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    1st nano-reef; 12-gallon acrylic cube w/ 65w lighting; 1997 to 2000<br />[url=http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=77773&hl=]'97 nano-reef[/url]<br /><br />2nd nano-reef; ALIFE 7-gallon cube w/ 81w lighting; 2/2002 to 5/2005<br />[url=http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=77158&view=findpost&p=701494]ALIFE 7[/url]<br /><br />3rd nano-reef; NC6 6-gallon cube w/ 72w lighting; 6/2005 to ------ 3/2010<br />[url=http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=58141]NC6[/url]
  1. rickjg

    Cylinder aquarium stand: What material should I use?

    Find a stainless steel cylinder shaped trash can and turn it upside down ... instant stand!
  2. rickjg

    2 Gallon Vase Reef

    Glad to see more vase reefs (and planted vases too) ... see links on my curvilinears
  3. rickjg

    fake sand bed?

    fake sand bed = barebottom, same difference
  4. rickjg

    fake sand bed?

    "Aquarium silicone", good call!
  5. rickjg

    fake sand bed?

    One thought would be to cut a piece of acrylic or thick plastic the size of the tank bottom, coat it thickly with SG gel and then quickly pour a generous amount fine crushed coral or sand over the SG gel, pushing it down into the SG gel. After drying, knock off the loose sand and you have a removable and cleanable, even bleach-able, "sand bed" base.
  6. rickjg

    Unofficial Pico Methodology Contest

    Thanks and I'm sorry to be dropping out, but I do plan to setup the pico again in the future. Good luck to the remaining contestants. -Rick
  7. rickjg

    Pico Methodology Contest, FTS Submissions

    Aug FTS Sorry ... ... I'm out ... In the middle of buying a house/moving & life is pretty much KAOS
  8. rickjg

    Opinion on live sand Stored

    If you can rinse the sand with salt water before adding to your tank it would be better. The bagged "live sand" is just sand inoculated with nutrient solution to stimulate bacteria growth, so it's not like your partly used bag is full of dead worms or pods, which would be the case if you stored real LS from an established tank.
  9. rickjg

    Kailyn's 5.5g AIO

  10. rickjg

    cdalmost's Overpowered Picotope

    Sorry ... ... you're pico didn't work out, thought it had good potential.
  11. rickjg

    Unofficial Pico Methodology Contest

    What a great contest sponsor ... ... Go ReefCleaners !!! So, we will be able to add the "Crew" to our picos after the Aug FTS ?
  12. rickjg

    canister putting micro bubbles in my tank

    You still have air in the CF.
  13. rickjg

    Pico Methodology Contest, FTS Submissions

    ......................... July FTS .......................... Going thru the cycle again ... ... Corals that I added were doing very poorly, after investigating discovered the Finnex heater was cracked and the heater was full of small metallic beads that were dissolving into the water. Pulled out everything, cleaned and replaced the live rock as well as the sand (went black this time).
  14. rickjg

    which bulb to replace stock lights with

    UVL PC=R lamps with internal reflectors would be hot, if they are available. http://www.nanotuners.com/index.php?cPath=...th95i73po2e8km4
  15. rickjg

    New BC14! LFS in San Diego?

    +1 Wish Scripps would complete construction soon, I've finally resorted to mixing water for the 1st time ever ...