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  1. Oldsalt01

    Chaeto vs Skimmer for Nitrate Reduction?

    They look a lot like the “Pink ‘N Gold’s” I just picked up. From the look of the tentacles I’d guess they’re palys, but it’s hard to tell from the pic. Paly’s tend to have larger tentacles than zoa’s, amoung other physical differences, aside from the obvious size difference.
  2. Oldsalt01

    Pest algae

    U might want to think about “rip cleaning” the sand bed. It’s kinda labor intensive. Pull the rock and put it in a bucket eith about 1/2 the tank water, stir the sand real well, siphon off the water and replace it all with fresh SW, put the rock back. Don’t worry. You’ll NEVER get it back exactly the same way, but i agree with @Reefgoat. You are the best CUC your tank has.
  3. Oldsalt01

    Pest algae

    Bubble algae is pia. If you pop it, it just spreads worse. I learned the hard way! It got so bad that i ended up swapping the rock out for new cured rock from my LFS. My Emerald crab wouldn’t touch it. The new rock brought in Aptasia, which I’m slowly killing with Aptasia X. If it’s not one thing, it’s something else! Danio’s were so much simpler, lol.
  4. Oldsalt01

    Oops! Ricordea Yuma ripped in half!

    Shrooms are pretty tough. I did the same thing to a Florida Ric last year and both pieces survived and are growing. Give them time. They should be ok.
  5. Oldsalt01

    Algae overload!!

    Ur gonna want to move the rock work a bit more away from the glass on each side to make it easier to clean. Looks like a sweet little setup. Glad you figured out your nuscience issue.
  6. Oldsalt01

    Algae overload!!

    Sounds like “new tank syndrome”. Pics will help us ID the algae, but all of us have gone through “the uglies”. It just goes with the territory. Don’t freak. Algae is a big lesser of potential evils.
  7. I have the same tank for my QT. The light sux. U will definitely need an upgrade there. I couldn’t even get Green Star Polyps (GSP) to grow under them, and that stuff is insideous! I’d look at AI Primes for controllability, but I’m sure others will have recommendations too. I’d also recommend zip tying the return hose connections, as they’re a bit dodgy. I upgraded the return pump and had the hose blow off and wipe out a $200 dresser the tank was on.
  8. Oldsalt01

    good or bad crab

    I agree with Ray. Claws look like a Stone Crab, but, if the legs are “hairy” it may be a gorilla crab. If so, move it to the sump, as they like to dine on corals. Check to see if the claw tips are flat or pointed. Flat indicates an algae eater, pointed usually means trouble.
  9. Oldsalt01

    Something's munching on my leather

    I’ve pretty much written off zoas. I’ve just never had any luck with them. In the past 3 years I’ve had Eagle Eyes, Radioactive Dragon’s Eyes, Froot Loops, Candy Apples, Rasta’s, Morning Glories, and a couple of other’s I can’t even remember the names of, slowly melt away. Paly’s I don’t seem to have a problem growing. Completely stumps me, but I guess some tanks just don’t work with zoas. Guess I’llstart the 2 part tonight and see what happens. Thanks for your input. BTW, haven’t seen any further damage to the leather.
  10. Oldsalt01

    Something's munching on my leather

    Just ran a Salifert KH/Alk test and it looks like my tank is perfect for natural sea water Alk at 2.73, but a little low for a closed system, which should be between 2.86 - 4.29. Guess I'm going to have to start dosing again. The question is should I just dose Alk or Calcium too? I’m using B-ionic 2-part for dosing Alk/Ca.
  11. Oldsalt01

    White polyp thing with short tentacles

    As your wife describes it so eloquently (lol), sure sounds and looks like some sort of 'nem. I've seen similar, much bigger, things when diving up in the Northeast, but those are coldwater 'nem species. Following.
  12. Oldsalt01

    Something's munching on my leather

    Yah Ray, I'm seriously doubting a nudi. I talked to my very trusted and knowledgeable LFS today and he said pretty much the same thing. I've had this leather for almost a year and there's never been an issue with it, in fact it's doubled in size in that time. It appears more torn than melty. I'm wondering if one of my hermit's got a little too feisty trying to murder one of my Astria's (which it succeeded in doing). They were both just below the "tear" on the leather when I noticed the injury. As for the zoas, I've just never had any luck with them. They've always melted. The Acan's aren't doing so hot either, but my RPE's are going gangbusters, as are my Discosoma's, so I don't think it's an alk issue, but I'll check it tomorrow once the tank has stabilized after the water change today. Thanks for the suggestions.
  13. I was checking out my tank this a.m. and discovered something is munching on my leather. I've had it about a year and this is the first I've seen anything like this. Part of the CUC are a couple of Scarlet and a couple of Blue Leg Hermits, but they have never bothered any of my coral, including the zoas that are melting. Anyone have any ideas? (Yes, I know there's an Aptasia there. I'll be taking care of that this afternoon with my water change).
  14. Oldsalt01

    Questions about GSP and Xenia.

    Check out my post on the “Coral Forum” here titled: “GSP growth -10 weeks” and you’ll see how quickly this stuff grows. I glued 5 tiny strips of GSP with cyanoacrylate glue to a smallish rock in July. By Nov it had pretty much covered the rock, continues to grow, throwing out mat extensions onto my sand, and the fronds have gotten MUCH larger. It seems to grow anywhere light is sufficient. If you’re putting it on a back wall on an AIO, be careful. It can clog your filter uptake grates. As for trimming, I found a pair of scissors work just fine for cutting off “frags” from the mat edge. Or youcan just peel the mat off the frag plug and glue that in place. Just try NOT to glue it to your fingers, like I did, lol.
  15. Oldsalt01

    I'm pretty conflicted. Need your guys' advice!

    Figure 10lbs/gallon of saltwater (give ‘r take). That’s ballpark, but close enough for those of us without OCD. So your tank water will weigh 440lbs, plus the weight of the tank, sand, rock. So conservatively, figure a total weight somewhere in the neighborhood of 600lbs. I personally think this stand will handle the weight. But then I don’t have to clean up the mess if it doesn’t. The issue with weight is: how close it comes to the outside dimensions of the base. The further from the edges the weight is, the less support the base can provide. Having said that, the top is 1/2” ply with what appears in the pics as a formica cover, and the base appears to have adequate cross-bracing. My concern would be the 4’ open front with no bracing, which becomes the weak point. I’m not sure this opinion has helped you, but then I have always over-designed my bases to avoid catastrophic failure. Just $.02