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  1. My Nano

    Latest addition, Goby's new resting area. https://www.amazon.com/photos/share/pNwUVRcaNDd6jwhjCJs5zUP4TSOOoO1fge6vJ5xttBO
  2. How many aquariums do you have?

    Two, my 7.5 nano I've already posted about and this 15g high I've had for about eight months. I have a 2.5g freshwater hanging refugium on it.You may not be able to see her but the larger yellow tetra is the mother of all the rest of course except the two guppies. https://www.amazon.com/photos/share/XykWkvyVa8wvhZo4L103MRF0kesaAyomtkhdAnxRbfT
  3. Where does your aquarium's saltwater come from?

    LFS, $10 deposit on the container it holds 4 gallons RO Salted, I have 2 of them. His salinity is almost always right on 1.025
  4. How do you clean the viewing panels of your nano reef?

    Inside is a magnet scrubber. https://www.amazon.com/photos/share/YCjo8j0S3GnVaNfafZVHh1DuDqtN2Hx2qN7DHdFP3ux
  5. My Nano

    Now he thinks he's an Ocellaris Clown in an Anemone! https://www.amazon.com/photos/share/8auyY3CVcHPfoEw8VVAk61TWS9v2e9zZ2mwJDIFzEvN
  6. How do you "top-off" your nano reef?

    I have two small lines drawn in the upper right corner on the tank glass with a marker. Low one is where I turn on the dosing pump, high one is where I stop it. The tank and dosing container are both checked for salinity before hand, and adjustments made accordingly. The "on" is via voice command to "Alexa" and a smart plug. The off is preset in the smart phone app to allow only 20 minutes on time (this arrived by observation and testing and the drip rate). Works well for me.
  7. Good idea to add this skimmer or any skimmer?

    Majority rules (Everyone lol), no skimmer This is why I frequent forums such as this, always no matter the subject, been very helpful. IMO this is where you find the true experts, not so much in manuals and books. Thx all
  8. Clean Hands

    Wash, rinse real good, gloves.
  9. Good idea to add this skimmer or any skimmer?

    Thx everyone for your input I am the wiser for it. I've decided I'll only get one if it's external and the ones I've looked at so far don't impress me. I'll keep looking until I find just what I want or I'll just abandon the idea.
  10. My Nano

    He was a bugger at first to get to eat, took over a week till I actually saw him take in some frozen brine shrimp and now live brine. I imagine he was eating bits of something till then. He spits out flakes rejects granules, picky picky. He's finally comfortable in the tank now not hiding in crevices. Gonna try blood worms next. I soak the brine shrimp live and frozen in vitamins for at least a half hour hoping this helps.
  11. Coral Placement

    He was addressing this particular sps I purchased as in height in the tank. As mentioned by HarryPotter lots of factors involved, like where did he have it placed in the tank, what was his lighting, what is my lighting so on. The tank it was in at the LFS had 6 height tiers, this one was very near the top. Not sure why he wanted it to start low but that's what he told me.
  12. Coral Placement

    I'm pretty much a beginner myself so take my words with a grain of salt these folks on here KNOW When I bought my first sps at the LFS the owner (Been in business for a long long timer his dad started it and he is long pasted), he said start it low work it up higher gradually so that is what I have been doing, about a week at a time. Next step will be at it's highest.
  13. My Nano

    Who says red slime doesn't have a plus side, if you don't agree my yellow clown Goby would argue: https://www.amazon.com/photos/share/smF8BNJsRLZ18pSTCc0Otu683MRzSWME2Urxd7ulih He favors it over bare rock resting I imagine because it's softer and more cozy
  14. What do you love about reefing?

    I love every bitty bit of it, from changing the water, testing water parameters and seeing them well within limits, and if borderline or over limit making adjustments to correct it. I like fine tuning. I love gadgets and as we all know aquarium keeping is a gadget lovers paradise. I love that the lighting is handled automatically assuring everyone gets their proper "shut eye" lol. I love filters and watching the water flow back into the tank and knowing that the tank is being turned over 40 times per hour. I love telling "Alexa" (my helper, love this gal) to turn off filters while I feed, to start and stop timers while I test, to set events marking water changes due ect... I love watching the tank for hours like all of you, the joy of seeing alls well and flourishing, the joy/satisfaction/accomplishment/payoff far surpasses watching any sitcom on the idiot tube.
  15. Good idea to add this skimmer or any skimmer?

    Thx I'll do that. The only reason I consider the skimmer is I do not believe you can over filter, and if it added even a 5% improvement in water quality it's worth it to me.