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  1. Another feature request... It would be nice if there were some sort of API, web preferred but local fine too whereby we could securely interact with our bluefish controller. Done right this could support integrating with other popular controllers or even IoT devices. I would take IFTTT support even as I could hobble something together with that.
  2. I am not sure it quite works like that. If BRS wants to sell his products, Im sure Dave would sell them to them as well.
  3. The answer depends on if you make money and how many previous years you made or lost money. You definitely would not get any of the traditional farm based tax subsidies (at least that I am aware of) but you could get a tax benefit. https://www.irs.com/articles/tax-tips-people-who-earn-income-hobby Again, the key there is having income and at least some years having profit. Standard disclaimer this is not tax advise talk to your tax professional etc.
  4. I hope you aren't trying that line with the IRS. That sounds a lot like a tax scam you would find on the net.
  5. Heres the thing, if its enough items that you can't quickly do the math in your head, you probably dont want to know the total. Im sure those dollars brought you a lot of pleasure (and probably some heartache) so it was all worth it. Go enjoy your tank.
  6. Any update on a blackout setting and an acclimation setting?
  7. Any update on the multiple systems on the same account? This is a good work around above but it would be better to have all systems on the same account. After all you certainly want people to buy more than one of what you are selling so make it easy!