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  1. Great looking tank...I have a 30l as well. Just now getting it stocked up with coral.
  2. Jaredgib

    IM 30l light

    Went ahead and ordered another Duo plus M. Dave will this light have the mint channel? If so, will I be able to match my older duo light profile with to the new? Each light at this point will have separate controllers. I considered having both lights on one controller, but I like the flexibility of individual controllers if one light were to need a repair. Thanks
  3. Jaredgib

    IM 30l light

    Thanks Dave.
  4. Jaredgib

    IM 30l light

    I upgraded my Fusion 20 to the IM 30l. I’m using my Duo plusM light but there’s to much shading on the edges. Would it be worth pairing a Tide with the Duo to offset the shading? I’m trying to save a few bucks and not drop 700 for the quad. Thanks
  5. Jaredgib

    Monroe, North Carolina stores?

    Nemo’s Reef is a great store. I’m about an hour away and although it’s not the closest, I prefer going there.
  6. Jaredgib

    Tunze 9001 rocks!

    I’m using the 9001 in my IM 30L. I removed a baffle plate and changed the magnet to side, so I would have to place it in the return chamber. Working good so far, thanks only been up about a week.
  7. Jaredgib

    IM 30L upgrade

    Decided to upgrade my 20 gallon fusion to the 30L. Bought the tank, rock and sand during Black Friday sales. Pukani was bleached in a 10:1 bleach mixture for a couple weeks the rinsed in RODI to declorinate. Once the rock was good, I put it in saltwater for nearly two months to cure. While the rock was curing, I decided to remove one of the rear baffle plates to accommodate my Tunze 9001 skimmer, glued the magnet to the side, so I didn’t have to have it in the center return chamber. Most equipment was reused from my fusion 20 with the exception of the skimmer and return pumps. Plan on having a mixed reef, still trying to decide on stocking, Hawkeye the Clown fish and Klinger the shrimp are from the old tank. Specs: Tank—IM 30L Return Pumps—2 Sicci 1.0 each plumbed to a return nozzle Heater—Ehiem Jager 100w Skimmer—Tunze 9001 Filtration—IM filter sock & DIY acrylic floss holder Light—Nanobox Duo Plus M (from old tank) Rock—Pukani from BRS Sand-Caribsea Controller—Apex Jr with EB8, ph and temperature probe ATO-Tunze
  8. Tunze 9001, I removed one of the baffle plates to keep from using the center chamber, glued the magnet to side of the skimmer so it’s attached to the back wall.
  9. Jaredgib

    IM 20 Nuvo Fusion (livestock)

    Following along, I'm about to upgrade my Fusion 20 to a 30L and am using most of the same equipment as Litt. I'll post my build thread soon.
  10. Jaredgib

    IM 30L skimmer options

    Title pretty much says it all, I’m upgrading my fusion 20 to the 30l and am looking for skimmer options other than the IM Ghost. I have the desktop version and have not been impressed. Thanks
  11. I just pulled 26 pounds of pukani out of a bleach bath, 10:1 ratio after 5 days. I rinsed it off and put it in RO water with Seachem Prime to dechlorinate. I plan to rinse it daily over the next few days and replace the water. Once I have no detectable chlorine, I’m going to start curing for my tank swap.
  12. Jaredgib

    Fusion 20 Gal Club

    I really like the Nanobox Duo, it has performed well. There is some bleed out on the sides, but it’s tolerable. I️ plan to upgrade to the 30L very soon and will continue using the Nanobox on the new tank.
  13. Jaredgib

    Bommie SPS (Uwdanno)

    BRS has 15% off the IM tanks, ordered a 30l for my upgrade.