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    Weird cycling

    Hello! I am not new to the hobby and have cycled many tanks in my life but the tank I started 2 days ago has confused me.. I just set up a Nuvo 10 nano tank with some live rock(From the LFS),dead rock and dead sand.Day one I got everything running and added some fish food to help the cycle kick off.Day 2(today) I tested my parameters and I got some weird readings can anyone help explain why I have these reading or if my test kits(RedSeaTestKits) are just no good. NH4(Amonnia):1.2 No2(Nitrite):0.15 No3(Nitrate):10
  2. Matty5565

    Am I doing it Right ? Nuvo 10

    Hello. This is my first post, I think ? Anway I started My Nuvo 10 Reef build in January. Long story short I added too much to quickly and the tank crashed and everything died except one coral. I then decided to let my tank run for a few months, WOW its Septembre Already. ( the delay for not adding anything is A- spent all my money on the tank and first fish. Second I had a very big project at work but now I am finished with it . I have a few questions to ask. 1. Is the equipment in there fine and set up correctly? 2. I am seriously considering building a sump, I have a 15-gallon tank lying around Should I do it? If so HOW ? 3. What should I upgrade first ? 4.I am planning on getting lots of coral soon and a firefish. ( good idea ?) will extra CUC be needed ? The Equipment and the setup: 1. Nuvo10 Tank. 2. Default tank pump. 3. (400L) per hour pump blowing water around in the main display. 4. Zetlight 1201 5. Default media Basket running in order 1: Purigen, 2:The yellow Sponge (I'm a noob I know),3 Phosphate sponge and carbon in the same place. I clean the sponges once a month and I just added the purigen. 6.Under the basket, still in chamber one, I have Matrix rocks from seachem lying on the bottom for more bacteria filtration. and behind the basket 7. In chamber 2 I have 2 massive blocks of carbon Media ( had them lying around). ( I want to add Cheato in this chamber ?) 8. In the last chamber, I have the Stock Pump and the heater. Water parameters. Amonia-0 PPM Nitrite-0 PPM Nitrate-15 PPM ( Yes I know its high I didn't do water changes for a month, did a 50% water change on Wednesday and I will keep doing 10% water changes every week from now on.) Life inside: 1 Coral Have no idea what it is. Came on the rock. Will attach a pic. 1 hermit crab ( he has sheded his skin 3 times already) 3x Small starfish 2x very small snails. I have 3 Aisptasia, yes I'm going to kill them with boiling water now. Only found out it was a pest now ! I leave my lights on 8 Hours a day with the whites and 2 with the blue. I have hair algae on the glass, probably because I did not do a water change for a month. Pics Below.(Water is cloudy just disturbed the filter and did a water change.) Please comment how I can improve. Coral picture will be up When water clears ( Anything I should do to make it grow, happier Ie food, light ETC)