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  1. GunslingerGirl

    Ty-ron and Precious' Crib- CC contest

    UPDATE! Damn the internet and cable company. Ok so I have been without my internet for a solid... idk 3 weeks? Three weeks ago the apartment complex said that a (unrelated) internet company was coming in to work on the wires. Setting up fiber optics and all that. I thought.. well I don't have that company.. I wonder if they will come into our place. The answer is yes. WELL that company messed up the other company's wires. To the point it took them three whole weeks to take apart my wall... dig out the wires and reinstall them. It's been so fun. I am getting 3 months of free cable and internet out of this. My company is suing the other one. It's a blast. Well I got my internet back yesterday. But the power went out from that giant storm... for 6 hours. I wasn't home. I couldn't get home because down trees blocked me into the parking lot and my dinky hyundai can't climb trees like my jeep. So the tanks went without the back-up in place. I think everything is ok. I have a bloom of cyano this morning. Which I thought I had killed in the last few weeks of having nothing better to do than study and clean tanks. I am going to try to keep my internet on from now on. As I write, it's so spotty I can't even upload a picture. They promised me it would be better by tomorrow as they essentially just bandaided it to give back minor improvements to everyone affected by this whole storm thing. Everyone is alive as far as I know.. I never see Chester. Who knows about him. OH killed a nudi that hitchhiked in on the mags. Second one. Fun times. No damage to frags that I can see. Betty still shaking her little booty. TLDR: don't be me. Life sucks. Tank should be ok.
  2. GunslingerGirl

    Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build

    LOL too blah. You silly.
  3. GunslingerGirl

    Ty-ron and Precious' Crib- CC contest

    Oh it's insane. lol Thanks! I hope I keep getting better.
  4. GunslingerGirl

    The Girlfriend Pico: Getting Creative With Dongs...

    Ghetto rig it from the ceiling! It actually doesn't look that bad.
  5. GunslingerGirl

    Ty-ron and Precious' Crib- CC contest

    I wouldn't say I'm feeling better lol but I had to go to class. I do pay 60K a year for this...
  6. GunslingerGirl

    Ty-ron and Precious' Crib- CC contest

    When you look at your notifications and its just pic after pic of Spongebob lol @seabass Husband left the heater off last night because I was roasting alive.... house dropped to 65..... But the tank stayed at 76. I wrap it every night now with a towel just in case. It also keeps the kitten from knocking the lid off, which I was more concerned with. Thanks for the concern everybody! I had to put on my big girl pants and go to class today. We only go until noon today and tomorrow.. and I have an exam Friday.. so I really needed to get my butt in gear. No fever... so away I went.
  7. GunslingerGirl

    seabass's cookie jar (to be retired)

    I have always been afraid of Bayers. I feel like I would overdose and kill everything.. and then conversely would end up diluting it too much..
  8. GunslingerGirl

    Lula Mae's "Jarden" of Enjoyment--dinos :(

    I want to join the squat lobster club! darn.
  9. GunslingerGirl

    Ty-ron and Precious' Crib- CC contest

    I was talking to the university pre-vet club on the some of the finer points on getting into vet school. Where people should get experience, how much do they really need, how to write their entrance essays... Stuff like that. There was going to be a panel I was sitting on, but we all had stuff prepared to give little mini talks. I really enjoy giving back to the community and fostering future veterinarians, so I am pretty bummed about being sick and having to miss it. But que sera sera.
  10. GunslingerGirl

    Chris' Creative Container Pico!

    Well damn I am screwed. I want to hire you to build all my future tanks lol
  11. GunslingerGirl

    Ty-ron and Precious' Crib- CC contest

    True. It lets me study for an exam I have Friday, but I also had to cancel a speaking engagement I had tomorrow.. because I have literally no voice. So that kind of bummed me out. But then I look at Betty and I just smile.
  12. GunslingerGirl

    Ty-ron and Precious' Crib- CC contest

    I hate being home (I have the flu or something and a fever today... so I didn't feel well enough to go to school) but hey I get to watch the tanks!
  13. GunslingerGirl

    Ty-ron and Precious' Crib- CC contest

    YAY Betty found her safe space! She can now watch over the neighborhood like a hawk! And spread joy through cookies to all the little children. While simultaneously yelling at them to get off her front lawn... My grandma was weird.
  14. GunslingerGirl

    Ty-ron and Precious' Crib- CC contest

    I actually pulled off a couple of magicians and stuck them next to his hole in case he felt like being fabulous. I had a little crab one time who used some micro zoas. But these seemed to fit his body better.