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  1. Newbie's New Fusion 40 Build :)

    April 2 picture update. On April 26, my tank will be 6 months old
  2. TJ's Bust'em Up Custom Reef - RSM NANO!

    Sorry about your loss
  3. Smart ato micro going crazy at night

    Just an update mine is running smoothly and perfectly. Wayyyyy much better than tunze 3152
  4. Is my RBTA dead?

    It is my fault. My existing RBTA split recently. The next day after the split I decided to remove him (the "baby") from the rock and place him into another rock. Since I moved him, he is not doing well and has been deflated for few days now and he looks like the pictures below. Is he already dead? He still have his colour but completely deflated with on and off some little inflation in one or two tentacles only. Should I wait a bit longer before disposing him? The parent RBTA is doing amazing and nothing to worry about.
  5. Nanobox Duo Plus M

    picture added
  6. T5 raising water temperature

    Just an update. I raised the height to 8.5" yesterday morning and when I came home at night, the temperature stays around 78. I think the height adjustment solved the issue. Thanks everyone.
  7. T5 raising water temperature

    But my tank is 20" deep, so shouldn't it hanging lower to get the same PAR on the bottom as yours?
  8. After I installed 6 bulb ATI sunpower T5 with reefbrite xho, my water temperature has risen to 80F from 78F I hang the light about 6" from the edge of the top tank. My tank is 20" deep. Is it normal that T5 raises water temperature? Is there anything I am doing wrong here? Help?
  9. mushroom corals newbie

    oh wow! I can see that you are crazy about them as well hehehe Your sandbed is all covered by them! I definitely don't want green. I want bringht orange, red, blue or rainbow.
  10. Corals placement

    I always have this thinking on the back of my head. How do one person place their all kinds of corals on their rocks and make sure they don't kill each other? In mature tanks, many of them have their rocks all covered with all kinds of rocks and they are very close to each other or touching each other. What rules that I need to use before I affix LPS, SPS, and all of other corals onto my rocks? I only have a 40 gallons tank so space is precious and I want my rocks fully covered with all type of corals.

    for Free?? Wow you are so generous! You could at least get something back like $100 or something. Wow....very kind of you!
  12. mushroom corals newbie

    thanks for all of the information guys! It looks like Yuma has much better coloration then the Florida ones. I understand that I should not mix the Florida ones and Yuma ones. I am however looking for the insane color ones. I am in hunting mode
  13. mushroom corals newbie

    I am thinking of getting some mushrooms (Rodactis and Ricordia type). I understand that you can glue them onto a rock or frag disc...I got that part. Let's say if i want to glue them side by side or on separate small size rocks. They will grow overtime and take over the surface of the rocks completely, is this correct?If it is, what happen if there is no more rock surface? will it spread down to the sandbed and affix permanently just like on rocks?
  14. TJ's Bust'em Up Custom Reef - RSM NANO!

    Ahh I see. It will be okay then.
  15. TJ's Bust'em Up Custom Reef - RSM NANO!

    man that Nanobox looks amazing, but will it be enough though for your deep tank? Your tank is similar to my tank Fusion 40. Is it built with stronger light than the standard Nanobox? Even my Duo that is up for sale right now (in case anyone else in following this thread is looking for one :P) does not produce high enough PAR.