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  1. The Comprehensive Coral Feeding Thread

    My jawbreaker mushroom has a very active feeding response to oyster feast. I've also tried mysis and ground up pellet food, but those do not seem to elicit the same feeding response.
  2. Nano-Reef.com Birthday Giveaway


    Here's my ideal acrylic tank. I have poor drawing skills, but I drew a simple schematic. It's designed after a beautiful tank I saw at the Georgia aquarium, and similar to a tank melev built on RC. I just love the idea of a slanted front pane that give you a great top-down view. It would be curved on the front and recessed into the stand up to the level of the substrate. There would be an integrated overflow and returns plumbed through at the bottom of the back pane to keep the display really clean looking and prevent the flow from disturbing the sand. Not sure the dimensions, but this is the general idea. Ideally, I'd imagine a carpet anemone and a pair of regular perculas or pink skunk clowns with maybe a yasha goby and pistol shrimp under the rockwork. Very simple... Here's my very poor drawing: Here's an old pic of my 6 gallon nanocube that won the first nano contest here, but it has long since been taken apart (I need a new muse! hint. hint.):
  4. 40 BR lighting options

    I decided on a 2 x 150W sunpod fixture from my 40B. It would have been nice to have T5s or PCs, but I figured the MHs would give plenty of light, and that would just be more money for bulbs. Mine will be a prop tank, so I decided I didn't need/want the actinic supplement.
  5. WTB:Cespitularia (Blue Xenia)

    Thanks Bret. It was a nice doing the sale with you. Great buyer! If anyone else wants a frag of cespitularia, PM me. I have 1 small frag left.
  6. Dollar per gallon sale!

  7. WTB:Cespitularia (Blue Xenia)

    PM me, if you're looking for cespitularia. I've got several frags available...
  8. I have 2 small Cespitularia frags for sale. They each have several stalks which are about 1/4" tall. They do best in my nano cubes, so I thought I'd offer them up here, before I try RC. $100 shipped via USPS Express from Chapel Hill, NC (27516). If you're not in a 1 day guarantee zone, it's $25 extra for FedEx overnight. *Because this is a delicate shipper, I can't offer any live arrival guarantee, but I've shipped it successfully 3 times, and have received successfully twice. See feedback here: http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthre...hreadid=1116659 Here's a pic of some of my colony: In tank light: Under attenuated flash so you can see the calcerious sclerites that are the telltale cespitularia trait: One more pic:
  9. I have 1 frag of Tyree Neon Green Polyp Sarcophyton for sale. I bought this frag on Ebay about 3 years ago and decided to frag it because it grew huge and was shading my whole NC6. It has about a 1.5" cap and is about 1" tall. Price is $50 +shipping and I'm in Chapel Hill, NC. Here's a picture of the mother before fragging and a picture of some of the frags I've already sold. Mother: Frags:
  10. Xenia-man!

    It looks like Sideshow Bob. Nice!
  11. Glowing Cespitularia

    Helfrich- I think if you have the opportunity, you should definitely get some. I think some steer away because they can be difficult to cultivate and there seems to be a stigma about paying a lot for "just xenia", but I think it's one of the most unique and beautiful corals available in the hobby.
  12. Glowing Cespitularia

    shookbrad- i got it from a reefer on another forum, but it took me several years to find someone who i was confident had the real thing and a good record for shipping this delicate coral. it's pretty rare in the hobby but once established does grow very well. i'm currently trying to generate a stable broodstock to get more colonies established. P.S. VOTE FOR ME!
  13. Glowing Cespitularia

    easy tank- no pulsing. just an awesome iridescent color and sclerite sparkle.