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  1. lol its not that terrifying. I do it every week before water change.
  2. RotaryReef

    Pump on Fusion 20 Noisy!

    @Begow Get a Sicce 1.5 https://www.amazon.com/Sicce-Syncra-Aquarium-Pump-357gph/dp/B004VFP3AC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1517750293&sr=8-1&keywords=sicce+1.5
  3. RotaryReef

    This Salty Frag Tank

    @This guy is extra salty How are you liking the smart auto with water change? Im thinking of picking one up but would like to hear your review.
  4. RotaryReef

    Pom Pom Crab

    Love our Pom Pom. Like many above have stated they are more nocturnal so don't expect seeing them during the day. We are fortunate enough that our Pom Pom likes to "hide" were we can see her lol
  5. So you giving up on the Drop Off? I'm surprised this happened twice, especially from @Marine Depot
  6. Holy crap again?! That blows
  7. RotaryReef

    Biocube 32 relapse tank

    Have a heater yet or you still running without?
  8. RotaryReef

    Zoa ID

    @GrandLotus Send me a Polyp so I can analyze what it is Cool zoa though, curious to see what the name is as well
  9. RotaryReef

    Cloudy water

    Ok so next step then. It sounds like an Algae bloom. What are your water parameters? I know you recently did a large water change but still curious to see. Also, what is your light schedule?
  10. RotaryReef

    Cloudy water

    Looks like you have a fine sand bed in there now that I look closer. It is possible the sand bed was disturbed and that is causing the cloudy water (No sure how well you rinsed the sand prior to laying it in the tank) When you did the 40% water change did you just kind of dump it in? It could of kicked around more sand thus the increased cloudiness. I would try not to touch the tank for a few days and see if it clears up.
  11. I think he wants to put an additional return pump into his diplay for circulation. @diogopmg I would get something like this instead of a return for the display. CLICK HERE
  12. RotaryReef

    Cloudy water

    Any details you can provide of whats in the tank? When my toadstool shed it cause the water to be cloudy for a few days. Not sure if you have one maybe in there.
  13. RotaryReef

    Could use some help for my 5g .

    I would isolate the GSP to maybe an island of its own somewhere. Its going overtake your scape otherwise eventually
  14. RotaryReef

    Feedback on AutoAqua Smart Auto Water Changer

    Guessing no one has bought/used yet?