean my cant like this

    thanks guys i waited today i made the water change and sorry i couldn't reply i was just to sick i contracted a flu .......thanks for the info
  9. What is growing in the zoas

    Bought the frag like this but now it wont even open all the way what it is and how to take care of it ? Also i have some green stuff growing in my kenya tree
  10. finished cycle

    i just finished my cycle on my 54 gallon but i cant seem to bring down the nitrites with the water change they are around 10 ppm i am making 10 gallons to make another water change but is it normal or will go down by it self
  11. today is water change for all my tanks i made water for all my saltwater and bought distilled for my freshwater the problem is i am sick i have a sore throat maybe infection ? i dont mind cleaning my tank like this but wil it be safe for my fish
  12. blackbox

    i need something that has a little purple to it and makes the corals pop
  13. will they get along

    yay okays
  14. will they get along

    can i mix this two clown a true percula clown fish and a black clownfish the true perc is like 4 inches long and the black one will be small
  15. cycling

    i will monitor it till sunday to see how it does if anything spikes up again i will wait a few more days more if not ill make a huge water change and add the clean up crew:):)