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  1. Tragic story... But I may have some good news. The store you bought the homemade blended food, is this the same LFS that sells dragonets? If it is I would just confirm that they are eating his food and thriving not just surviving. If that is the case I think you could get another one.
  2. I am So sorry to hear this. To be honest I am kinda pissed off for you. After everything you have done, after all the money and time and emotion you put into that tank/fish. To have it end like this, just after Picassa seemed happy with friendship and thriving with food that was a huge quality of life most for the owner. It just sucks! Just know that you absolutely did a wonderful job and even more by taken us on this journey. This thread will definitely help and educate others. So for that the community is appreciative. Regarding preventive measures... What did you mean "disengage"? Is it one of the magnet type of PH that can come apart? If so is this common? If it is perhaps people should stay clear of this. I never even considered that.
  3. Simply beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. How often do you clean the Eheim classic 150? Also what do you have in the filter? Thanks for the help
  4. Gaspipe's: Betta & Switch Tank

    As promised, here she is in her full glory... Nancie the Betta Fish by gaspipe1, on Flickr Nancie going left by gaspipe1, on Flickr I had no luck getting her with her fins fully extended.
  5. Gaspipe's: Betta & Switch Tank

    Heater arrived this week but is too big for the bowl . Currently the bowl is at 75* Do to the bowl being so small, I have decided that I would perform 50% WC twice a week. I figure that will help with water temps and waste. I use a turkey baster to first blast the plants and gravel. And then shoot the tank water into a cup. Well the gig is up! Seems one of my two partners (my daughters) rat'd me right out and told my wife of my plans. She now knows that I wanted to use all this equipment for a reef tank. My next goal is to have the wife find me a much larger vase to transfer the bowl. I'll then buy some sand that could be used for both. I'll try and post a picture this weekend. Question: Should I NOT be doing any WC since this is a new tank? I don't have any water test kits and wonder if it cycled.
  6. Gaspipe's: Betta & Switch Tank

    No I am NOT planing on keeping them together. My plan is to slowly buy the equipment I need and then get the vase I want. But thank you for checking and thank you more for reading.
  7. Gaspipe's: Betta & Switch Tank

    Gaspipe's: Betta & Switch Tank Background: I have had freshwater fish as a youth and recently wanted to do a reef tank. So I told myself that if after 3 months of reading and learning from this forum I still have the desire I earned it. Well it's been about a month and followed closely a few of the vase tanks and just absolutely fell in love with them. Current situation: So seems that my daughter won a Betta at the town feast. So Sunday night I take out the old 1 gallon glass fish bowl, rinse it all out and prepare it for our new guest. This Betta is exactly what I needed to start the process to get my vase reef. My goal is to begin buying equipment that the Betta needs today that will be transferable for the corals I wish to have tomorrow. I have noticed that many members keep their first post as a current list with updates so hopefully I will be able to do the same. Photos wil be posted So here without further ado is my equipment list: Tank specs Tank: 1 gallon glass bowl Lighting: none Filtration: None Heater: Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater 50W (on order) None (too large for bowl) Inhabitants: Fish: 1 Betta (Bazar Specialty) Live Rock and Live Sand: Crappy blue aquarium pebbles Water: Tap Water w/Aqueon Betta Bowl Plus Water Conditioner & Dechlorinator
  8. Frag placement

    Can anyone lead me to the a good (or few) threads in regards to frag placement. I would like to learn how I would properly place corals in a Pico/vase/jar tank. My biggest concerns are: Spacing, location, what to use to make it stick. Also if I glue it to the rock and it finally starts to multiply (colonize is the proper term?) how would I frag it to a plug to trade or place in another spot. Thanks in advance!
  9. A Vase-Reef named Poquito

    Very new to this so please excuse the ignorance. On step 2, what if you had frags glued to the rock. How would you have handled this? Is a "reset" a term used meaning break the tank down and do what you did in the 5 steps again? Thanks again
  10. Daves Nano Box Drop Off Lagoon : New Start

    Dave, as with everything you seem to do you really push the bar!! Love the pics. Can I ask you, how are you able to post pictures here using Flickr?
  11. Thanks Brandon. Between this thread and the "cleaning a sandbed" I think I have a good understanding of what is done.
  12. Cleaning sand on a pico?

    That's great info right there!! Thanks again. I know I been asking a lot of questions regarding the maintenance but I feel that it may be the most important step due to the fact that it is reacurring. It's an expensive lesson to make the same mistake week after week. ?
  13. Cleaning sand on a pico?

    I know this is a stupid question.. but I rather ask and look silly. Every week you rinse the sandbed with tap water then add saltwater and dump (basically to rinse out the tap water) and refill with saltwater. Do you prepare the tapwater (temp, jar it for a few days, RODI or distilled) or actually right out of the faucet? Also.. (here's the stupid part) You rinse the rock that have corals (zoas, LPS) with tap water as well? I may have to take a trip to TX and watch how you do all this.. get a brisket while I'm there
  14. Thanks again Brandon for clearing this up, So just to confirm that I understand this. There is no right or wrong way. We can load this vase wall to wall OR use a more minimalist approach. You current approach, a minimalist style for it's easiness, efficient and better water flow. So during the weekly WC you DO recommend striping the tank down. Perhaps remove any algae w/ H2O2. While the corals and rocks are removed what do you do to the sand bed? You do recommend blast cleaning the corals and the sand bed. If I have misunderstood anything please correct me. Again thanks for your help.
  15. Brandon, I absolutely love this vase. I have a couple of questions that I hope you can answer please. What is you opinion on LR or corals touching the "back" wallI ask because I wonder which is better, to have a center coral scape OR LR pushed to the "back" to offer more space in the front Do you take everything (corals, LR) out with every water change During your WC do you still turkey blast the corals (perhaps before removing them onto the plate) and blast/stir sand Is there a link on the current maintenance schedule you keep My thinking is if I could replicate what you do I have a much better chance at being successful with a pico. Thanks again for all your time and help for the reefing community