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  1. I believe it is a matter of body shape and sometimes coloration than anything else. I have a friend who keeps a High-fin Goby with a Yellow Clown Goby and they seem to tolerate eachother fine. Purely anecdotal, tho.
  2. If it works for you, why change it? Everything looks great.
  3. TSB’s sre great little fish! Lot’s of personality, non-aggressive ( unless messed with). My Ocallaris used to try to bully mine. He’d grab her by the lip and shake her. She finally got the message and left him alone. My Yellow Goby and he got to be real pals. Supplimenting his diet with Nori will keep it healthy. Just make sure to remove any uneaten as it can cause nutrient spikes. My Clown Goby eats it too.
  4. R u running a skimmer? Sometimes they can over-strip nutrients. I did that and have been having a tough time getting my nitrates back up. Over growth of problem algae can cause decreased nitrate levels as the algae uptakes it before it can register on the test.
  5. Very carefully. Do not pop the bubbles and u should be fine. If you can, remove the frag from the tank and lightly spot treat with hydrogen peroxide where the algae attaches, after u remove it.
  6. I had the very same issue, so I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Hanna ULR Phosphorus Checker. A litle bit complicated, because of the timing involved, but I’m super happy with it, and there’s no ambuguity involved. The secret is to have the chemical packet open before you start the zeroing timer.
  7. If they move around to different spots, then they’re not aptasia. And medusa will inhabit holes in the rock. They are often found in the substrate but if the tank is fairly new there may not be enough detritus to support them there yet.
  8. Think ya got some aptasia there, not worms. Pest anemonies which will irritate your zoas and can become a significant problem if left unchecked. Various methods to eliminate: aptasia x, filefish, lemon juice injection, boiling water injections, Peppermint Shrimp (I personally do not advocate Peppermint’s as I had two that were model citizens for over a year, but the day after I introduced two multi-head acans , found them dining on the centers. Lost the Acans and banned the shrimp from my system, forever). Lots of control solutions on this forum, so look around. Btw, upping your whites for pics will help us better ID things for you. Sometimes true colors help us have a better idea what we’re looking at. High blues blow that out.
  9. Adding an airstone and upping your O2 levels will clear the bloom. The bacteria will deplete O2 levels, so up it. Then figure out why it started. Usually too much uneaten food or a dead citizen are the cause. Vacuuming the sand may help.
  10. Ewwww. I think you can pull whats left of the shrimp, if just for the stink! I have no idea what they are, but it looks like free fish food to me.
  11. Not necessarilly. I once found them living in a freshwater pond in Canada, 200 miles from the ocean. Of course, the cow urine may have contributed to some salinity, lol.
  12. You can also get a plastic valve and attach it to the hose to regulate the amount of flow through the tube. Match it to the hose ID and ur good to go. I use one from an old cannister filter and it works very well.
  13. +1 for the Brunns and the "dancing". I also had one years ago and would act fairly shrimply until a fish swam near, then would go into his disco routine. Funny
  14. You’ll be glad you isolated the GSP on that island, as it can become quite invasive. 3-4 months from now you’ll be able to trade it at your LFS for store credit. Simple fragging by wacking off a few pieces, gluing to a new rock, and continue the cycle. I’ve traded out 3 rocks so far in about a year.
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