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  1. Live Turd? You be the judge. Help

    Amen Fant! Biodiversity rules.
  2. Does your spouse or partner share your love of aquariums?

    My husband just rolls his eyes when I get something new for the tank. But, when I ask him to look at it he groans and calls in the "Tank of Vile Horrors." The Pulsing Xenia really creeps him out. I think he's reads too much Lovecraft.
  3. Which fish first?

    Does it matter which is of these two to introduce first: a clown fish (probably True Perc) and a royal gramma? Specs below plus now a few tiny frags of SPS's and softies.
  4. New nano-cuber with questions :)

    First, start looking back. The archives on this site go way back, and you'll see patterns, the same questions over and over again. As each subject catches your fancy, do a search and look back. (I found one day I'd be interested in protein skimmers and read everything I could on them, the next day it was water perameters, etc) Also, you will find there is no one right answer. People have made a success of nano-reefing using many different methods. The keys seem to be: research, lighting, water movement, research, patience, stability, and research. There are several step-by-step guides on-line, including the "Information" section of this site. People are pretty good about answering specific questions, even if it's been asked a hundred times before, so don't be afraid to ask. Susan
  5. protein skimmer

    Nano-remora: About a month ago, someone posted that they heard a new, smaller Remora was coming out. Has anyone heard anything more on this? I've been waiting. Susan
  6. Help with hardware

    The Quad 96 watt, is the same length as the 16 gal AGA bow- front.
  7. Lights During Cycle

    GARF (www.garf.org) recommends running actinic only for 24/7 during cycling. It's suppose to encourage the good stuff (coralline algae) more than the bad stuff. I does sound like people get a lot of green algae when they use the full spectrum at this stage. I got my LR 6 days ago, and I'm trying the actinic only method.
  8. My very 1st corals!!!

  9. 5 day cycle?

    Thanks. To answer Billy's question, 2 lb live sand. I'll bide my time. Susan
  10. 5 day cycle?

    Is this possible? I'm only at day five with my LR. Yesteday I suspected seeing my first algae. Today my ammonia and nitrites are zero! They never got very high, but were detectable. I do have 21# in a 16 gal tank. (How pre-cycled the LR was, is unknown. The store sells a lot and says it depends on how long it has been in their tank. No way to know, but some was taken off the top, some deeper in.) Temps been high, 80-82 degrees and my biggest challange. Sp Gr at 1.023. pH 7.8. I'm running actinic light only almost 24/7 per recommendations from the GARF group. It's supposed to encourage coralline algea. (sp?) What do you think? Anyone else get a 5 day cycle. I plan to recheck and maybe have my LFS check before I do anything rash. Susan
  11. Aglae too soon?

    I don't think you can see the fuzz here, but believe me that it's there.
  12. Aglae too soon?

    Trying to post pictures.
  13. Aglae too soon?

    Well, I got my LR Saturday. (LR in Milwaukee is $9-13/lb and not very good looking. I drove to Chicago and spend $4/lb at Living Sea - and I think it looks fabulous.) I have 21 pounds in my 16 gal bow-front. It's day 4 and about 1/4 of the rock is already covered in a brown fur. Is this algae? Isn't this too soon? I wasn't expecting algae for at least another week. Ammonia has been at 0.25-0.5, 'trites at 0.5-1.0 and 'trates at 20. Do I need a clean-up crew already? Susan
  14. Any feedback on Reef Supply, IL?

    So no one else knows anything about this place?
  15. Milwaukee area

    Great. I checked out the web site. I have a pretty busy life (job, husband, kids), but have to think about joining. Thanks for the offer of frags. That's seems very generous, considering how people seem to beg for them at times. However, I'm not to that stage yet, I'm still collecting my hardware (got tank and light already, powerhead and heaters should arrive tomorrow!) Still got to do the live rock and cycling thing. I'll have 96 watt "quad" light. Still learning what types of corals I can keep with that. Susan