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  1. Brittle Star eating hermits?

    hey im just wondering if your brittle star is a darker green color and what size tank do you have it in? i went to my fish store and they had a tank with large green brittle stars. the owner happened to see me eyeballing them and told me that these stars are not reef safe and will cause major damage in a small area( a nano) if that suckers green i'd watch it.
  2. whats with the test kit?

    sorry i failed to say that may tank is an all softy tank. i know that some softies will live ok in terrible water pars, but i think that because i strickly stick to maintence i am able to maintain stability
  3. whats with the test kit?

    no really im not kidding i use water from a reliable source. i just check s.g. every once in a while. i just try to follow the exact same routine every week. it seems to have worked for me so far. or maybe i'm just premature in saying that it works and my tank is really just gonna crash any minute now. btw i have a 5.5 AGA and in an aquarium this small if you think about it what are you gonna do anyway if your pars are out of wack- change out some water. i'm just saying that i think that this size of a tank is too small to be tinkering around with aditives and such.
  4. whats with the test kit?

    i know that some with frown on this, but i think that some people test their water way too much. i think that testing for anything beyond s.g. ALL THE TIME is a waste of time. i think that some people just get too parinoid about their water pars. they then continue to get out of hand and put those chemicals in to try to correct the problem only to make it worse. i have only had my tank up and running for about 6 months but i have never tested beyond s.g. i think that the best way to monitor your tank is to simple observe. do your weekly water changes and regular feeding and everything should go fine. if corals start to look a little sluggish then change out a little water. I'm not saying that testing should be done away with all together( there are certain times when testing is neccessary) i'm just saying that i think that some people test too much. and then get to stressed out
  5. zoo eating pods

    i was suspecting that something was eating my green zoos. i always see a bunch of pods around the colony(moreso than anywhere else in my tank) anyways somethimes the green skirts of my zoos look like something has been nibbling on them. the outer edge of them are turning a whitish color.( they rebound after a coulple of days. anyways i say a bunch of pods on my rock and they seem to be the same color of my zoos. so now i know that those bastards are eating my zoos
  6. typical setup for a SMALL 2 - 5 gal

    imo check out a 5.5 AGA. There cheap and if your going to do a 2.5 AGA its gonna cost about the same. so you might as well do a 5.5 AGA cause you're gonna want the extra room. i have a 5.5 gallon and i also have a JBJ desktop formosa with 2x24watt 50/50's. i'm doing mostly soft corals. this is my first attempt at saltwater and its gonnin fine for me. Maintaining a reef in a tank this small can be accomplished by almost anyone that is willing to put in the time and effort. Just look around this site and you'll see all of the beautiful displays people have easily maintained. the only thing that i would say is the thing that helped me out the most was researching the net and reading, reading, and reading some more. since you already know about the hobby then you may not have to do the research. If you're unsure about your abilities then i would definately do some planning ahead because there is nothing worse than someone going out and spending all the money and time to set up and then have it crash on them because they didin't take the time to figure out that those cool little creatures have needs that need to be taken care of.
  7. powerhead too strong?

    i just posted a thread about current a couple of days ago, but this was a question about a 5.5 aga nano with no fish in it. i currently have 2 powerheads a rio mini, and a aquaclear 201 and i also have a HOB rated at 108 gph. i was a little concerned about too much flow, but most have told me that flow is a good thing. you should try to point your powerheads in a dirrection that creates random flow. just make sure that nothing is getting directly bombarded by a powerhead. once again this is in a coral only tank hope this helps
  8. Green star polyp not opening

    i wouldn't worry about it gsp a very hardy and sometimes they get pissy and won't open up for a while. I think that when i first got mine they did't open up untill like 4 or 5 days and some of the polyps didn't open for a couple of weeks. i'm just wondering did you accumulate them or did you just throw them in?
  9. i have a 5.5 AGA nano that has been up and running for about 5months now. i have white ls that is starting to collect crap on it. i would like to switch to black sand and i'm wondering if this sand needs to be seeded prior to setting up my tank. Or can i just put the new sand in the tank, fill will water, put in rockwork, and then throw in all my corals? also is black sand as effective as regular white sand? i know that these are some newbie questions but what can i say i'm a newbie
  10. i always see my hermits on my zoos and it pisses me off cause it makes them close up. on a certain colony of zoos i always see little critters crawlin around making the colony close up. none of mine have died yet but i would think that if the hermit makes them close up all the time then they will eventually die because zoos need light to survive. maybe you can train your hermits to stay off certain parts of your tank you know kinda like how you train your dog to stay off of the couch
  11. can you have too much flow?

    when you guys say random flow can this be created by pointing two powerheads at each other so their flow crosses or are you talking about get a wave timer? is this equipment worth investing in?
  12. jbj bulbs

    aqua buys on ebay or just search them on the web. i got two 50/50s shipped for about 38 dollars total
  13. can you have too much flow?

    i just wondering if maybe i have too much flow in my 5.5 AGA. i currently have a Rio Mini(don't know how much its rated at) a HOB rated at around 100 gph another powerhead rated at 108 gph is this too much flow all i have is some zoo colonies, a finger leather, some shrooms, gsp and the typical stuff that comes on the live rock. none of my powerheads are directly facing any of my corals( i use the rio manly to disturbe the surface to combat surface scum. i'm just a little worried because when i added my second powerhead some of my corals weren't opening up all of the way and my water quality checked out fine any advice would be apreciated.
  14. HEELP!! need quick response

    take a small tread and rap the thread around the pipe very tightly overlaping untill the water stops coming out and then i would recommend using epoxy on it. this way the epoxy will have a better chance to cure and stay strong. hope i was of some sort of help
  15. Do you wear gloves when working in your aquarium?

    i think that gloves should always be worn just because you never know what could happen. i'm even thinking about getting some sort of extra long tweezers or something so i keep my hands out of my tank as much as possible. i was freeked out by a rather long bristle worm that attempted to crawl up my arm as i moved the rock that he was under.