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  1. I got 2 morelife rocks and made this aquascape... im not sure about it still, what do you guys think? Using the shelf rock is hard, i need some critiquing from experts! Theres about 4" gap from all side panes of glass
  2. Alright here is the aquascape right now.. id definitely like some criticism so blast away! Its hard to aquascape withthe 1 piece of shelf i bought, i also bought 2 more of the life rock shapes .. i didnt think id like them but theyre pretty awesome
  3. Yes thanks. I am still having a hard time figuring out my sump media. I only have a 10g sump and had lots of mechanical filtration sponges. Now though im thinking ill buy a used skimmer SCA-301 to replace those sponges and pads
  4. Alright! So here is my tank journal... My goal was to make an easy maintenance reef tank, with a budget friendly equipment list. I decided to purposely go with a light that only can support good growth in a 24" width... thus limiting the money i can spend on corals! Hopefully this holds true .. Equipment: -Sbreef 165w retrofit kit on a marsaqua blackbox. -10 gallon sump - old heater ( been supporting my 40 breeder fw setups for 30 years! 250gph return pump. For livestock list, in order of purchase: 1. Yellow watchman goby pistol shrimp pair. 2. Clean up crew, including a starfish. 3. ocellaris or percula clownfish pair 4. Flame angel 5. A small group of green chromis or small grouping fish. Corals: i prefer a few large colonies over " collectoritis" so ill stick with a smaller list ofstrains: -GSP -orange zoa - green zoa - yellow zoa -rainbow acan -leather finger coral - couple mushrooms -anemone - and yes i will try1 or 2 sps Here are a few pics of my setupand diy work! One is my 2×4 stand, my diy light hanging mount, my messy living room, and first attempt at an aquascape. My next step is to fine tune my aquascape, i come from planted aquariums... not so good at rock hardscapes only.. definitely looking for inspiration and rock sources! I like a aquascape of dueling islands or maybe one island crescent shape. Bought some ecofriendly caribsea building rock... i may try to buy more if i cant find a better solution
  5. Pipes outside the house s9 i couldnt setup my ro unit. Yeah i know some contaminants are in there but i treated it prior. I did thewater change because i was worried a airborne chemical got in there or something.... shrimp was extremely lethargic!
  6. I have a fluval evo 13.5, have kept parameters consistent at 5 nitrates, 35ppt salinity, 79f, ro water..( Just did an emergency water change with tap water as my pipes were frozen outside, swapped carbon, cleaned rear chambers, they were very dirty. The water is very cloudy afteri got home. I did a 4 gallon water change the day before... the water is cloudy and the shrimp is outside his hole and not moving much. Was my filter clogged, causing stress and maybe confusion to the shrimp?
  7. Looking for marsaqua, viparspectra, etc
  8. @Jrill how do you make sure not to flood your laundry room, will the washer cutoff water flow at any point?
  9. What brand and mode is that? Definitely interested!
  10. !!! Thanks Jrill I hadn't thought of that either. Maybe my clothes will be softer now too lol
  11. Excellent. I was originally planning to buy a manifold of sorts but your idea is better since i only need cold water anyways
  12. So, does anyone have bad experiences with hooking up their RO through the washer and dryer connections? I ask because im moving to a brand new 3rd floor apartment and dont want excessivebackpressure on my internal piping and cause a burst. Ive had a faucet hose break on mebecause of this