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  1. RODI Filter Care

    I'm considering setting up a small (10 or 14 gal) reef tank, and am having issues with the water. There seems to be nowhere near me where I can buy RODI water, and I can't help but feel that an RODI system will cost me and cause more trouble than its worth for the amount of water I will need. How often will I have to change the filters if I'm only making some 20 gallons of water a month? It seems that I saw somewhere that two of the filters needed to be changed every so many months no matter what. With the price of those filters, it seems like I'd cost myself more than it'd be worth.
  2. 10 Gal Cube LEDs?

    Where exactly would I look to find a used light? My area has little reefing activity, so Craigslist is out, and I haven't found a reefing club around me.
  3. 10 Gal Cube LEDs?

    Hey! I'm just a month or two away from ordering my Fusion 10g (12" x 12"), and I just have a few more questions. Now, I'm stuck on lighting. I don't want to grow anything crazy, mainly zoas, frogspawn, etc. I would love to be able to grow a blue birdsnest, as they are by far my favorite corals. I would prefer LEDs, and don't really want to spend too much. No $200 fixtures. I've been looking at the kessil a80, the aquamaxxx nemolight, and even considered the IM Skkye LED. The Skkye seems too weak. Any other recommendations/opinions? Thanks!