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  1. wish mine would grow that fast
  2. moved away from tank to my friends for now till i get my 40 gallon set up...... it in good hands wil the clown make it or grow it back
  3. i love your xenia
  4. He is swimimg and eating but poor guy and i was thinking same thing the shrimp 🍤
  5. in a bit when i get home from lunch i will take one :/
  6. sorry i only have one pair in their corrected the mistake ... and it has a big portion of it wiped there is no tail left
  7. i woke up this morning and my clown fish tail is missing nipped or something is swimming fine but will he die ? or will it be fine and grow back i have no idea who made this i have on the tank bandit shrimp pajama cardinal and one pair of clowns been there for few months so idk what happened
  8. i woke up this morning and my clown fish tail is missing nipped or something is swimming fine but will he die ?
  9. okays so i have a few question about water...... for the tank using distilled water will come out alittle to expensive like 38 dollars for all 40 gallons what is RODI water is that the water i use from the windmills where i purchase my drinking water..... i do not want to use tap water
  10. okay thank u will keep u guys updated with the tank
  11. this one looks good and cheap as well not too fine not to big looks good anyone had any experience with this ?
  12. hey guys tank is cleaned and ready to go my friend told me he has this sand on his reef and its worked out for him great just want to know if its safe as she tends to do things without searching...... her reef is like an year old with 40 pounds of this hahaha i love the color of her reef but is up to you guys will post pictures of tank tomorrow
  13. i know right!!!!!! will get home and scrub all the aquarium well i can always put my brother in law lol !!!!!! why do the work rigth post some pictures maybe ina few days going to wash it for a few days before i put it in again !!!!!!!!thanks so much for the advice guys love you all
  14. that lfs guy ussh haha they said a tang can live very happy all its life in a 40 galon i will doo instead just two black clowns thats it and a bunch of soft corals ... and thanks i do not want to stress any fish in any way .. i will post pictures of the progress in the tank...
  15. okays i have a brand new hob filter here but is 30 gallons but not planing to put but only 2 clowns and a tang thats it and mushroom colonies ... how many power heads and can i just get away with live rock only nothing else