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  1. Tigahboy


    Very nice. Congrats!
  2. Very nice. Congrats!
  3. Tigahboy

    Meet Jaws and Fluffy

    The perfect pair!
  4. Tigahboy

    Daves/NanoBox Red Sea 170 : New FTS 10/29

    :) I'm doing well, Dave. Thanks for asking! Been out of the hobby so long that I don't know what's what anymore. But the NanoBox looks pretty sweet tho!
  5. Tigahboy

    Daves/NanoBox Red Sea 170 : New FTS 10/29

    Amazing tank and photos, Dave!
  6. Tigahboy


    This tank is really amazing. Well done!
  7. Tigahboy

    Tigahboy's 35g Project

    I'm dying to get back in. I will eventually when I'm in a more stable location (i.e. not in an apt). Would like to set up something more permanent for a change.
  8. Tigahboy

    Contest... Prize: Maxi mini!

    Awesome! Looks great in your tank.
  9. Tigahboy

    FTS 6-10-10

    1 year anniversary for my tank. Look how much it has "progressed"! Tank is scheduled to be taken down this weekend. Goodbye, tank! You've been good to me.
  10. Tigahboy

    Tigahboy's 35g Project

    Happy 1 Year Birthday, tank! You don't look older than a few days. The tank is scheduled to be taken down this weekend. Funny how the end looks pretty much like the beginning.
  11. Tigahboy

    Contest... Prize: Maxi mini!

    Haha. Yes, that was my first.
  12. Tigahboy

    Contest... Prize: Maxi mini!

    You guys forgot my very first tank. But I'll let it slide. You got PM, Jacob!
  13. Tigahboy

    Contest... Prize: Maxi mini!

    Jacob. I've been looking for some of those photos too! Thanks. You definitely win. So PM me your address and I'll get you a quote for shipping.
  14. Tigahboy

    Tigahboy's 35g Project

    Decided to do a giveaway for my last maxi mini. But you gotta work for it. Check it out: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...p;#entry2867776
  15. Contest Rules: First person to post all of the following items in this thread gets a FREE pink maxi mini nem (pictured below): 1. an FTS of every single tank I have ever set-up; 2. the date I first filled my 35g with saltwater; and 3. the date of my upcoming wedding. See below for additional terms and conditions of this contest. Prize: Terms & Conditions: You pay for shipping, new styrofoam box, and any other items necessary to ship this maxi mini to your location (the "Shipping Expense"). Payment for the Shipping Expense must be received in full via paypal prior to shipping the maxi mini. If shipping to your location via usps overnight is not an option, fedex standard overnight (which is a lot more expensive) will be the method of shipping. I will ship whenever I am free, so you must be available to receive at one of my designated shipping dates. If you are located in an area with extreme weather, I may, in my sole discretion, rescind this offer and award the maxi mini to another participant. If you are a douche, I reserve the right to rescind this offer and award it to the another participant. I make no representations or guarantees as to live arrival. If no one is able to post all items required to win the prize, then I will award the prize to the contestant with the most posted items or the best response. By entering this contest, you are hereby waiving any and all claims against me for damages, personal injury, emotional distress, or any other type of loss arising out of or in connection with this contest and prize.