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  1. It looks happy - continue to feed daily and observe behavior. I have a few different ones that are photosynthetic and had explosive growth when feeding daily. All have polyps fully extended during daytime. Feed, feed, feed.
  2. I noticed the feeding tentacles come out during feeding (obviously) and after the lights go out until the following morning - active feeders.
  3. What are your parameters? How did they look prior to purchase and what environment were they in? I’ve never had luck with Zoas when I had shrimps, perhaps yours is picking on it?
  4. Nice rock work and way to go with planning and mapping coral placement. One thing to consider is the monti placement as it may shade the areas beneath it as it grows. The hammer and frogspawn should be fine in close proximity of each other. Your tank will look great! Keep us posted with progress!
  5. Yes! Once they’re happy with placement with multiple feedings, they will take off. I’ve reduced mine to weekly broadcast feedings ( no shrimp) and they continue to multiply.
  6. What do you have in the tank? Live rock and sand? I've never tried cycling with skimmer on but I would ride it out and see if nitrate goes down or double check your testing. If all else fails, small water change.
  7. Another nuvo tank! Welcome +1 on the RODi and intank media baskets. Can't wait to see what you do with it!
  8. I used to run 8 with 2 hr ramp times. Decided to increase to 10 with 2 hr ramp times and saw noticeable growth. The whites are at 7% throughout the duration. I have an AI hydra 26 at 45% growing softies and lps. Yes, blues, in my tank, helped with coral growth.
  9. Hi - mine took about a month to quiet down. I cannot hear it at all after it broke in. It exhibited a high pitched noise prior. Also, be sure the cable is snug (pulled mine up nice and tight due to space restrictions) after you insert the motor at the base of the reactor. Hope this helps.
  10. Nice equipment list and looking good thus far!
  11. Good topic. I do the traditional, float bag for temp acclimation then pour tank water into bag every 3-4 minutes. Takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes tops.
  12. A proven method for me is to cut the bottom of a regular water bottle, depending on the height of your coral and puncture holes (from inside to out to avoid sharp edges hitting the coral) around and at the bottom. I would place the rock of your choice inside then the coral on top. If you want the coral to attach to the middle of the rock, place some rubble around it to prop it up and ensure its in the middle. I have mounted sinularias and Kenya trees with this method and works every time. Nice tank, btw. Good luck!
  13. The Aquamaxx NF-1 or Icecap K1 nano are very promising - Google them for reviews and vids. I'm currently using a modified cadlights PLS-50 but no longer available. I'll try one of the above when this thing fails.
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