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  1. have alot of those in my tank came as hitchhikers i give them to my friend he loves them also red bubble algae haha
  2. Bionoob 29; Time to Upgrade to a 40!

    lovely tank
  3. pink anthelia are they okay

    i recently went thru a big of a trouble with my tank as some cream got into it moved all corals out o the tank and put them in a 40 gallon all corals are doing okays except for one. my pink anthelia it looks skinny and very tiny are they melting or pissed off .. today i got everything out made a huge water change added another new carbon but the anthelia aren't opening up like they did. they used to be long and fat as well will they make it any advice or i just wait it out and see what happens
  4. baby put hands in tank with lotion help!!!!!!!!

    no toxic coral in tank that i know of... moved everything to my 40 gallon making water for water change and yeah he is okay. i have no idea how he got the top off it has little clips but babies learn fast , and see everything. my mistake for showing him the reef and led him see me do water changes as he brings me he little buckets my little helper not mad at him nor my mom things happen and i am a nurse if i see anything wrong ill immediately take him to the er thank god he didn't get anything on his mouth .... my mom gave me the full story and he grabbed the corals with my little coral arm and took them apart but haha i fraged them into a plug and now they are opened and alive except for the leather looks skinny for some reason i will make the water change run carbon like u guys said and wait a couple of days and then slowly put everything back thank u so much for the advice
  5. my two year old baby put hands in tank and ripped off some corals !!!!!! my 61 year ol mother was baby sitting my baby and saw he had alot of lotion in his hands she wiped it off with a towel and when she put the towel away came back to see that my son had his hands in the tank i got home 2 hours later to find corals stressed looking skinny all the hsp were closed for some reason hammer corals look fine ..... leather look skinny verry verry skiny and also kenya .... tooked all the corals out put them in the other tank i have with has no carbon since i was going to led my husband stock it what should i doo my biocube is with lotion and well only rock is in there and a bag of carbon please help dont want to loos all my corals
  6. Bionoob 29; Time to Upgrade to a 40!

    wow great job with the tank i love it !!! wish i could see that i'm at work all the time lol
  7. Bionoob 29; Time to Upgrade to a 40!

    pics i want to see your progress
  8. biocube 29 gallon idk what to do no more

    i guess he toked out the algae... i told him only rock without corals but he is not to blame he do not know much about scrubbing or water changes
  9. biocube 29 gallon idk what to do no more

    the tank went from this to this like i said i dont think nothing is melting my brother in law did tell me that when he made a water change he toked everything out to scrub and the corals too this and this is from today
  10. biocube 29 gallon idk what to do no more

    ahahha i dont sleep i am a nurse and yess i will led them be noting is melting or dying on me yet thank god
  11. recently went thru hurricane Harvey some debris fell in my tank made a water change with ro water 7 gallon water change to be exact. fish aren't stressed no more they are very happy but coral aren't opening up all the way except for hammers they are more they are opening up and also one leather checked calcium is very high up at the 500 s that could be one but even then i have issues where is like that and al my soft corals are opened and thriving is it maybe my ligth as i got a new light last week 165 watt led have it at blues 40 and whites 35. but few days turned it to 50 and 40 and well idk if its that or water ... today as right now i turned it back to 45 blues and 35 whites idk what to do and i don't want to give up my husband is coming back and i want him to see a new reef full of opened corals and life and color anyone help?????????
  12. out of distilled water

    lmfao hahaha i wish decided to go with 7 gallons of ro water and next week ill do a 6 gallon distilled water change and i have Aquafina water bottles ill top off with those for now . pray for texas guys we need it