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  1. Cyano battle ends - onto a new guest - Dino's...

    Thanks @mcarroll It's been a busy week, our trip with a 2 year old is proving much more hands on to plan and I haven't had time to do the full scrubbing this weekend as I hoped I'll do those tests asap and let you know. (Water change is tomorrow so I'll do it along with that) - How long could it take for them to regroup? I haven't done any dosing for a while now, waiting on this to clear up, good to see I'm on the right path there, however I've thrown in a bag of chemipure blue. Will remove that for now. Only reason I did that was an uneducated guess, because a few of the corals didn't look as happy as they were prior to this rebound outbreak, I'm guessing it was the wrong decision. They don't look any better for having that in for the last 5 days. I have noticed a difference in the "growth and re-growth" of my problem. It has been significantly stunted in the last week and the only change was the RODI water vs just the RO. All my water, including my ato water is now the proper RODI stock as is any saltwater I've made (two 15% changes so far). My water is now testing at 0 TDS consistently from the source, though the resin is already 1.5" yellow. The "friends" on the back wall of the tank that I managed to siphon off last water change had not grown back to the same extent. I'm still going to pull out the rock step by step, and remove all the growth and do a thorough cleaning, and clean the sand bed, the question is just when now. I don't see any evidence of the cyano in the tank atm, looks like the chemiclean worked as it should for now. I'm cleaning out the filter floss daily/every-other day atm, it's catching a lot, and skimmer is being emptied every other day as well. This need to clean out the floss daily is new, only the last week I've noticed it's dirty by the next day and change it out, previously it would be ok for up to 3-4 days. Learning all my lessons the hard way of course, no matter the research done beforehand. Nothing like hands on experience. I really appreciate the help from everyone!
  2. Cyano battle ends - onto a new guest - Dino's...

    Looks like I have my hands full for next weekend Small stupid question. I just got a new RO/DI after going on about a year without DI (for some reason I thought my system had it and well no excuses here. my mistake) I've done all the usual flush of the RO portion, does the DI resin need to be flushed before use? it's a refillable canister with bulk colour changing DI resin. Thanks guys!
  3. C & A's 30L

    Been quite busy, and keeping up with my maintenance. Seems to be running smoothly apart from the blob photo above. I've progressed in the filtration fix, and now I'm in the process of getting a new RO/DI system which will help. With regards to the nasty blob that has overrun the tank...... I shouldn't run from it now, it must be dino's. can't let it get to me like the cyano did. So I've asked around, done tons of reading, and I'm going to try hydrogen peroxide dosing for a week at first. I'm putting together all my numbers now on dosage and length of treatment. Will post up results when (not if - I hope) I see them. Feel free to post up advice. I feel I'm close in fixing all the issues and having a smooth running tank.
  4. Cyano battle ends - onto a new guest - Dino's...

    Quick update. The cyano is all good and gone. Haven't seen any sign of it. New problem though. I've noticed the snooty what i thought was GHA - turns out i think it's actually dino's... I've been on my maintenance and as it's well published, dino's love water changes... Can someone post up the proper hydrogen peroxide dosage? here is an image of what it looks like. The colouring is a bit off due to filters and my up and coming photography skills... DSC_0964
  5. C & A's 30L

    I've been doing a lot of reading. I'm beginning to think/hope it's not dino's. The growth lacks the snotty nature and the main body of it doesn't really go away at night. The dusting on the sand bed is gone but that's all it looks like, a discolouration of the sand, nothing growing there. It is very tricky to get a photo that isn't way out of focus, still learning. I've attached the best one so far at the end of this post. My best description of the problem is that the "algae" looks hairy, simple stringy structures no longer than 2cm (0.75") with some bubbles at the end. It is not easily blown off with a turkey baster, nor does it come off easy when siphoning! Seems to be attached and doesn't have a snotty look to it. All this makes me think it's more like calothrix. I think my original plan would be incidentally the best course of action for this problem? (posted above) Something odd happened on Friday on top of everything. I've have a frag of Acans doing great for over a month now (or close it it) and all of a sudden, when i got home on Friday they were all closed up and small, not puffy and open like before. Forgot to test the water in the situation and set up everything for a water change on Saturday first thing. They must be mad at something, they didn't open up on Sunday either. With the water change, I pulled out 1 of my 2 ancient sponges finally (the one upstream of the media block and popped in a chemipure blue bag in the caddy. (still using clean floss as my first stage) Not sure that was the right reaction, but something isn't right and carbon well, I don't think it can do any more wrong than what the acan doesn't like. Will test my water tonight. (still waiting on my order with the phosbond to come in.) Also I did by copepods & rotifers, but with the acan being mad, i've stored them for the weekend. I think I'll add them tonight pending water tests results. DSC_0964
  6. C & A's 30L

    I've had a bit of a hick-up since my last post. I have some photos to go with this but I'm not able to post them atm. Will try to post tonight. The brown hair algae that I thought I had, I think is in fact dino's which was kept under control by the cyano outbreak... With the cyano gone, they've take over the rock. Backing up to my last post, It was just brown, filamentous and had no outward signs of a dino colony, since then, I have noticed bubbling and that my sand is clear overnight but when I get home in the evenings it is brown. I noticed some sensitivity of my snails and they seem to keep to the areas it's not as prominent, haven't noticed any extra shells beyond what was there for the moment. It hasn't gone onto the corals, mainly taken over where the cyano died off (from all the nutrients left behind probably). If it isn't one thing it's the next, I know all self inflicted, but I really need to fix it. Current plan was: to keep running filter floss in my filtration compartment left side, do one last water change for the next while and try to get as much of the algae (dinos) out as possible - not sure i should do this atm add phosbond in a nylon bag sitting on paper-towels changed every 2-3 days so that the flow goes through the media, then through the paper-towels and then the biofilter media block that is already in there. Add microbacter7 as directed for high nutrient system for 2-3 weeks and some copepods no water changes for the next while This may all change since I fear it is now Dino's. I was looking at DinoX, 2-3 days of dark, and H2O2 dosing in addition to the above. I've purchased also a silicate test. not sure that matters with dino's... Was hoping the worst was over but I hear about people re-setting because of Dino's. That's not really in the plan atm and would be an absolute disaster. So I need a new plan or continue with the above plan, not sure once again what to do . Photos tonight.
  7. C & A's 30L

    Working through keeping things nice and clean. It's looking a lot better IMO now. The micro-bubbles were indeed my skimmer needing adjusting, all clear now. I do think that cleaning off my live rock in the tank was not a good idea. I think my parameters for 24 or more were severely disturbed by my disruption. Apart from fixing my filtration compartments, I have 2 things on my list to fix and may need some advice on these. 1. Getting rid of the brown hair algae that has shown up, I think it was there during my cyano issue just not as prominent, but with that gone, it's the biggest eyesore left now. 2. Cleaning off my live rock better and re-scaping (guess that's 3). I was thinking of taking each rock out of the tank, blasting it in a bucket of tank water (either fresh mix or during a water change) with the turkey baster to get all the deterius out of the crevices. Not sure how else to clean them? any suggestions? 3. Re-scaping the rocks properly. Any suggestions? I'm thinking I have too many in there in the first place plus some stuff has to go. I'll post a FTS tonight to capture all the rock i have in there now but it won't look too different from the FTS's in the last few weeks Also picked up a filter and a 1x,2x,4x,10x lens for my camera. only had a few minutes to play with it. here is a shot of my scoly with the regular lights on, not photo mode. DSC_0911
  8. C & A's 30L

    Things have settled down today. I'm getting a lot of micro-bubbles in the tank. I think I have to adjust my ghost skimmer? I'll be cleaning it tonight anyway so I'll re-adjust then. Tux is on the back wall, made a huge trip to get all the way up and middle back. I hope he's just scoping out where he wants to be. Chip and Dale are just in heaven, I've forgotten how social they are! They do still frighten away sometimes, not sure why... no one knocks on their glass (my daughter's too short!) Pep shed his shell overnight and now is hiding, managed to wrangle it away from a bumblebee snail this am! I want to post a picture of the moticap/motipora that survived all of this and I think even the original green one is "alive-ish" but I'm working towards those amazing macro shots that people post and I don't think I have a lens for them. I'm using a decent camera I'd like to think, with the Nikon D7200 but I only have a AF 18-400 and a G1.8 lens which are not made for that. Going to do some photography research on here and see what lens type I need.
  9. C & A's 30L

    Things are looking good. I went to the LFS to re-stock my dwindling CUC. Got 4 margaritta snails, 4 Nassarius snails, 2 astrea and 2 mexican turbo's. I also was coerced into getting a blue tuxedo urchin. Never had one, have been reading about them and they were in my original plan to get one. We'll see how he does. Wanted to get a sand shifting star but they didn't have any, so urchin it was! Those aren't venomous they said, from what i read, that's correct i hope. After dripping everyone in, I noticed a bit of debris on a monticap frag, and blew it off with my turkey baster, and well i also blew off some debris off the rock beside etc and now EVERYONE IS MAD at me. all my corals acted up! Even the brain/scoly puffed up and in level all across! the torches are letting off long white strings which i hadn't see since i glued them down! I hope things calm down. I didn't want to make everyone mad... The big torch looks like a bowl with little green balls sticking up, it's a mess in there! I hope i didn't stirr the bee's nest too much!!!! On the bright side, that turbo that died on me suddenly after a year, I think he left an offspring. I see a small snail on the glass no more than 1/4" working his way around and does not look like the other snails.
  10. Cyano battle ends - onto a new guest - Dino's...

    Hi All, Been a week since the start of the treatment. I did my water change at the 48h mark. Next one planned for Sunday again. Any thoughts on if or when I should throw in a bag of chemipure blue? Also I've replaced any basic equipment that may have been dipped into the aquarium when it contained the cyano. Of the items that may remain, any advice on how to clean them? namely my algae scraper, don't want to have to replace that As per the state of the aquarium, It's looking very clean, can now see all the other algae, and realize my CUC needs re-stocking but nothing too crazy imo. I have a conch and some Nassarius snails (probably need more) that are doing a great job on the substrate. Better times moving forward
  11. C & A's 30L

    Clean up well underway. Chemiclean did wonders to the tank! Still need to scrape the back and Since Sunday I've been going in daily with a turkey baster to mix things up. Seems to help move things out of the tank. Lot's to do still but it's looking better. I've forgotten how to take photos.... so here are a couple bad ones. the second is of this coral that has been through everything with me and surprisingly looks unscathed. Yesterday he got reefroids for the first time in months and he plumped up and ate like a champ. Not actually sure what he is, the store just called him a brain coral, was sold to me for $10 way back in the day. DSC_0909 DSC_0903
  12. Cyano battle ends - onto a new guest - Dino's...

    Threw the chemiclean in Friday and I have to say, Why didn't I just do it months ago!!!!!!! I wouldn't have let the algae build up or all the other neglect happen!!!! It's clearing up amazingly. Here's to a new life for my tank!
  13. C & A's 30L

    Quick note, The chemiclean is working wonders! It seems to all be clearing up. Even the main colony of cyano looks to be dwindling away. By end of day, I'll do my water change and see if I need to re-dose since it was such a widespread infection, however I think it's going to get everything! The surface of the water is clear and Chip and Dale are eating off the surface again! (they were waiting for their food to be falling to get it) All the corals look much happier too, more plump and what not. I'm not going to let this happen again!!!! Things look so much better now! A bit of regular algae remaining to deal with but that will be easy I'll attempt photos tonight.
  14. C & A's 30L

    I think I made a mistake testing my KH last time. Last night I was at 7.8 - tested twice! In the mean time, I've started my filtration remodel, removed the chemipure blue that's been in there way too long. Also added the marine pure bricks a while back and just giving them some time to seed with the sponges, another couple weeks I think, then they are gone. I've added filter floss on top which will be eventually replacing them, but just a thin layer. Also the cyano issue I have is greater than I wanted to think. Seems to come back quite quickly, only means I had to go with chemiclean to get rid of it. Running that whole process over this weekend. Added it 30 min ago, along with an air stone and skimmer still working. Hopefully it works as I've researched. The acan I purchased end of December is actually doing well. I know it likes it when I clean things up as it fattens up and just seems healthier a while after a cleaning. I'm focused on this chemiclean fix right now. Fingers crossed
  15. Cyano battle ends - onto a new guest - Dino's...

    Hi All, Today I popped in an air-stone and pulled out the old chemipure blue bags. I won't describe them as they were in rough shape!!! Afterwards I took the recommended cup of tank water per scoop to mix the chemiclean to dissolve it. Following shortly I added the Chemiclean solution as per instructions to the tank. I think i had a first timer moment again, after I finished pouring it in, I quickly looked around the tank and well.... nothing. Skimmer was emptied also. but is still running. Will go down in 30-45 min to check on it, then it will be overnight to see what happens. Can't wait to have this sorted out and cleaned up. I noticed that after I pulled the bloom off the surface of the water, things plumped up in the tank and just looked like they were relieved to see the lights! I hope this allows them that pleasure from now on! Here's hoping for a good night!