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  1. what's GFY stand for?
  2. Like I said I don't understand his responses. I was asking for GFO and then he replied "GFO or GFY" which I don't know what he is trying to say I said "huh?"because I am confused, and he replied with "ugh" which again I don't understand.
  3. not sure why you are trolling here. It was a serious question really and I am not understanding your respond.
  4. Huh??
  5. Anyone has experience using GFO bulk from GFO German High Capacity ( $24.95/lbs What's your takes on it ? Planning to use it with IM Aquagadget mid size reactor to tackle hair algae that starts to developing in my 4 months old tank.
  6. Hope it is not turning green though. My RBTA (on the same picture) is kinda brown instead of red. I think it has been like that since I bought it from fellow member. Is there such thing as brown BTA?
  7. what "30 drops" means? Another reefing lingo?
  8. What do you guys do to "clean" water containers/jugs that you use to keep RODI water and ATO?
  9. Since I feed the coral once a week and use reef nutrition liquid type of foods, and feed anemones 2 times per week, it looks like I have another diatom bloom. My tank is 4 months old. I had one bloom 2 months ago and it was all gone. Is this diatom bloom, or just my rocks aging? I also noticed one tiny bubble algae that I removed yesterday, and strings of hair algae here and there.
  10. She just sold it to me with forktail blenny price.
  11. Is it normal? Does it exist? Rare item? Never seen one in blue. They are usually yellow. Are they worth $25?
  12. nice score! If I were you, I would buy all of them and sell them for nice profit
  13. As you know, anything bad will go worst faster in a small tanks. I would not leave any uneaten food. Give it fresh food all the time if you want to feed it. The last thing you want to happen is to kill it with ammonia spike (been there done that here).
  14. RBTA and YBTA
  15. the problem is potter can grow up to 5". I don't think we can considered them as dwarf or pygmy angelfish.