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  1. getting free fish with ick worth it ?

    yup hes not that good of a freind just met him on facebook on a local 6 people reef club that i started
  2. getting free fish with ick worth it ?

    i know !!!! i have only three fish in there that aren't reef safe and lots of room for them not to many live rock so so much swimming space ill see how bad they are and see if i can treat them if not a fish store 2 hours away said they can take them in
  3. getting free fish with ick worth it ?

    i see yeah not worth it and i have a 90 gallon fowlr .. the only reason i wanted to take them is because he wants to take them out and let them die our in a bucket with out water i told him thats horrible
  4. my freind is trying to convince me to get his two yellow tangs and other fish for free but they are covered with ick. i have 3 aquariums in my house that are sw and one that is fresh water . if i get the fish is there a possibility of contaminating my tank with the parasite ill have them on QT . but i just want to know that if i get my hands in there then wash them off and put my hands in my other aquariums will i cross contaminate ?
  5. friends put hands in tank

    her intention was to pet my clown and yeah lol i just told her not to do it no more that its poison and she could die that scared her good no it was my freind 22 year old .. she is just to dumb and does things without thinking... i swear she feeds dogs chocolate thinking is a great treat for them
  6. 284321B8-DD81-4A8D-A32C-6B58C94F90B7.jpeg

    oh wow great thanks !!! makes corals look great
  7. friends put hands in tank

    will be okays hahah i know i should put a sing no touching !! hahah those are my babies
  8. friends put hands in tank

    thanks i was just worried as i know we out make up or other things and they stay sometimes in our hands lol i did get mad at her
  9. friends put hands in tank

    my friends came over and left her in the living room and when i came back i see them putting their hands in my fish tank graving my clowns hjahaha will they be okay i have a bag of carbon in there
  10. ick on my friends tank

    made it have the corals in there at he moment i have them in my tempeture controlled garrage doing great
  11. ick on my friends tank

    can i buy a 15 gallon tub from home depot add some live rock in there biospira to help it get started heater pump and some lights .
  12. 284321B8-DD81-4A8D-A32C-6B58C94F90B7.jpeg

    lightning ? love the color
  13. ick on my friends tank

    will a two gallon sandles tank do with a cheap powerehead and filter ? also a 24 watt t5 s for cureing the rocks and corals.. as for my equipment can i dip in vinegar for a day and then dry for two days ? will that work
  14. ick on my friends tank

    i lended some equipment to my friend for his reef but he encountered ick in his tank yesterday. he will be giving me back my equipment but how can i cure it to use it again so i wont cross contaminate my tank. also i will be getting all his corals and they have rock and everything how can i cure that also to safely put in my tank i know ick can travel in rocks...
  15. can black outs cause bleaching

    yeah few days ago it was nuclear green with purple tips now the tips look white but under blues it stills shows green i will feed it twice a week with reef roids and hope in a few weeks it recovers