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  1. hey reef safe u know the proper name for it I can't find it
  2. Thanks and Tess I reasearch and they are
  3. Thank you so much what about this one he whants to give to me as well
  4. Hey my friend gave me a frag and I don't know what it is and so does he all he know that it spreads. ! All I know is not a Zoa
  5. Thanks gena 😘 I appreciate the advice I posted a pic of how they are looking right now
  6. yes I match the Temperature on the tank to the water making and also do the same for the sanity level....
  7. that is. Just a little update on them
  8. All water perimeters are good fish are not stressed the tank is even growing purple in the glass ... i do weekly water changes but i am going start doing every two weeks instead since i am a nurse i do not have t a lot of time on my hands..... yesterday the xenias closed up on me for about 8 hours but in the morning when i checked on them they were looking good and happy... there is even little ones growing lol the...... and hey if you guys are going to throw your corals away just send them to me i will take them off your hands thanks guys and thank you for the replies .....
  9. Hello my xenias decided to all close up are they dying ?