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  1. Thanks for the replies, the coral is actually looking much better and strangely tried to eat! I added some reef roids and some of it fell on it and it tried to eat but the food fell out of it poor thing. It was interesting and gross at the same time.
  2. Here’s a pic of one piece. It has folded itself trying to cover its ripped area. You can see it’s guts ( misentery?) a bit. and the the second piece, not doing as well
  3. Sooo... I was rearranging my corals today and I have a large Yuma that was attached to a piece of rubble that had migrated to a nearby snail shell. Well, I thought to move it today as it dropped a bunch of babies all over the rubble and I realized a part was still attached to the rubble. So, like a moron I tried to pop the Yuma off the rubble so I could have just the babies on it and it ripped in half, rather easily too. It ripped all the way in the middle, including the mouth which was ripped in half. Will it survive? It felt kind of gross to rip it like that but I wasn’t aware it had ripped until I looked and realized it. It even made a slight tearing sound. Yuck!
  4. More corals added, I think I’m about done adding to this tank.
  5. New inhabitants! I got this frag for 16$. I counted 30 heads in it, 50 cents a head! Not bad I must say. and this little guy is my first fish for the tank, I wanted to go with a tailspotblenny as a first fish but there were none in stock so I went with my number two choice but I don’t mind in the slightest, I had always planned to get a clownfish for the tank anyway!
  6. Well, unfortunately, it appears I won’t be getting one quite soon as no one in my area has any and will not be getting any for some time. It’s all good though, I got a clown as a first fish instead.
  7. Thanks for the input, it looks like I’m getting one as my first fish soon!
  8. Hi, I would like to get a tail spot blenny as my first fish but currently I don’t have a lot of algae in my tank for it to graze on, is that ok? Would it be fine with just prepared food and nori?
  9. Hi gang, So the tank is doing great since my paly fiasco. My spotted mushrooms have some babies that have sprouted off the colony, my gsp is growing fast, (really fast which I should have expected) and my yumas have burped yet another two babies. I would like to add a fish and I would love to have a tailspot blenny. The problem is that I don’t have very much algae in the tank, definitely not enough for a blenny to chew on, would it be ok with prepared foods and possibly nori? Should I start with a clownfish instead?
  10. Update, since I added the carbon, everything bounced back to normal! Lesson learned I suppose.
  11. Update... I think I screwed up... A friend of mine had some corals in his tank and offered me some, some zoas and a nuclear green palythoa. Well I took them and placed them in my tank and they looked nice. Yesterday I came home and saw my mushrooms were all shriveled and so was my hammer coral, my yumas and gsp were fine. I saw a hermit crab sitting on the palythoa and was picking on algae on it, it didn’t look happy at all. Did my paly poison the tank which is affecting my mushrooms and hammer? I promptly added carbon, lots of it fearing the worst and threw out the paly frag. I hope my corals recover because they were my favourites in the tank but they looked really bad. I am so bummed at how stupid I was taking that paly. I’ll update on how they are doing.
  12. Update! A few new corals, really small Eagle Eye Zoas and green star polyps that I will see if it grows on the back wall.
  13. I’m glad the dwarf is doing well! I had some many years ago but they didn’t last much past 6 months. I didn’t cycle the tank properly at the times nd didn’t really know what I was doing but they were such a cool fish to keep. I would love to try some again but I’ll probably have to wait until I’m retired as they need so much time to take care of.
  14. And some pics taken with a new lens attachment I got for my iPhone. Not bad for 20$.
  15. Update! Here is a short video I did for my young tank. 4Swanson2Reefer0, it’s a purple and green yuma, and it looks like both of them have burped babies now 😄. https://youtu.be/MYF9KuiUBqQ
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