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  1. I am thinking of getting some mushrooms (Rodactis and Ricordia type). I understand that you can glue them onto a rock or frag disc...I got that part. Let's say if i want to glue them side by side or on separate small size rocks. They will grow overtime and take over the surface of the rocks completely, is this correct?If it is, what happen if there is no more rock surface? will it spread down to the sandbed and affix permanently just like on rocks?
  2. Ahh I see. It will be okay then.
  3. man that Nanobox looks amazing, but will it be enough though for your deep tank? Your tank is similar to my tank Fusion 40. Is it built with stronger light than the standard Nanobox? Even my Duo that is up for sale right now (in case anyone else in following this thread is looking for one :P) does not produce high enough PAR.
  4. I know that we should not disturb deep sand bed. How about if my deep sand bed (3") gets "disturbed" by other livestock such as jawfish, starfish, and etc? Is this creating negative impact on sand bed? Is there a way to mitigate the impact?
  5. I do the same. Tickle the foot and all around its foot. Always works for me. It will let go.
  6. still available. serious inquiry only please.
  7. Thank you TJ!
  8. My ATI T5 and Reefbrite have arrived and I am excited to put them up. Still waiting for my Cadlights Tree light though. While waiting, to those who have 6 bulb ATI T5, can you please post your light order from front to back and picture of your DT :)? I have 4 ATI blue plus, 1 Coral Plus, and 1 Purple Plus. Also, 1 Reefbrite XHO Blue Actinic.
  9. This apply to all tanks?
  10. There is no one solution to get rid of it. You need to know what is the source. What is your po4 level? What equipment you are running on your tank? How often and how much you do you feed? How often and how much of water change? what type of CUC do you have, and how big is your tank? I was able to eliminated my hair algae and bubble algae problem by reducing the feeding, doing larger water change, and add Emerald crab. On the side of cautious, some Emerald Crabs do not touch bubble algae at all. Mine ate all the hair algae and bubble algae by him self.
  11. looks like hair algae if you are referring to the strains
  12. I enjoy it too. No one is home until after 6 pm to feed the fish so I think with this I can feed my fish twice a day. I like the Neptune AFS but I am looking for a battery powered one so I don't have to see cable hanging on the side of the tank as that is where I am going to install a feeder just right above the feeding ring.
  13. Do you use one? Which one that you found works best for both pellets and flakes?
  14. My apology if my comment has confused you and some people. It was not meant for an attack nor telling him that he is wrong. I think there has been a misunderstanding here. I am well aware that the nozzles that come with the tank is removable. I am not using them since day one as I am using spinstreams. I thought when he said "tips" he was referring to the clear pipe tips where you would attach spinstreams or any other nozzles. Those are what I would call tips as nozzles are the ones that you attach to the pipe tips.
  15. then there will be no purpose removing them in the first place then