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  1. Where exactly would I look to find a used light? My area has little reefing activity, so Craigslist is out, and I haven't found a reefing club around me.
  2. Hey! I'm just a month or two away from ordering my Fusion 10g (12" x 12"), and I just have a few more questions. Now, I'm stuck on lighting. I don't want to grow anything crazy, mainly zoas, frogspawn, etc. I would love to be able to grow a blue birdsnest, as they are by far my favorite corals. I would prefer LEDs, and don't really want to spend too much. No $200 fixtures. I've been looking at the kessil a80, the aquamaxxx nemolight, and even considered the IM Skkye LED. The Skkye seems too weak. Any other recommendations/opinions? Thanks!