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  1. The full line of Ultum Nature Systems Rimless Glass Aquariums are available through our fellow NR Sponsor, Aqua Lab Aquaria. We also supply to local stores nationwide. If you think your LFS needs UNS tanks, please let me know--I'm happy to reach out to them!
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    Wow! Thank you for sharing.
  3. Our new 120S is in stock and ready to ship to your local retailer. 😃 120cm x 60cm x 36cm, approximately 48" x 24" x 14" Rimless 12mm (0.47") low iron glass with 45 degree mitered edge corners. Mat included.
  4. We are proud to announce a new size for the year 2019. This expertly crafted aquarium features our ultra low iron glass with mitered edges. It also comes with a black nano-foam mat! Enjoy! Dimensions: 75cm x 45cm x 45cm 29.53" x 17.72" x 17.72" Glass Thickness: 8mm Contact your local retailer for pricing!
  5. You guys are killing it! We see a lot of planted freshwater tanks but there's something about reefs that just can't be matched. We are working on our next batch of tanks come summer time. Want to see any specific sizes or features? PS. we are working on bringing on some more online retailers but always check with your local fish store for our tanks. If they don't carry em' tell them to reach out to us. Fragtasticreef.com and glassaqua.com are a couple other etailers. Hi Duane, We'd like to buy you. Please send us a PM. =)
  6. Hi guys, As the title says, send us pics of your UNS reef tanks! We know that most users are into freshwater planted tanks, but we'd love to hear from the guys encrusting our tanks with corraline. Best,
  7. Hey guys, Just wanted to let you guys know that our partners at buceplant.com is offering free shipping on tanks on their website! I think you just have to meet the minimum of $99 per order. Don't know how long this offer will be up so act fast. Best,
  8. Use discount code NANOREEF20 for 20% off all rimless tanks. I believe buceplant.com made this code especially for you nano reefers! Enjoy!
  9. Please contact us! We want to send you stuff!
  10. Hey guys, Thought you should know that our partners at buceplant.com are having a sale on our Ultra Clear Tanks. Discount code GIVEME20OFFEVERYTHING is good for the entire store including our tanks! Happy Holidays everyone!
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    Although we do not make that filter, I must say the placement of that sticker is on point.
  12. Congrats to our 2 winners!! jbb_00 will be receiving the 30C Justind823 will be receiving the 25C We are looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!! Please pm us with your shipping info ... wow, how did you know?
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