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  1. Well, basically i was trying to imitate a tank of the month and also i wanted to eliminate early algae outbreaks associated with new tanks. Ive removed all gfo now.
  2. Thanks jambon. How quickly can i bring the temp down? Also i read gfo can deplete alkalinity so i took the gfo reactor offline
  3. Of course. So the tank has been setup for 2 months. I've had this coral for a year now though, before it was in a fluval evo with stock evo lighting. Now it is under a sbreef 18" unit which I have dialed up a few % on both channels (white and blue) every few days. I am now at 25% White, 65% blue. For what its worth my Montipora are not happy either and they are turning pale. Now I run a skimmer in my sump, a carbon reactor and gfo reactor. I do not necessarily have a need for the gfo reactor but thought it would be good to have anyways to keep phosphates undetectible. I also have a ato for salinity. Temp I just checked is high at 82.5F. I believe my heater is going out so I just bought an inkbird controller and a new jager heater 50w. Water parameters: Salinity 35ppt (Salifert) Alk 7.0dkH (Salifert) My saltwater mixes at 8.3-8.5 so I'm not sure why this has dropped while everything else stayed consistent. Calcium 470ppm (Salifert) Magnesium 1360ppm (Salifert) Phosphates 0.0 (Salifert test) Temperature: 82.5F Nitrates 0-3ppm Nitrite 0ppm Ammonia 0ppm PH 8.1 Now for coral placement the gsp was sitting on the bottom, 16" from the water surface, with the light hanging 14" above water surface or so. My guess is my problem is the light, temperature, or lack of phosphates? Maybe the alk swing? I was told I do not need to dose and that it is unusual for alkalinity to drop by itself.
  4. Is my gsp bleaching? Each poly head used to be solid green. Now it is mostly purple. I just put it under new leds sbreef
  5. Oh ok. Yeah those polyps tentacles are reaching for food... I now understand how to tell I think lol. Yeah Im about to drain the tank and mount all my frag plugs on the rock this weekend, then replace with the same water. My zoas will be going a couple inches lower than the height of that rack, right above my acan garden I'm planning. Feed them 2x a week
  6. Actually, every other coral seems to be doing very well. I've never seen my acans as open as they are now. I do know I have an alkalinity issue though. For some reason over a week my alkalinity has dropped 1.3dkh and all I have is this frag rack. I opened another thread about this and everyone said this is wierd because none of my other values dropped. They suggested not to dose Alk. I checked again tonight and they are not quite as curled back... maybe they were expecting to be fed or something
  7. Ill start with adjusting my whites intensity
  8. Where is that in the pics? The orange stuff in the mouths of the rear frag is reef roids. They've been there 3 weeks. 10" below surface with an sbreef 18" mounted 12" above water. Intensity is 25% White 65% blue right now
  9. I have never seen them this open in such a way that the tentacles on the rim are curled behind the face.. Is that normal? Just fed them some food but they were like that prior
  10. Ok thanks for the replies. I just double checked tonight and my alkalinity is now 6.8 and calcium is at 470. The test kits are good. This is after a 10% water change. If i don't want to do a bigger water change every week. I need to dose, correct?
  11. Ill double check today. Is that because coral requires the bicarbonate to use calcium? Alkalinity being the way to measure bicarbonate?
  12. Ok so my 40 breeder only has 15x small frag plugs in it of softies and lps, 2x montis. I tested my water and my Alkalinity dropped 1.3 points (8.3 to 7.0) in the matter of 8 or 9 days. Does this sound unusual for just being frags? I take it I should be dosing because a 10% weekly WC will not replace that. I have soda ash liquid to dose from BRS. It seemed unusual to see this big of a drop for me, so I tested 4 or 5 times and the results were no different, I must say though I am pleasantly surprised because that means my corals are happy! Also, Mag and Cal. are still consistent and have not dropped more than 3% (Mag is 1360, Cal is 465).
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